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When To Eat?
This is going to sound a bit nuts, but hear me out. My first pregnancy I ate (mostly) healthy food whenever I was hungry and ende... [read more]

Asked by LinnyBuck - 9 hours ago - Category: Nutrition, Weight & Fitness
Morning Sickness!!
Anyone else feel like they were dying with morning sickness?? I'm not actually being sick very often but I feel sick 24/7! I'm wak... [read more]

Asked by Lillimai2012 - 4 days ago - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
is this twins
im not only one to see this so am i crazy or anyone else think maybe it two?... [read more]

Asked by bmuffin90 - 5 days ago - Category: Expecting Multiples
How long before going into labor do you normally start dropping? I am 34 weeks and 5 days and have definitely dropped and non stre... [read more]

Asked by blpreen87 - 1 week ago - Category: Labour & Delivery
Did you have heavy implantation bleeding before positive test?
I had three days of bleeding, which I thought was AF, then got a positive test today and the bleeding has stopped. Has anyone had ... [read more]

Asked by estone - 1 week ago - Category: Newly Pregnant
My literal first symptom of pregnancy and happens to me daily now is each time I stand up or start going into a store I feel extre... [read more]

Asked by Hollena - 1 week ago - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
I've been crying a lot within the past two weeks. I got fired in February due to having panic attacks/missing work for it. I suppo... [read more]

Asked by Hollena - 1 week ago - Category: Pregnancy & Work
Has anyone had multiple subchorionic Hemorrhages during 1st trimester?
Im 8 weeks 4 days pregnant.I went in for an ultrasound yesterday because I woke up and used the restroom to find dark brown blood ... [read more]

Asked by Dgarcia - 2 weeks ago - Category: Pregnancy Complications
In if baby has dropped or if normal issues
For the past few days I have had a lot of pressure and stabbing type pains in my pelvic area along with decreased fetal movement a... [read more]

Asked by blpreen87 - 2 weeks ago - Category: Symptoms & Discomforts
Has Anyone Had Incorrect Gender Results from Counsyl?
My acupuncturist says its a boy, but my pregnancy screening test says girl. I am just wondering if anyone has had an incorrect res... [read more]

Asked by babynumbertwo2017 - 2 weeks ago - Category: Prenatal Testing