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Spelling of Name
What way do you think looks better for the name Jayden keep in mind it's a unisex name and I am having a problems trying to figure... [read more]

Asked by Shylynn - 1 day ago - Category: Baby Gear
thoughts on middle names
what are your thoughts on having three middle names? do you think its to much? please give me your honest opinion.... [read more]

Asked by Shylynn - 5 days ago - Category: Baby Showers
Previous pregnancy data, where is it?
Now that I'm on my second pregnancy, I can no longer access my data from my first pregnancy (weight gain, milestones, etc). I can... [read more]

Asked by babyspraker - 6 days ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
Early abdominal ultrasound - what did you see?
I an having an early abdominal ultrasound at 5+6 weeks. Anyone who had an early abdominal ultrasound? What could you see? Heartbea... [read more]

Asked by Clyos17 - 2 weeks ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
Progesterone going down despite supplements. HCG rising. Any experiences?
I have taken blood test 10, 12 and 20 dpo. Progesterone has been 185, >195 and last >127 (nmol/L). Hcg have risen from 17 to... [read more]

Asked by Clyos17 - 2 weeks ago - Category: Miscarriage & Loss
Ultrasound 5wks 1day Gestational sac but no yolk sac
This is my 4th pregnancy. Two miscarries and one 3 year old. Ive never had a US this early before. I was having some right side... [read more]

Asked by beast13 - 2 weeks ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
Multiple chemical pregnancies?
I had a chemical pregnancy last month. Positive test (but very light) on the day of my expected period, bleeding started a week la... [read more]

Asked by Beccalou - 2 weeks ago - Category: Miscarriage & Loss
swelling over c section scar
I was 12 weeks post partum yesterday. The swelling and puffiness above my c section incision has not gotten ANY better since day 1... [read more]

Asked by lunaneil - 3 weeks ago - Category: Postpartum
How to change due date?
Does anyone know how to change due date without it wiping all current saved info? Scan today revealed im 10 weeks 1 day but midwi... [read more]

Asked by natasha78228 - 3 weeks ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
Hi im 16dpo and my hcg level is 227 is this good? Do u remember what u got at this stage??? T
Hi all ive had a little spotting since yesterday ( its like my cm is slighty tinged browm pink my hcg yesterday was 227 i am 16dpo... [read more]

Asked by Mellymoo - 4 weeks ago - Category: Newly Pregnant