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My Due Date: August 11, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 28 years old

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Braxton Hicks.
By BabyClaire11 » Posted Jul. 15, 2014 10:28am - 173 views - 0 comments

Well, i've started having my first strong braxton hicks!!
Yesterday after a long day at work, my husband and i went to walmart to get a few groceries we needed. We were in line to check out (we chose the SLOWEST cashier, lucky us) there were only 2 people in front of us with small cart loads.... it took her a HALF HOUR to cash those people out. Then, i had WIC, so she took FOREVER getting that situated, and entering the check numbers in etc... so all that took another 20 minutes!!!!! I was standing there, clearlyrritated, having a hot flash, then BOOM my belly starts tightening- for a good 30 seconds i'd say!
once we finally got out of there, i waddled to the car, drove us home and had another one on the way home- only lasting like 15 seconds, and not very strong at all.

I sit on the toilet to pee once i get home, and TRY bending to wipe (which i've discovered is EXTREMELY hard this far into pregnancy) and must be it cramped up my uterus or something, and i had a BIG one. Lasted about 30 seconds, and was VERY strong. I had to stop in my tracs and just relax.
I was going to work on my nursery, but i figured after a day of being on my feet and having 3 contractions in an hour that i needed to just relax and watch a movie and eat dinner.

Contractions are WEIRD.

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