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My Due Date: August 11, 2014
I have given birth!
Age: 28 years old

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Jealous fits of crying...
By BabyClaire11 » Posted Jul. 31, 2014 8:17am - 956 views - 9 comments

All these ladies having their babies....... >:'(

A friend of mine on fb posted that him and his wife were at L&D last night and that their baby would be born any time. I cried and was SO angry (hormones) because she gets to meet her baby before i do and we were due only days apart :(

I have a doctors appointment today at 2:45- hopefully they do a cervix check- i'd like to see if i'm even dilated a little bit. I know it doesn't mean much, but i'd like to know that there's SOME sort of progress.
I scrubbed my kitchen for 3 hours last night while having contractions- hopefully all these contractions are signs that my cervix is dilating and doing what it should be. I REALLY don't want to be induced, and i don't want to wait much longer for my baby girl to be here. I'm uncomfortable. I'm impatient. I want to be able to just hold her and look at her beautiful little face and see my husband with her. GAH.
Come on babbbyy D:

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Comment from stillfuntryin » Posted Aug. 2, 2014 5:18pm
Im sorry i made you feel that way i just wanted to remind you of whats really important, i understand you are really uncomfortable and eager to meet your precious girl, I'm sure i will be bursting at the seams when i get to the end of my pregnancy also but i know what it feels like when you see a pregnancy announcement on FB when you can't get pregnant yourself, it hurts so bad!! So while you are jealous of your friend getting to meet there baby your time will come before you know it and these last few days will seem like nothing!

Comment from BabyClaire11 » Posted Aug. 2, 2014 6:50am
I've enjoyed my pregnancy soo much! Every kick, every roll, every hiccup has made me so happy. I love the fact that I can grow a baby! I just feel uncomfortable now. All her movements hurt. I have symptoms that really suck and make me miserable all day. I've carried her for 38 weeks & 5 days. She's term. We are both technically ready! That's why I don't see why I'm getting crap for wanting my girl here.! It's no fun being hormonal and being bitched at my other hormonal women. Lol

Comment from hayleycynthia » Posted Aug. 2, 2014 12:48am
I hated being pregnant but DESPERATELY wanted my babies, with every fibre of my being. I don't miss being pregnant or how horribly sick I was or how complications made me so scared I'd lose her. What every pregnant woman (or one trying to fall pregnant for that matter) is a healthy baby to hold. I don't think there is any shame in hating (or just being over it) being pregnant - the end goal, the one we all want is to look into that little face, marvel that your body could have grown and looked after something so precious and fall completely in love. I love both my children with a love so fierce only a mother could understand. I would gladly go through my pregnancies again because they resulted in these miraclea who give me the most incredible joy. I still hated being pregnant though. I don't know why woman get so upset that some women don't enjoy pregnancy

Comment from stillfuntryin » Posted Aug. 1, 2014 3:38pm
I never said that you shouldn't want to meet you baby I was just saying that sometimes we loose sight of what's really important, so many people lose babies have still horns or just will never get to experience of the excitement of the impending arrival of a perfect gift of life! Enjoy your baby.

Comment from BabyClaire11 » Posted Aug. 1, 2014 8:37am
I get that it's not gonna be all rosy as soon as the baby comes.... never said I was picturing a fairytale.
What I have learned is that it's apparently wrong to want my baby here after carrying her for 9 months.
I'm not trying to induce myself. I'm not doing anything but complaining/venting a little. Which I thought would be okay seeing as everyone else does at this point.
But whatever.

Comment from Sianny » Posted Aug. 1, 2014 8:03am
Thats right, plus the sore leaky boobs, sore under bits meaning you have to pee with a jug of warm water to help the pain, saggy belly and many many weeks of heavy period.
Of course it's all worth it but you have at least 2 weeks for baby to finish 'cooking' before you need to even think about induction let alone worry. I was the same at 38weeks, ready to be a mum not a vessel but I didn't want to meet him any sooner then he was ready to.
Enjoy being pregnant and take this time to relax not get frustrated or angry. It's bad for baby.

Comment from Bostonmama08 » Posted Aug. 1, 2014 7:14am
While I get you are ready to not be pregnant and meet your baby, enjoy these last SANE few weeks. You will be crying that you cant sleep longer than an hour, crying because the baby keeps crying and crying because of the shift in hormones you will experience. My baby is 4 months old and I sometimes wish I was still pregnant....as uncomfortable as I was towards the end. Its that fantasy of how womderful and happy things will be when baby gets here.....then the reality sets in.

Honestly, just enjoy this time of peace and quiet....you will miss being pregnant. All women do after baby is born. You will see.....trust me!

Comment from BabyClaire11 » Posted Aug. 1, 2014 5:46am
No actually, this is kinda rude. I shouldn't have to feel bad over wanting to meet my daughter and being 'ready' to have her. I understand that other women have trouble getting pregnant. Does NOT mean I need to censor my feelings of readiness to meet my baby girl. Comments like these are rude and unnecessary.
When you're 9 months pregnant I don't wanna read on your journal that you're ready to meet your baby. Or that your uncomfortable all the time. GOOD LUCK with that lady.

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