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My Due Date: May 1, 2020
I have given birth!
Age: 35 years old

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Baby Update: 6 months old! And congrats
By sonata85 » Posted Sep. 17, 2020 4:09pm - 302 views - 2 comments

Hi ladies! I realized I never let my friends know when my 33 weeker came home or anything after one month. Anyway, he turns 6 months old/almost 4.5 months adjusted today! After 5 weeks apart, we brought him home when he weighed 4 pounds 12 ounces. I think he’s up to about 13 pounds now. He’s been rolling from back to front for almost a month, so we had to move him from his bassinet in our room to his big boy crib. I cried soo hard lol He probably is my last unless I can convince my husband otherwise. I seem to have really scary pregnancies due to Pre-E and naturally tiny babies (this last time there was placental insufficiency, but I’m 4’9” tall, so I don’t think I’d ever make an 8-pounder anyway). I am trying to enjoy every moment and soak up all of the Baby goodness. I rock him to sleep while feeding him every night and sometimes just sit there a little extra snuggling him. My girls are great big sisters. My eldest turned 3 in June, and my middle daughter turned 2 in July. I have to keep an extra close eye out on the 2 year old since she loves to give Connor cuddles/a little too much attention. My 3 year old helps by bringing me the wipes or a toy when Connor is fussing. It’s really sweet. But it’s also complete chaos having 3 under 4! Luckily Connor is a pretty easy (demanding but easy) baby. I’m still pumping for him when I can. He latched well but mostly takes the bottle now. I have to supplement with formula, but I’m glad nursing sort of worked out or at least I was able to give him more milk than my others. Still, Fed is totally best IMO.

Anyway, I’m so thrilled to see old faces on here. Congratulations Angela18 on your son’s birth, CrystalB I’m so glad you’ve got your sticky baby growing, Renae—TWINS omg, and what an awesome surprise for you calvingirl. I’ll be checking in for sure. For now I’m focusing on trying to keep my sanity lol please be well I know everything is still a little scary because of COVID, but life clearly is moving on :)

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from sonata85 » Posted Sep. 24, 2020 1:13am
Aww thanks! Yes I’m loving the cuddles but he’s growing up so fast. I’m really thrilled for you and your surprise baby! 2 under 3 is crazy (well I had 3 under 3 for a month and a half lol) but you can totally do it. Your daughter will be old enough to show the baby books or toys, and my 2 year old likes to help with diaper changes by handing me the cream. Also both girls play dolls (the 3 year old has a doll that she named “The New Connor lol). The rough times are when they cry because i’m Pumping and can’t play, but things even themselves out. I’ll be following!! Stay well!

Comment from calvingirl » Posted Sep. 21, 2020 1:32am
Connor is such the cutest doll baby!! OMG!! Oh you must be loving those cuddles. My family is really petite as well (I have a couple of sisters just under 5") so we make small babies too. Thank you so much for the shout out and so glad you are still checking in - I can use all the support I can get, and I'm sure everyone feels the same way. I stuck around and kept up with old faces too before I became one of them again lol. Fed is best, and I'm so proud of you for still pumping - I'm sure he's benefiting from every drop you give him. I had to supplement Phoebe too, which broke my heart a little after exclusively nursing my first son, but the body will do what the body will do! She's still nursing though, basically for comfort, but it's a nice tool to control a toddler with. I'm scared to death to have 2 under 3, but you seem to be mastering it, so you'll have to share tips on how to keep that sanity - cause I'm already challenged :)

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