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Would you find a new Midwife or OB if this was you?
I experienced intense itching nearly 2 weeks ago that caused me to google "itchy hands in pregnancy," which led me to f... [read more]

Asked by Ilove40 - 22 hours ago - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Obstetric Cholestasis (OC) & Bile Acid Test Levels Question
Hello ladies, I had a few severe itching episodes about two weeks ago, the itching has been really mild in comparison since the... [read more]

Asked by Ilove40 - 2 days ago - Category: Pregnancy Complications
Past Pregnancies Recorded on CMP
Hello ladies, I have documented at least 4 of my pregnancies/births on CMP but I cannot figure out how to access the journal en... [read more]

Asked by Ilove40 - 2 days ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
how do I view my journal from a previous pregnancy?
does anyone know how to get to the Archive?... [read more]

Asked by thomasanddawnxoxo - 2 days ago - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Baby movement - 2nd pregnancy @ 17 weeks question
Hi I was wondering if I should be worried. At about 16 weeks I felt some baby movement but for the past 3 days I did not feel a... [read more]

Asked by Basia30 - 4 days ago - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Measuring slightly behind on early ultrasound scan should I be worried??
Hi ladies I hope I don't sound crazy but I had an early ultrasound scan yesterday to monitor progress due to early bleeding at ... [read more]

Asked by RMilbank - 1 week ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
Has anyone had trouble with the countdown that shows at the top of the page?
My countdown the one that says _weeks -% completed and _ days left is not working. It shows 0 weeks 0% and 280 days left. Anyone k... [read more]

Asked by Celenes_Mommy - 1 week ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
I'm on cycle day 17 my temp was 98.2 today and yesterday I'm using ovia fertilitty app
'm on cycle day 17 I'm using a ovia fertility app and it says I'm fertile to have sex today and take a opk I have a 28 day cycle a... [read more]

Asked by mmcculler31 - 2 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
Is this pain normal in early pregnancy?
I'm 5 weeks 1 day and I'm wondering if this pain is normal. I've being intermittent discomfort in my pelvic area and it changes s... [read more]

Asked by RMilbank - 3 weeks ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
Is A Long, Drawn-Out Miscarriage Normal?
I'm pretty certain I'm experiencing a miscarriage. TMI Warning: I've been spotting for weeks, but as of yesterday have begun blee... [read more]

Asked by LinnyBuck - 4 weeks ago - Category: Miscarriage & Loss