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NFO? OB? PTL? VBAC? If you are new to pregnancy forums, the abbreviations used can sometimes make it hard to understand the posts. Check out the list of the most common abbreviations used.

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Baby Bump Photo

Posted by tmhess
8 hours ago

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Ultrasound Picture

Posted by Mommyof3waitingfor4
-12086 seconds ago

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Baby Photo

Posted by RPope84
4 days ago

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Recent Journal Entries

21 Week Survey
Posted by Libelula264 » -4342 seconds ago - 13 views - 0 comments
I keep coming up short with ideas for a journal entry, so I'll bring back the weekly surve ...
38 weeks. End in sight!
Posted by Kitten90 » 21 hours ago - 47 views - 2 comments
Doctor appointment went relatively well today. Blood pressure is fine. However,gained 2 lb ...
First OB appointment 12w1d =))
Posted by dakotagurrl » 2 days ago - 174 views - 6 comments
Ok, the appointment. The Dr came in and first thing he said was "congratulations...I ...
Viability and 24w growth ultrasound
Posted by ericalee2 » 4 days ago - 50 views - 3 comments
We made it! Viability! Wooooooo wooooooo! A momentous occasion indeed. :) :) To make ...
37w1d updates. Impending labor? Tmi warning
Posted by Kitten90 » 6 days ago - 140 views - 6 comments
Had another false alarm Wednesday night. Had sporadic contractions at work all day, then w ...
30 weeks - Irrational fear and Pelivic Pain/Pressure
Posted by FlamingoGirl13 » 1 week ago - 76 views - 3 comments
30 weeks done! Roughly 10 more to go. I'm feeling good about that. The past few weeks ...

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Date: Dec. 3, 2018
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K'arma Kai'or Jones

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