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kellyluvs's Pregnancy

My Due Date: May 16, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 42 years old

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By kellyluvs » Posted Sep. 20, 2013 11:18pm - 544 views - 1 comment

Wow it was such a horrendous day I didn't even write my update this morning.

Well it all started last night. I didn't eat the day before or yesterday because of the nausea. Last night I ate a chicken taco thing. Chicken cooked in slow cooker with homemade taco seasoning, gluten free spanish rice, and black beans over crushed taco shells. I don't know what it was but it didn't sit right and a few hours laters it came back up.

I was still vomiting this morning and anything I tried to eat came back up. I broke down and called the dr about it. He suggested I try over the counter anti-nausea medicine along with vitamin b6. So I called Scott and told him to pick those up and some special k protein shakes.

When he came home he had everything I asked for and a balloon to get better. That made me smile. I was able to keep the shake down and after a little while I got a rice cake with peanut butter. Maybe half an hour later later I started to feel sick again. Began to get hot and thought it all was coming back up again. Surprisingly it didn't come up but I did have a bowel movement which wasn't hard but difficult to pass.

If all that isn't enough, all day my right shoulder has been giving me the most uncomfortable feeling. It starts behind my shoulder blade and makes my arm tense. There's no comfortable way place it, just aches.

I just ate a pear to see how that does and it doesn't feel too good. I'm afraid I'm gonna see it again very shortly. I know I didn't know what to expect with pregnancy but I certainly didn't expect all this so soon or this bad. I just keep praying for the sickness to go away.

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Comment from tickingbean » Posted Sep. 21, 2013 10:17pm
It's easier said than done, but try bit to let your tunny get empty. Mr he nausea is worse then. One dry saltine every two hours even is enough. Wake up in the night and eat too. Good luck!

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