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March 2013 Babies - Page 11

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Reply by mandyp71 » Feb. 12, 2013 9:41am

YAY, Bumblebaby08! Huge congrats and welcome Alice and Julia! Team pink kicks off the arrivals! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Lucky3 - at least we can all see the end, but I completely hear what you are saying about the anxiety. I went to pack hospital bags for the wee pirate and me and went into a complete meltdown - what to take, what not to take, how many ... O, haven't seen the specialist yet. They are really busy so waiting until the 19th. VBAC2 is Vag birth after 2 c's. Since I had no medical reason for my c's they were going to allow me to try but as the day draws nearer they are waivering.

kayjaytay - great that your placenta has moved out of the way but poor you with your pain. I have only had a little sciatica etc and it has been hard enough to handle. I really hope you are successful with your procedure and your wee one is delivered safe and sound so you can get some relief.

LavandaarGuitar - hang in there! It won't be long and your bump will be your bundle! These preggy hormones are a nightmare at times aren't they, and catch us at the worst possible moment. I had a moment at work 2 weeks ago. My son had just started high school in NZ and I was feeling very emotional so shed a few tears in what I thought was the privacy of my wee corner of the office, only to have a teacher I manage walk in and want to chat at the exact time. Talk about embarrassing, but she is a mum too so she completely understood lol

AFM - tired, hot, a little anxious as the day draws nearer, sore at night mostly, or if I've been on my feet too long. Awaiting my specialist appointment so I have some idea of what to expect delivery wise, and wondering how my internal organs actually cope with the daily boxing match they seem to be getting these days :) Our wee pirate is definitely a strong wee guy!

Keep smiling girls and do keep us all in the picture as those deliveries start. Can't wait to see all the pics of the new bundles of joy!

All the best,

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Reply by veebles » Feb. 12, 2013 5:37pm

Welcome to the world Alice and Julia, well done bumblebaby

i think we are all fed up arent we mymmies in waiting.....i sure am.

not long now and all our aches pains and niggles will be replaced by joy, oh and a stream of dirty nappies lol.

me... i'm looking forward to my bump dropping so i cant actually breathe.
we had a look aroung our birthing suite on saturday, looks lovely.
well this baby had adopted the posteria position same as my other three, midwifes have now confirmed that its the shape of my pelvis and no matter what i try baby probably wont budge, so i have opted to start off with an water birth and move onto epidural as my back labours are crippling, and seeing that this baby is the last i wouild like to enjoy my labour if its possible.

good luck all my fellow mummies

love to all


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Reply by mandyp71 » Feb. 21, 2013 11:23am

Well ladies,

I heard today that I am not going to be able to have a Trial of Labour with VBAC in view as the hospital here in Brunei doesn't have 24 hour emergency c-section staff available. That means I had to take my first steroid jab this afternoon for lung maturation, next one tomorrow morning, then c-section on March 4th.

Hubby and I had discussed this possibility and have decided for tubal ligation at the same time. We always said this would be our last anyway. So now a mad week of trying to tie up loose ends and reschedule appointments before admission next Sunday night. Very exciting and a little bit of anxiety thrown in for good measure as I have opiate intolerance and Pethadine allergy.

Now I've shared my news, I hope you are all surviving the last few weeks. I do have to admit I've been telling hubby that I'm ready to meet our wee pirate and get these last few uncomfortable weeks over. Has anyone else found themselves in a similar position re c-section thoughts or are you all on track for vaginal births??

Do keep in touch girls. As soon as our wee guy is here, I'll post some pics for you all.

All the best for the last stretch xxx

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Reply by flutters » Feb. 21, 2013 11:30pm

well hello ladies !! congrats mandyp71 bet you are super exited! time its getting close for all of us. cant wait to ave my baby girl too,but still have few weeks to go! please post some pics so we can see you beautiful baby boy! hang in there girls time its almost here!

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Reply by BabyMumma » Feb. 22, 2013 1:44pm

Hi all
I have been AWOL for a really long time! I have been very busy over the last few months tidying up loose ends at work and have now been on Maternity Leave for the last two weeks, home with my DD and DS. That has been a big change for me, but definitely for the better!!

A HUGE congrats to Bumblebaby! SO SO excited to hear your beautiful girls arrived safe and sound, can't wait to hear your birth story!

Mandy, best of luck with your c-section. So sorry to hear your Doctors changed their minds! I am also going for a VBA2C, but so far I still have the green light, and will be allowed to go into labour naturally.
Looking forward to an update from you once little bub is here.

