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Bad experienced

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by Rabecca88 » Jul. 28, 2018 7:18pm

Hello guys! Hope everyone doing fine. Well, today I am going to beware you people from scammers like lotus clinic. My sister had an infertility issue. She is looking forward to surrogacy. She is trying to make contact with lotus clinic for getting information regarding the treatment and packages they offered. She emailed them 8 times. But the clinic didn't response till now. She was heartened by the unethical behavior of the clinic. Now she is searching for other clinics which is reputable. There are still other clinics available which have professional behavior. I hope she will find a better one. I have heard many complaints about the lotus clinic. So beware when you are going to choose a clinic. Best wishes to all. God bless you.

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Reply by alicee » Jul. 29, 2018 6:28pm

Hello Rebecca! I feel really sorry for your sister. She must be in trauma. Please accept my deepest condolences on her loss. May she be comforted by the outpouring love around her. Infertility is a nightmare. This is difficult to tackle with. But it is good that she won't lose hope. My friend had an infertility issue two years back. She was in stress. But she had a good luck. She found the best clinic in Europe. Now she is a mother of twins. The clinic is really best in treating infertility. They are offering IVF as well as surrogacy. They are also providing surrogate mothers. All things are done under the strict law. So no one will face any troubles in the future. Hope everything goes well for your sister too. Good luck from my side.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Dec. 16, 2018 7:43pm


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Reply by SharonMill » Dec. 26, 2018 2:45pm

Hey there! I have had a similar experience with that clinic. These clinics are only scamming people. I am so happy that you are spreading awareness about them. People should know that this clinic is in this business for only money. That clinic really left me hopeless, but I m glad that I found the right one for myself during that period.

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Reply by Karencriss » Jan. 5, 2019 3:55pm

You should look for any other clinic. I have had a similar experience with this clinic. Move on, don't think about that. You will find many people like them on this journey just be careful. Now do some research before opting for any clinic. Good luck.

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Jan. 6, 2019 1:53pm

This is terrible. She doesn't deserve such treatment. I'm really sorry for her. Its good that she gave up on them and is now looking for other options. I can help you out with this if you want. I know of some great places she can look up. Good luck to her.

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Reply by saramccartney123 » Jan. 10, 2019 7:29pm

Hello. How are you and your sister doing? I'm terribly sorry to hear about her experience with this clinic. I hope you guys find a better-suited clinic soon. It's not easy but it isn't impossible either. You will come across one I'm sure. If you need my help, do let me know.

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Reply by pagerelvy33 » Apr. 18, 2019 7:46pm

you said that she emailed them that many times and still they did not reply??
How is that possible? there are just too many agencies and clinics in this field that you have to think about when starting the business. I am in shock. The agency that we have chosen (World Center of Baby) was always fast when replying to our questions or concerns.
oh my god

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Aug. 9, 2019 11:38pm

I think looking for other clinics is a good option. Mainly because during this journey waisting time isn't good. I believe researching is really important. I myself had to do a lot of research. I checked various clinics. I even went through each one of their rules and policies. It is after this much of research that I decided to go for a clinic abroad. Mainly because they seemed reliable and safe. I really liked the package options they had. For me, the thing that mattered the most was how for them quality mattered over quantity of the money. This is something very rare and I am glad I was able to find them. They are located in Ukraine and I would for sure recommend them to your sister. Good luck to her. Tell her not to lose hope. Sending baby dust your way.

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