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babywithlee_18's Pregnancy

My Due Date: January 28, 2014
I have given birth!

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Comment from babywithlee_18 » Posted Oct. 23, 2013 7:33pm
Glad your having an easier pregnancy :) This one is way harder for me this time.
I really don't get on here often, If you have a fb and would like to add me- feel free :) just send me a message let me know who you are.


Comment from Adrismommy » Posted Oct. 18, 2013 1:24pm
I had a apt today and she said everything is great. Only 4 days until our ultrasound. :). I don't really crave anything. But I still like ice a lot. Ice is the only thing I craved for all my pregnancies. That's about the only symptom I have of being pregnant. Lol. Besides I've gained 2lbs this whole time. So maybe ill start to get my bump soon(?). I'm still wearing my jeans since before I found out. I deff can't complain though. This will probably be the easiest pregnancy I've had.

Comment from babywithlee_18 » Posted Oct. 17, 2013 1:15am
Well hoping its a boy for you then!!! :) Def let me know! I wish i wasnt showing as much as i am, i am TWICE the size nearly that i was with my first at this point. Its scary lol. And i am terrified of getting pre-e again. Ah the joys of pregnancy. Craving eggs so terribly! Two cartons just this week lol!

Comment from Adrismommy » Posted Oct. 13, 2013 7:12pm
Well... I can honestly say with this being my 5th pregnancy, 3rd child, I don't feel pregnant one bit. Sometimes it scares me because I still haven't felt movement, but I have a baby doppler and always put my mind to ease when I hear little ones heart beat. :) With both of my girls I felt pregnant really quick and started showing. But with this one I feel completely normal and don't have a "bump" at all. Still have no weight gain. The only thing I really got was fainting like I did with my other pregnancies. But that went away in my first trimester. So since everything is different with this one then it was with my girls I'm keeping my fingers crossed it means a boy bc I'm deff done after this one. Lol.
We find out for sure in 9 days if its a boy/girl.
I got the news that my doctor no longer works in the office I go to and Im beyond upset. They wont tell me where she went and I dont want anyone else to deliver my baby. But besides that, everythings going good. Just patientl

Comment from babywithlee_18 » Posted Oct. 12, 2013 11:17pm
But other than all of that.. Im doing okay. I was really hoping for a boy, but IM happy with a girl too. She will be loved just as much as my first daughter, and just as much as if she would have been a boy. ON the bright side it saves us money with already having one girl! LOL. Im finally starting to accept the relaity of my pregnancy. (got on prozac for stress/anxiety/depression) and things i think are looking up. How are you doing? (WISH IT WOULDNT LIMIT THE CHARACTER COUNT!)

Comment from babywithlee_18 » Posted Oct. 12, 2013 11:15pm
I have been having intense pains for nearly two weeks now that has made it almost unbearable to walk at times, and... has even had me in tears. Wed Night I called the doc on call, debating a hospital trip. We decided that it was best to wait for my doc appt But she was concerned about pre-term labor with my described symptoms. So that has been stressing me out- along with the pain. My cervix looks fine. And my fluids are normal (they are checking this often with me since I did have pre-e with sarah) The baby's head is still low in my pelvic bone though(as with my last ultrasound) - and the doc diagnose me with SPD. (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: a separation of the symphysis pubis, which is a joint in the very front of the pelvic bone structure, exposing the cartilage between the bones) Wrote me prescription for a Prenatal Cradle, and it is helping some... but of course nothing is going to make the pain completely subside. It feels like a huge ball stretching me out and weighing down.

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