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Baby Bump Photo

Posted by *Roselyn*
2 days ago

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Ultrasound Picture

Posted by purplecrayon88
4 hours ago

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Baby Photo

Posted by mommastrange92
3 weeks ago

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Recent Journal Entries

Second ultrasound was good, but I am still worrying
Posted by Clyos17 » 19 hours ago - 13 views - 0 comments
I had a second ultrasound this thursday at 6w6d. It was an abdominal one and I had to hold ...
16 Weeks
Posted by brittthomp4 » 1 day ago - 48 views - 1 comment
Long story short....short as it can be. I've been having spotting a lot still and I was cr ...
Posted by *Roselyn* » 2 days ago - 28 views - 0 comments
The test is lighter than yesterday's :/ I don't know why, maybe just an odd pee sample thi ...
19wks 4 days
Posted by LukesLady » 2 days ago - 26 views - 0 comments
Vomitted everyday until 16.5wks. Have only vomitted twice since than, but have still had n ...
Follow-up appt and results.
Posted by dakotagurrl » 4 days ago - 260 views - 11 comments
I arrived to register at 7:50am for my follow-up scan, yesterday morning, and was taken in ...
I hate keeping this a secret.
Posted by Celenes_Mommy » 5 days ago - 63 views - 2 comments
DH and I decided that we are not going to tell anyone about this pregnancy until we have o ...

A New Arrival

It's A Boy!

Date: Oct. 10, 2017
Time: 5:22pm

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