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18 weeks!
Posted by Mrsford2 » 1 week ago - 72 views - 3 comments
I can’t believe we’re almost half way! Only a day away from the halfway point of my pregnancy with my son! Not much new. My next US is in 2 weeks, my next appt is a couple days after that ...

Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal Party!!
Posted by eemanava » 2 weeks ago - 87 views - 2 comments
My S.O. and I are going to be having a gender reveal party in late September. She and I have been putting the OWT (Old Wives Tale) to the test and these have been the results: Morning sickness? 1-1 ...

Baby Eli Is Here
Posted by MalPal85 » 2 weeks ago - 85 views - 2 comments
I posted a birth announcement but just posting here too. Baby Eli Jacob was born on 8/20/19, as scheduled. Only exciting part was that the spinal did not work after 1.5 hours and 7 attempts so I had ...

Posted by Hopeforchildren » 3 weeks ago - 34 views - 0 comments
Well I wanted to have a dent in planning by week 20 and we do. We are keeping the carpet, and picked out paint for the wall. We also decided on furniture and I've started clearing my closets and consi ...

3rd Appointment
Posted by Mrsford2 » 4 weeks ago - 63 views - 1 comment
I had my 3rd appointment today. It was pretty uneventful. My bleed seems to have dissipated. My placenta is posterior. The NT scan looks great (1.1mm) but I go for my 2nd blood test on Friday so they ...

Another month gone by - 18 weeks
Posted by Hopeforchildren » 5 weeks ago - 48 views - 0 comments
14-18 weeks were a breeze, especially with this beautiful summer weather. Time is just flying by. Had a wonderful relaxing vacation at the end of July. It was a little too hot for my comfort zone but ...

37 Week Update
Posted by MalPal85 » 5 weeks ago - 131 views - 3 comments
Definitely have not used this site as much as I did with my first child but I wanted to post an update even though it isn't much of one. 37 weeks as of yesterday! Almost there! It has actually go ...

2nd appointment
Posted by Mrsford2 » 8 weeks ago - 138 views - 2 comments
I had my 2nd appointment today at the mat clinic. We tried to hear the heartbeat in the Doppler but couldn’t find it. If this was my first I’d probably be stressing, but we had some troub ...

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