To all the other ladies still waiting, I hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you, and you don't suffer too many aches and pains and sleepless nights!

AFM I am 35w 5d and totally ready for bub to arrive. I have started taking raspberry leaf capsules and will start EPO on Monday when I am 36 weeks to help my body along a little.

All the best, and can't wait to see some beautiful babies arriving soon!

Josie xx

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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Mar. 2, 2013 4:34am

Big days coming up for many of you! Congrats!

Had a checkup today - I'm almost at 4cm dilated. It's been slowly increasing over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully something will kick in soon. Due date is Mar 7 - only 6 days away! Still no sign of labor though.

Baby is moving and hitting a nerve in my left leg that's been pretty funky to deal with - otherwise, all is well.

Hang in there. Can't wait to hear reports as our little ones arrive.

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Reply by Lucky3 » Mar. 4, 2013 3:54am

It's here mommies!!! This is our due date month! Can you believe it? Feels like just yesterday we were all getting that bfp and wondering if this is for real! Some of us aren't due till late in the month (like me) but for those of you who are within days I can't wait to hear/see your birth stories. Finally all our aches, pains, discomfort and emotional roller coasters will bring us the final prize!
Ok, enough pep talk! I know over the next few weeks there is so much for us to overcome and I'm sure for everyone there's an element of nerves that come with the game.
Afm I had my 36 week on Friday. I'm 2 cm dialated and having contractions every day for the most part. Nothing to report to L&D, but a move in the right direction. Today I lost my mucus plug (well the rest of it) and had my bloody show. I'm hoping that means even more opening of my cervix. I have severe swelling in my feet, to the point it's painful. I'm trying to drink water/liquids but having to pee every ten seconds is keeping me from downing gallons of water!
I guess that's about all to report. Hope everyone is feeling well in these last few weeks/days! Best wishes for comfort and quick delivery!

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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Mar. 6, 2013 5:11pm

40 weeks! If only baby could arrive on his due date! :)

Every day I wake up and ask my husband, "Do you think we'll have a baby today?" So far he's said, "No sweetheart, I don't think it will be today." but this morning he said, "I don't know!" Poor guy.

5 days ago I was 4cm and 80% effaced, but no signs of labor yet. Lots of Braxton Hicks. And I've packed on some pounds these last two weeks. I'm guessing its all water weight.

Lost my mucus plug on Sunday, so there are lots of signs all pointing to labor at some point in the near future. The doctor said they'd only let us go one week over, but I know better from my birthing class that 41 weeks and 1 day is only the average gestation time and that it's plenty healthy to go over that yet.

Hang in there everyone!

Definitely having more pain down below as his head puts more and more pressure on my bladder, cervix, and sciatic nerve. I've been doing lots of pelvic rocks which helps alleviate the pain. And lots of kegels too. So far, I can say I'm feeling pretty good compared to the horror stories I've heard of how uncomfortable the end can be. I think the chiropractor has helped along with all the exercises from our Bradley Method class.

Hopefully I'll be holding this little boy very soon.

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Reply by BabyMumma » Mar. 8, 2013 10:53am

Wow - not long now LavandaarGuitar! (You may have even had him by now!!)

I did the count today, and only have 16 days until my due date, and since it is 10pm here, its really more like 15 days!

Hoping baby decides to make an early appearance though!

Good luck to everyone else, I hope everyone is well, and that we will start getting some updates on babies arriving soon!

Josie xx

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Reply by mandyp71 » Mar. 9, 2013 1:08am

He's here!

Our little pirate, Jayden Ryan Woods arrived on March 4th via c-section at 38 weeks + 2 days. He weighed 3.19kg (7.03lbs) and measured 55cm.

After 4 nights in hospital, the first being pre-delivery, we are both home safe and well. I have said throughout my pregnancy that this would be my 'easy' baby as my first had colic and my second had chronic reflux. So far I am right! He is a real treasure!

Hubby and I are so proud. Pics to come soon. Off to feed now

All the best ladies,

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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Mar. 9, 2013 4:07pm

Mandy - congrats! And welcome little Jayden! Glad to hear all has gone well.

Josie - your turn is coming up, too! hang in there!

