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My Due Date: March 17, 2016
I have given birth!
Age: 44 years old
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27 Weeks! Hello, 3rd Trimester!
By Lolo1176 » Posted Dec. 18, 2015 7:17pm - 251 views - 0 comments

WOW! 9 weeks since my last Journal Entry! I can't believe how fast this seems to be going. In the beginning it felt like I was never going to be this far a long and now here I am wondering where the time went...lol. Even with the holidays here, it feels like, "how is it, that Christmas is only a week away?! Ahhhh!" LOL!

2 days ago and yesterday we had ultrasounds done. The first was from a Peekaboo session, which, when I have time I will post photos of that...so many cute pictures! He was so active. :)

Yesterday's appt was our 3rd Trimester scan...and basically they were checking for things they couldn't get a good picture of in our 20 week scan. I did find out today, he is 2lbs 11oz, which is just above average. Which does make me feel good that he is growing well, but also makes me nervous because I am hoping he's not huge come delivery time...lol.

I do have my regular OB appt on Monday morning as well as my Glucose test. Still nervous about that one. I just pray I pass.

Last week we had our Christmas photos done for our Christmas card and wrote a Christmas Letter, that is also when I officially announced our pregnancy. Thankfully those were mailed out yesterday. I feel so far behind this year...it feels like every year gets worse and worse with my timing on things. Before I met my wonderful DH, I would be done with Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving, then all I had to do was wrap it up and enjoy the holiday season. Once I met DH, I didn't start till after Thanksgiving. This time we ordered all the presents just this past weekend, so now I feel rushed to get everything done...I hate feeling rushed. I love this holiday and want to enjoy it. The only things I have left to shop for are items for DH. But sadly we are also pretty much broke at the moment. Living paycheck to paycheck is definitely hard, especially when I am not getting paid at the moment. Please God let things turn around for us at work.

In my last journal entry I had mentioned that we were going to buy our nursery furniture during our staycation...well, we did buy it but about a week earlier. We, are still waiting for the call to have it delivered. The guy said it could take a couple of months to arrive...he was not kidding it has been just over 2 months, 9 weeks to be exact. I did call them and they said it was on a truck to them now and should hear from them by the end of the week...I am guessing we wont hear from them until next week if not till after Christmas. I am just feeling anxious and want to start getting things set up...lol.

This week, my office is also moving to 2 smaller new locations. Thankfully I will be much closer to home and I can even bring the baby to work with me. :) So I won't have to worry about finding daycare...this kid is going to be a mama's boy, I just know it! LOL! But I have been very busy with packing stuff up.

So with the holidays, Christmas and moving the office and stressing over baby stuff, also trying to get info out to my wonderful SIL's, who are throwing my Baby Shower! I am exhausted!!!

My pregnancy for the most part has been pretty smooth...but recently I have definitely been feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy. Mostly my lower back hurts and I have been getting terrible leg cramps. But on the bright side, starting in week 22, I finally started to feel him move! And even more so lately! The other night I played a game with him by poking my belly and he would push back...lol. So that was fun!

Well, if I have time next week, after my doctors appt I will try to post how that went!

Merry Christmas!!!

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