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Baby Bump Photo

Posted by dakotagurrl
2 days ago

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Ultrasound Picture

Posted by Surfniki
5 days ago

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Baby Photo

Posted by Mem401
3 weeks ago

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Recent Journal Entries

Mucus plug
Posted by Kate461 » 10 hours ago - 17 views - 0 comments
On 35 weeks exactly I got some jelly discharge. Which I suspect to me part of my mucus pl ...
Almost 35 weeks!
Posted by Kate461 » 5 days ago - 33 views - 1 comment
Went to the DR yesterday. Told her I was having on and off menstrual cramp type things goi ...
Hope to return soon, TTC #3!!
Posted by CrystalB88 » 5 days ago - 41 views - 1 comment
Hi ladies! I sure do miss a lot of my CMP friends!! Tim is almost 5 and Wyatt just turned ...
12 Week Appt.
Posted by MalPal85 » 6 days ago - 24 views - 0 comments
Not really much to report. Everything went well at my 12 week appointment. BP was 118/70 ...
6weeks 2day Ultrasound Appointment
Posted by BrittanyP0714 » 1 week ago - 47 views - 2 comments
Had my first ultrasound today. Only 1 baby in there. And the baby's heart rate is 125, whi ...
Anomaly scan =)) <3
Posted by dakotagurrl » 1 week ago - 118 views - 6 comments
So my OB appointment (yesterday) went fine. Just another appointment, really. BP was fine, ...

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It's A Girl!

Date: Feb. 14, 2019
Time: 1:45am
Annika Acadia Stewart

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