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Organic Baby Showers

So, you are planning a baby shower. Why not go green for this celebration? Having a baby can often lead even non-green individuals to thinking about the planet. Hosting an organic baby shower for a new mom-to-be isn't as difficult as one might think. You can certainly host an "all-green" organic baby shower, or you can simply incorporate a few ideas to emphasize how even a little change can make a difference. Here are several ideas to help you plan an organic baby shower in which everyone can participate. Every little bit helps so even choosing one of these options can go a long way. Try it and feel good about giving back to our environment.


Printing invitations on recycled paper is a great way to show guests that the mom-to-be is environmentally conscious. If the invitations are professionally printed, you can also request soy ink or use a printer that specializes in green products and methods.

In order to make sure the invitees understand the choice was a purposeful one, include a brief statement on the back of the invitation that, "Susan is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy future for her baby, so she has chosen recycled paper and soy ink for her invitations and RSVPs."

You could also choose to send your invitations via email. There is no paper waste and is also a very economical and wise choice.

Gift Wrapping

Not everyone is as dedicated to environmentally safe practices. Your baby shower may be a way to help education them. Why not include, as part of the invitation, an adequate amount of recycled gift wrap and natural, biodegradable twine? A brief note explaining that the paper and twine are organic and they are provided to match the theme will let the recipient know what is expected in terms of wrapping paper. Be sure to provide a contact number for additional paper in the event you haven't supplied enough to wrap their chosen gift. One related idea is to simply offer gift wrapping services at your home as well as transportation of the gifts to the Mom-to-be on the day of the shower.

Another eco-friendly way to wrap gifts is by using wrapping paper with plant seeds embedded into the sheets. This is a great way to not only reduce waste, but a great conversation piece as well. After the party, the mom-to-be can plant the paper and watch as beautiful flowers begin to grow.

No Paper Plates

Individuals who are dedicated to living organic and eco-friendly lifestyles are often called upon to be an example to others. This includes picnicking and other outdoor activities. If your organic baby shower is held out-of-doors, bring reusable dishes and flatware even if it may be more inconvenient. Because of the companionship that often comes part-and-parcel with organic living, don't be afraid to ask for set-up and clean-up volunteers during the planning phase of your organic baby shower. You will be amazed at how much everyone wants to pitch in when they can, often times people are just unsure of what to do. Not only can you throw a very green baby shower but you can also lead the way for others to start living a greener life.

Baby Gift Registry

While it isn't recommended that you insist on "organic only" baby gifts, your intentions can be made clear if Mom-to-be registers at online or local organic baby stores. Many times, a guest will simply purchase from the registry as a matter of course, and this will ensure an organic baby gift.

An organic baby shower, like any other organic commitment, requires dedication and planning. With a few simple choices, however, the overall theme and lifestyle choice will be apparent to everyone who shares in the precious memories you create.

Olivia Nicholas is a writer and busy mom to twins. She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work, and in her spare time works as a freelance writer for Storkie.

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