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Baby Bump Photo

Posted by thedjinn88
2 days ago

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Ultrasound Picture

Posted by Amarah
3 days ago

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Baby Photo

Posted by AnnabelleT
1 week ago

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Recent Journal Entries

12 wk Ultrasound and appointment....
Posted by cmere84 » 2 hours ago - 15 views - 0 comments
I'm officially down 11 lbs since I got pregnant. I work with infants in a childcare faci ...
A micro-glimmer of hope...
Posted by Carlee » 9 hours ago - 24 views - 0 comments
So I just got back from the hospital and the Dr said the bleeding had stopped. She did a t ...
Inevitable miscarriage....
Posted by Carlee » 1 day ago - 52 views - 3 comments
So I saw a gynecologist and she said my cervix is slightly open. I'm still bleeding, in fa ...
I'm in such a state!
Posted by Carlee » 1 day ago - 26 views - 0 comments
Well I'm still bleeding. It's been almost 24hrs now. I called the gynecologist and was t ...
Am I having a miscarriage?
Posted by Carlee » 2 days ago - 53 views - 1 comment
Today I am 5w 6d pregnant. I just went to the toilet and there's red blood. I'm so scared ...
16 dpo. freaking out. pregnant after micro-preemie
Posted by thomasanddawnxoxo » 2 days ago - 100 views - 5 comments
well AF hasn't made an appearance yet. and while I'm expecting to see that BFP on a test t ...

A New Arrival

It's A Boy!

Date: Jun. 11, 2017
Time: 1:44am
Levi Allen
36cm head

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