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Facial Hair

Pregnancy Symptoms & Discomforts

The increase and fluctuations in your hormones during pregnancy cause all sorts of symptoms and are also to blame for changes in your hair. Not only the hair on your head, but just about everywhere on your body!

Some pregnant women notice an increase in facial hair, particularly near the lips, chin, and cheeks. But you might also see thicker hair on your arms, legs, breasts, back and belly.

Facial hair during pregancyThere are several safe ways to deal with any new and unwanted hairs:
  • waxing
  • shaving
  • tweezing
Bleaches and depilatory creams are not recommended, as many of these contain chemicals which may affect your baby. It is also best to avoid all laser or light treatments during pregnancy.

Excess pregnancy hair is usually temporary and will disappear after the giving birth, typically within 6 months postpartum. If the hair persists, this may indicate a hormonal imbalance and you should let your health care provider know.

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