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Just found out yesterday and nervous

Category: Special - Pregnant After a Loss
Posted by CrystalB88 » Apr. 5, 2013 5:06pm

I took a test yesterday at 15dpo and got a very faint positive. Took another one that evening, just to be sure I didn't get an evap and got the same result. My fiance and I are trying not to get too excited, just in case this is a false pregnancy, but with other symptoms I've been having, I really think I am this time :-). We tried to conceive the past 3 months, after given the "OK" to try again in January after my first pregnancy ended in a loss on Nov 1st 2012. My fiance and I tried for 9 months to get pregnant the first time. My missed miscarriage came as a complete shock, since I didn't have any prior complications and the baby always gave us a healthy heartbeat until the day it stopped. We were devastated... but wanted to try again as soon as we were able. I couldn't wait to be pregnant again!!! Now here I am :-) but so nervous and scared that I might miscarry again, although I am doing everything my genetic counselor told me to do!! I saw my doctor this morning and he, too, got a very faint positive, so we are doing a blood test... results come in Monday, and then we will need to do another blood test to make sure my hormone levels are rising as they should. Just wanted to share my story, and I was using Countdown TO Pregnancy until this morning ;-). Thanks ladies for any advice, input, or stories shared!!

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Reply by Wannabee » Apr. 7, 2013 5:55pm

Hi, I am 4 wks + 5 and this would be our second try for (born) baby #1. I suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in July 2012. Since I am now high risk due to the ectopic (I also might have a clotting disorder - APS - so am now on fragmin/heparin injections) I already have been to the hospital three times. The good news at least is that my hcg has doubled so far according to three blood tests and my progesterone is good but waiting for the results was hell so I feel for you Crystal!

I have had two scans (the second because I had a fainting episode on Fri eve) and nothing could be seen yet. Am booked in for another scan on Wednesday, they are expecting to see something then. The whole thing is really draining tbh. On Thursday I wasnt even sure I could cope as I was so worried.

On the topic of nerves, I havent felt able to enjoy the pregnancy so far. I am obesssively knicker checking in case of spotting. I feel a bit of discharge (sorry if tmi) and worry its blood and need to rush to a toilet to check asap. I felt like I had lost my symptoms last Fri eve and that really freaked me out (they came back btw... who would have thought sore boobs could be so wonderful!). I feel a bit better with the blood results but its no guarantee of course and I need to see a HB and am praying for 12 weeks to pass as quickly as possible. I hope then I relax!!!

I told my parents and sis a few days ago. With our first attempt we had planned not to tell until 14 weeks but this time we decided to tell them early as I would tell them if I lost the little one anyway and of course they found out about the ectopic as I had to go into surgery. It is easier to have others to talk to and its nice as I can feel their excitement and support although I am too scared to be excited at the moment. Have you got someone you can confide in? My mum had a couple of miscarriages too so she can understand my perspective which helps.


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Reply by CrystalB88 » May. 2, 2013 6:13pm

Thank you for sharing your story. I miscarried that little one at 4 weeks.... I was pregnant, doctor confirmed the miscarriage. But now I believe I may be pregnnat again already?? I got another very faint positive at 9dpo, which was yesterday. I am trying not to get my hopes up just yet... and only back on this website to see how far along I would be IF I am, so I don't miss out on anything if I am... I will be taking another hpt tomorrow, 11dpo, to see if the line is any darker.... I do not think I would get a positive still from the miscarriage I had almost a month ago?? I was getting negative tests after the miscarriage happened, so maybe it is possible I got pregnant again already??? I really hope so, although I am afraid to believe it yet. I did wind up telling my mother, my dad and stepmom, and my fiance's mother about the early miscarriage that happened April 6th. It is nice to be able to talk to family and share with ladies who are in my shoes, like the ones on this site and the Countdown TO Pregnancy website that I go to while TTC..... best of luck and wishes to you! Thanks again for sharing!

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Reply by CrystalB88 » May. 6, 2013 6:06pm

Wasn't pregnant again already, the false positive must have been from left over hormones from the loss I just had. Will have to keep trying.

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