Lucky3 - how's the swelling? I read something the other day about drinking barley water for pregnancy swelling (among other symptoms). I was thinking about trying it. http://www.diethealthclub.com/health-food/barley-water.html

We are overdue now a few days and still waiting. I'm content to wait it out to 42 weeks if all is well with the baby (though crossing our fingers the wait won't be that long). But knowing that my ovulation day was later than normal the month we conceived, so I know we've got at least 7 days longer that then EDD.

Still stuck at 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. But feeling great and sleeping well,too. I am tired of people asking me at work "Why are you still here?" It's been going on for weeks - and I wasn't even due yet! We've been learning in our birthing class about all the pressures put on expecting moms to induce and be done with it. I understand that now! It's partly wanting to be done, and partly having to put up with the daily phone calls from friends and family inquiring when that baby's coming.

This little boy will arrive sometime very soon!

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Reply by Lucky3 » Mar. 9, 2013 4:41pm

Mandy- congrats on Jayden! That is so exciting and I'm glad you are home and resting. Enjoy your new little pirate!

Lavandar - sorry to hear that your due date came and went with no labor, but as hard as it is to let them cook its best, right? I hope you are not too uncomfortable and your co workers shed some sympathy on your pregnancy!

Babymum- how are you feeling? Just a few more days now, right?

Afm, I got put on bed rest yesterday. I'm bummed about it because I always thought if I ended up on bed rest think of all I'd get done before baby comes!! Not so. I'm too uncomfortable with pubic symphesis and swollen feet to do much. But, I can see the light because I have 21 days but they'll induce me at 39 weeks latest so 14. We are having a blizzard though so maybe the baby will pick today. It's also my anniversary with DH so perfect, right?

Looking forward to more arrival stories and pics. Hope everyone gets their smiles on soon!

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Reply by Lucky3 » Mar. 11, 2013 10:43am

I'm in labor! My water broke at midnight and now I'm just waiting out contractions and everything else in L&D. I'll keep you all posted on progress as I'm able.

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Reply by veebles » Mar. 11, 2013 4:39pm

YAY MANDY, Congratualtions on little Jayden(fab name btw)
Lucky3 you go girl, hope its quick for you hunny,

Well ladies its all happening, eekkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

so excited, can believe its our time.

my mind is all blurry at the mo as to who is due when. I'm twelve days and counting.

good luck mummys to be and super well done new mummys

love you lots,
hugs and kisses to the little ones

yvonne xxxxxxxxx

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Reply by BabyMumma » Mar. 12, 2013 12:01pm

Mandy, congrats on the safe arrival of Jayden! So happy for you :)

Lucky3, good luck! Thinking of you, and can't wait to hear how it all went and see pics of your little one.

Veebles, 12 days - fantastic. We must be due right around the same time. I'm due 25th and as its almost midnight here is Australia I pretty much only have 12 days to go :)

Good luck ladies! xx

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Reply by LavandaarGuitar » Mar. 16, 2013 2:31am

He's here!

Arrived early morning march 13 after my water broke 26 hours earlier. We're in the NICU for a week with a pneumonia infection in the lung but he is doing well and responding to treatment after a shaky entrance into the world. We are so happy with our little boy!

Zadok David
8lbs 20.5 inches

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Reply by veebles » Mar. 16, 2013 11:03am

congratulations lavandaarguitar

kepp in touch mummys.

yvonne xxxx

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Reply by veebles » Mar. 27, 2013 5:14pm

We got a Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin Jemima was born on tuesday 26th at 03.56 wighing in at a tiny 7 pounds.

She has three totally besotted brother who I think will spoil her completely.

Any more babies come along yet

Love to all

Yvonne xxx

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Reply by BabyMumma » Mar. 29, 2013 10:22am

Congrats Yvonne! Love the name Erin. Can't wait to hear your birth story....

I was due on the 25th, but still no baby yet! Hoping something will happen soon! :)

Hoping all the other mummies are going ok!

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Reply by mandyp71 » Mar. 30, 2013 4:52am

Huge congrats LavandaarGuitar and Yvonne and welcome to your little ones too!

Yvonne, your wee girl will never be short of a protective arm with 3 big brothers :)

Hang in there BabyMumma - any day now! How are all the other mummies doing?

We celebrate 1 month old on Monday - how time flies! In our world of constant feeding, Jayden is already approx 1kg up on his birth weight and I can no longer hold him in the crook of one arm. On a sadder note, this means I now only have 4 weeks of maternity leave left. Really can't imagine being back at work for 9-10 hours a day and away from our wee pirate. :(

Enjoy your wee bundles ladies. I have tried uploading pics so hope you get to see

Mandy xxx

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