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Baby Bump Photo

Posted by RPope84
1 day ago

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Ultrasound Picture

Posted by coelh102
3 days ago

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Baby Photo

Posted by thedjinn88
2 days ago

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Recent Journal Entries

Induction set for 39 weeks
Posted by hopingforbfp » 3 days ago - 173 views - 13 comments
Has anyone ever tried castor oil to induce? I am starting my attempts the day I hit 38 we ...
Round ligament pain ? ?
Posted by Joshua2018* » 3 days ago - 83 views - 4 comments
So yesterday morning I woke up with intense pain in mostly my right side groin area ...
Count Down Begins
Posted by fuzzbear » 4 days ago - 33 views - 2 comments
Officially 99 days left until baby arrives, given that this is my second time it may be so ...
Good bye :(
Posted by elmasi » 5 days ago - 66 views - 2 comments
And just like last time, about a week after my positive pregnancy tests...I am bleeding an ...
12 Weeks Baby #2!
Posted by *Roselyn* » 5 days ago - 67 views - 1 comment
Made through the first trimester! 3 months down, 6 more to go! Last week's first prenatal ...
The early days...
Posted by elmasi » 6 days ago - 43 views - 2 comments
are hard and scary. Been so anxious to be pregnant again, and the first few weeks are so s ...

A New Arrival

It's A Girl!

Date: Jan. 6, 2018
Time: 6:55am
Abigail Olivia

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