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Surrogacy or not? - Page 2

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Reply by josepheena » Mar. 4, 2018 8:25pm

Hey there Jasmine! I hope you're doing fine. You're going through a lot right now, I can understand. It's very good though that you decided to share your problems on this forum. You're going to get a lot of positive vibes and good wishes from here. Firstly, I would advise you to go for surrogacy. It's the best option to go for. You already have a heart disease, I don't think you should go for IUI. Don't stress your body. The baby from the surrogacy process will be genetically yours, so that's the better option. In the process of surrogacy, your eggs and your husband's sperm will be put together and then there's going to be an embryo transplant, by which the embryo will be placed in the womb of the surrogate. Research different clinics. Check their success rates. Compare the prices. Ask people's reviews about them. This will help you make a wise decision. Best of Luck, mate!

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Reply by teena82 » Mar. 4, 2018 10:10pm

Hello Jasmine, you are absolutely right, this forum is like our family. The problems we can't discuss with our family or friends, we share here and find the best solution. Your situation is quite different from me. You are fertile but can not conceive due to heart disease. I am facing double infertility. So, totally unable to conceive. But we both have the options. I also discussed my problem here in this forum few months back. One of the member told me about surrogacy in ukraine. Since then i researched a lot about that clinic. After my great satisfaction, i am going to have my surrogacy from biotexcom next month. My first visit was really very satisfying. I would definitely suggest you to go for surrogacy. Because it is the only option for you ,as you are having heart problem. This process is becoming very common throughout the world. A number of clinics are offering their services at relatively affordable prices. This process is the last hope for the couples like us who desperately want a child. Good luck to all.

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Reply by CandyGarett » Mar. 5, 2018 2:44am

Hello Jasmine! I'm sorry to hear about your story. But a man leaving you for a baby? Do you really think you should be crying for him? Do you really think you should be with him because of a baby rather than love? I would advise you to not do that to yourself. Be brave. Face reality my dear. But anyways, it is your decision in the end. If you still want a baby through some fertility support, you need to know the exact cause. The different processes are ideal for different conditions. So you really need to sort this out first. Then you will be able to get proper help. And don't feel shy. You are always welcome to share anything you want. Love xx

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Reply by callisy » Apr. 24, 2018 3:06pm

I am sorry for the heart disease. It is so unfortunate that it has an effect in your fertility. But there are other means to be a mother. If you are not willing to wait. I can understand that it will take long for you to completely heal. So it is good you try other means. In your situation, I would advise for surrogacy. It is one of the best methods you can use. Rather than going for IUI and it does not work out. You would have wasted your time and finances. Surrogacy is expensive too. Like all ART’s methods are expensive. But they are worth the price. You can try Bio tex clinic in Kiev. I came across their platform online. The reviews were positive and thought I should give it a try. You can check more on their surrogacy team online. I have had friends getting treatment here. They always say that it is the best place to be. I have also gone through embryo transfer and it was successful.

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Reply by iniki6523 » Jun. 27, 2018 5:04pm

hey dear. I am sorry to hear that things are not going right. We are definitely here to guide you. I was infertile for 10 years. I went for surrogacy. It proved to be a blessing to me. I am really happy that I went for it. I have a baby girl now. It was not much expensive too. I went to a clinic in Europe. Let's hope you will get this happiness too. Hope you will have a happy and healthy life. I will pray for you. Do share further with us. All the best dear. May God bless us all.

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Reply by tenny99 » Jun. 27, 2018 6:21pm

Hello Jasmine, How are you? Welcome to this forum. I am surprised why you can't conceive. Firstly have your treatment. Infertility is hard to face. A bad nightmare for all infertile couples. You are a strong woman. I am glad that you are thinking about other options. I suggest surrogacy. It is the best option. Many infertile women choose this method. Your child will have some genes of you. I can assure that you will never regret. Babies are adorable. Through this method, you will have a complete family. Best wishes to you.

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Reply by bee_honey » Jun. 28, 2018 6:04am

Coordinating Process
In selection, new parents by and large get the opportunity to pick certain criteria about the sorts of appropriation circumstances they are available too, including race, substance introduction, therapeutic history and post-position contact. Nonetheless, it is at last up to the birth mother to pick the family with whom she needs to put her child. In surrogacy, the coordinating procedure has a tendency to be more common: proposed guardians will have a chance to pick from profiles of forthcoming surrogates whose designs and objectives coordinate their own. The planned guardians would then be able to choose the surrogate they wish to work with, and in the event that she communicates common intrigue, she and the proposed guardians will be coordinated and have a chance to become more acquainted with each other before pushing ahead.
New parents may hold up months or even a long time to discover a birth mother. There are numerous a bigger number of ladies keen on surrogacy than there are ladies thinking about selection, so the hold-up time has a tendency to be considerably shorter for surrogacy.

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Reply by raina30 » Jun. 28, 2018 7:15am

hi, So proud of you love. Stay blessed. Don't lose hope. All will be fine. Don't take the stress. I think so you should go with IVF. It is a process where children would be genetically linked with you. It is no different than naturally getting pregnant. You will be experiencing the whole pregnancy stage. But still, it's your decision.I really appreciate you for all this. Stay happy. Stay with those who make you happy. Not with those who provide you with stress. All the very best. My prayers are with you. Lots of love

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Reply by sthephny » Jun. 28, 2018 8:50am

I am happy that your better half is there for you. You ought to view yourself as fortunate. Your condition truly doesn't allow you to consider. The best treatment for you would be Surrogacy. Remembering your condition, this treatment is the most appropriate for you. I trust that you traverse it effectively. I for one propose you to go for European center for surrogacy .I wish you will get infant .And no wished I am certain

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Reply by maya121 » Jun. 28, 2018 11:04am

Sorry, you are facing fatal disease Mitral stenosis. Don’t worry that many treatments are available for that disease. There is a number of the clinic in Europe. You should go there. Every problem has a solution, we should search for that solution rather than become worried. Surrogacy is the best way to have a baby. IUI also best its success rate is not good as compare to surrogacy.

