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16w tomorrow!
Posted by Kitten90 » 2 weeks ago - 70 views - 1 comment
Gender reveal scan on the 29th!! Currently I'm 163 lbs, so only 3 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I was chunky to start off with so no worries there. Hopefully I won't gain much more than 20 lbs th ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 3 weeks ago - 33 views - 0 comments
May 30, 2020 24 Weeks Today we announced your gender to the family; your Big Sister and Brother, Nana, Papa, Great Grandma, Auntie TT, Uncle Andrew, Uncle Scotty, Auntie Krystal, Cousin Ayla and Ali ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 3 weeks ago - 30 views - 0 comments
May 4th, 2020 20 Weeks 2 Days Today Mommy had to go to the gender ultrasound by herself because the hospital has a no visitor policy due to Covid. Of course Daddy was sad that he couldn't join Mommy ...

Thinking of signing off!
Posted by Angela18 » 4 weeks ago - 167 views - 6 comments
I really enjoy having a place like this to connect with other moms and to track my pregnancy,etc, but this site has been taken over by porn and no body is trying to keep it clean. I don't want my thi ...

12w. No twins
Posted by Kitten90 » 5 weeks ago - 52 views - 0 comments
Just one baby! I was really hoping for twins but I am equally happy that I have one healthy baby =) this doctor couldn't find anything at all that looked like another sac. She said it may have just be ...

11w. Gender reveal fail x3
Posted by Kitten90 » 6 weeks ago - 96 views - 2 comments
So twice now Sneak Peek was unable to test my blood. No clue why as I did everything exactly by the instructions. Then I found out that instead of doing NIPT, the doctors office ordered serum integ ...

10w. Sneak peek test fail
Posted by Kitten90 » 7 weeks ago - 62 views - 0 comments
They sent me an email stating my sample couldn't be tested. I assume the test itself was faulty because there was no visible anti-coagulation solution in the vial. They're shipping me a replacement te ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 9 weeks ago - 102 views - 0 comments
March 22, 2020 14 Weeks 1 Day Today we told your Sister and Brother about you. We handed both of them a new shirt. For Tori 'Big Sister Again' and Gavin got 'Promoted to Big Brother'. Let's just say ...

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