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Category: Nutrition, Weight & Fitness

Asked by pheobe412

Q: I am worried

Hi there people,
I am so much worried about my sister. After her first born she is so weak now. Now my cute niece is 1 and half year old. She is losing her wait gradually. She eats good. I think it's some kind of major issue. We are so much worried. How could we find out what is this?? what is the possible way for it?? I am so much worried for my sister's health. Because due to her the baby is suffering. She is not getting her breast feed completely. Doctors recommended the lactogen 1 for baby. we are worried. How we know what's going on?? help me please???? Because these things are not good for baby's health as well. Whatever else they could take. The natural diet is best for them. I am really looking for help here.

This question was asked Feb. 22, 2018 4:58pm
Category: Nutrition, Weight & Fitness

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Answered by AGamersWife27 - Jan. 11, 2020 1:30am
supplement with formula!

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Answered by jilly6768 - Feb. 28, 2018 3:10am
You seem to be very worried. Your sister is lucky to have you. These days no one really cares. I think that her first pregnancy caused some issues. Due to them, she isn't well now. Did she consult a doctor? It might be something very serious. I feel sorry for the baby. They really do need care at such an age. I wonder how she spent this 1 year. You guys should get a nice nanny. She should be a responsible individual. There are clinics that offer nice nannies. She will take care of the baby like her mother. I think that would help.

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Answered by MidnightMystery - Feb. 27, 2018 5:58pm
Hi sorry you are going Through a difficault Time It is so worrying when Someone we love are going Through things.
Firstly id book up for Blood tests to check for vitamin levels thyroid/hormones as these things can cause problems also i would check for aby underlying auto immune diseases as a precaution as sometimes pregnancy can trigger Them.
I also detiriated after the birth of my son now 8months old so have been Through some of the Blood work processes. Breast feeding is also very draining and can Take a Toll on mum.
My advice is avoid gluten dairy and red meat also cutting out sugar. Green leafy veg. Avacados and up Her water intake also May benefit from protein shakes but not used as a meal replacement, small frequant meals/snacks and Rest when she is able to (Sounds impossible being a mum). I hope your sister gets Her strength back soon. How is she coping psychologically sometimes the mind can cause stress on our bodies aswell. I also hope she Get well for your sake aswell xx

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