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GemGem's Pregnancy

My Due Date: July 26, 2013
I have given birth!
Age: 34 years old

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Bouncing eviction notice!!
By GemGem » Posted Jul. 1, 2013 11:48am - 256 views - 0 comments

So I have been bouncing on my birthing ball since 12:30 pm today at 36 + 3 days to get my little lady ready to be evicted. I'm not sure it will xdo much but I know I'm not going to lose anything trying?
It's quite comfortable really, the most comfortable position I've found since the last few weeks I've become increasingly uncomfortable to to point it's been unbearable.

Loving my little boys enthusiasm the last few days! He's telling everyone about his sister nearly being here and that she could come any day now (he seems to think she could come today everyday) bless we are all counting down and are pretty much ready for her now....

Bored of the whole pregnancy thing now, it was exciting at first but now the aches and pains draw out any way of me enjoying my huge bump! My back is suffering and my BP is high, but luckily no protein in my water as of yet! The BP was at 137/105 yesterday, scary stuff. I went to the hosp and they took full bloods and I'm due to go back 3 days after the visit for some more BP takings ( I'm hoping no bloods again, I hate blood tests!) I'm so worried about developing pre eclampsia again as it will ruin my chances on a natural birth in our midwifery unit and a birthing pool would be out of the question :(.

If ihave to be induced I'm going to be very pissed as my last labour was terrible because they induced and interviened by speeding it up with MORE drugs,I really don't know why us ladies can't be left to do the most natural thing in the world!

My plan to not have an epidural will be short lived if I can't have my water birth so I have everything possible crossed that our health stays well and are still low risk by D day!

25 days to go I!!!!!!!

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