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Reply by Jenny42 » Jun. 28, 2018 11:30am

Hi Annie! How are you? Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry about your disease. I am sure your husband knows what you are going through and will support you through out the process. You don’t have to worry about that. If he has been there till now he will be. I would recommend you to go for surrogacy since I believe you would not have to take up any other treatment after that. I am also infertile so I know how hard it can be. I also went for surrogacy. My clinic of choice is located in Ukraine. Surrogacy is banned in Germany so I had to resort to international clinic and since Ukraine is the best when it comes to fertility procedure, I applied there. I would recommend you to go the same if you are willing to go for surrogacy. I wish you the best of luck. Hope everything works out. Stay strong.

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Reply by maya121 » Jun. 28, 2018 11:31am

HI, welcome to the forum. I’m glad to see your post. Thank God you are not infertility patient. Women who are infertile are stressed about it. They feel hesitation because of infertility. You want to know about two treatments of infertility surrogacy and IUI. IUI is infertility treatments in which sperm are collected and placed into a tube. Sperm place there until that sperm converted into the embryo. Chance of baby through this way of treatment is less than IVF. IUI is not costly but the big disadvantages of IUI that is not reliable. Surrogacy also an infertility treatment. In which sperm and sometimes egg are placed in surrogate mother uterus. The surrogate mother is one who pregnant due to intended parents. Surrogacy success rate is more than both IUI and IVF. GOOD LUCK.

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Reply by ameliabrown2018 » Jun. 28, 2018 11:52am

Hello, your post made me very emotional. Your post is quite relatable. I know how it feels to suffer infertility. My ovary does not have hospitable environment for embryo growth. I got pregnant twice but both were ectopic pregnancies. So I had to abort my babies in both instances. Now I have been trying to conceive again but from last six years I got no success. I tried every treatment here in Ireland. I have heard about surrogacy recently. I have searched about it to gather as much information as possible. As far as I have searched the best and inexpensive clinics are in Ukraine for surrogacy treatment. I have emailed Lotus fertility clinic there. But their response is not very motivating. I have emailed them, initially they didn’t replied and when they did it was quite rude. They are not very well in communication via email and phone call.

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Reply by FeliciaRay » Jun. 28, 2018 12:01pm

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I am sorry to hear about your disease i hope you get well pretty soon. Yes, there are a lot of alternatives to this issue. You could try IVF. It is a medical procedure and it has a lot of positive results. You can try that or you can try surrogacy which is also a really good option if you want a child with your own blood. I really hope you go through these thoroughly and try and research a lot about it. And if these don't work for you. There's always adoption waiting for you. I hope you find what you are looking for. With Love, Felicia.

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Reply by marcella12 » Jun. 28, 2018 4:09pm

hey Annie. You have made the right choice by choosing the accurate platform to express your feelings. It not only would help clear your mind but will help and guide you towards making the right decisions for yourself. There are many alternatives to conceiving and having your own biological child. If you look into it I am sure you will find the support you need.

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Reply by merry234 » Jun. 28, 2018 4:34pm

You are right about the forums. They do feel like family. Talking about our problems here is much easier compared to talking to our own family or friends. I am really sorry to hear about your heart disease. It must have been devastating. I think you should go for surrogacy. I myself went for it. Soon I will be a mother of twins. I would recommend that you do the same.

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Reply by Martina65 » Jun. 29, 2018 1:41am

Hello! I felt strange to hear from you. It is really shocking. But it is a good thing that you are not losing courage. It is a good thing that you are considering surrogacy to complete your family. As a woman, I can realize that every lady wants a soul of her own. It is very joyful to complete your family. surrogacy is the best option for the couples who cannot conceive naturally due to any reason. So I would advise you to go for it as soon as you can. It is just like a blessing for the people like you. Do not worried about the process. It is the safest way of getting a baby. I would also recommend you to go to Ukraine for it. There are many best clinics for it. Hope you will get a positive response from them. My all best wishes to you. God bless you.

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Reply by bee_honey » Jun. 29, 2018 8:19am

Will utilizing a giver egg influence the way I bond with my infant?
A standout amongst the most widely recognized nervousness around utilizing benefactor eggs is that the child won't feel like it is extremely yours. This dread does not consider the significant impact of conveying an infant inside your body for nine months. The experience of pregnancy is remarkably private, and science is finding exactly how much holding happens inside the womb.
Concentrates from the 80s initially demonstrated that infants took in their moms' voices previously birth and demonstrated an unmistakable inclination for them after birth, and research from that point forward has just affirmed what we realized at that point. Unborn infants have been watched responding specifically to their mom's voice and contact as ahead of schedule as the second trimester, as indicated by examining distributed in 2015, which is just a single late case of the science behind the pre-birth connection.
Research is sure about this point, and the recounted prove backs it up. When a benefactor egg fetus embeds in your uterus, the holding procedure has started, and this bond will keep on growing all through the experience of conveying and bringing forth your child.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Dec. 18, 2018 9:52am


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Reply by pagerelvy33 » Apr. 18, 2019 7:00pm

i think surrogacy is a great option. but you should be very careful with the clinic of your choice. do as thorough research as you can.
I can recommend you the agency we have signed with. it is called World Center of Baby.
There is a lot I can talk about, but we are very happy with our choice.
Hope this helps

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