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YAY!! We're having another GIRL!!
Posted by calvingirl » 8 weeks ago - 153 views - 2 comments
I can't believe it! Phoebe will have a sister! I'm so thrilled. I was convinced that this one was going to be a boy, so I'm so glad I'm wrong. I would have loved either one, but frankly, I have a ...

Baby Update: 6 months old! And congrats
Posted by sonata85 » 10 weeks ago - 145 views - 2 comments
Hi ladies! I realized I never let my friends know when my 33 weeker came home or anything after one month. Anyway, he turns 6 months old/almost 4.5 months adjusted today! After 5 weeks apart, we broug ...

Posted by Lovelymine » 14 weeks ago - 101 views - 0 comments
Very tired. I just want to sleep ...

17 Week Update
Posted by North4Star » 16 weeks ago - 80 views - 0 comments
8/8/20 - went to the beach for Jess' bday, got stung by a jellyfish on my left upper arm!! 8/9/20 - definitely feeling the baby!! still inconsistent day by day though. 8/12/20 - starting to f ...

Pregnancy after Mommy makeover
Posted by Claribelsjt » 16 weeks ago - 203 views - 1 comment
Its been 9 weeks since I had my mommy makeover, was feeling so sick today that I did hpt and was positive. I been preventing pregnancy the last 2 years by checking my body changes and ovulation test ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 20 weeks ago - 137 views - 0 comments
July 13 2020 30 Weeks 2 Days Well today Mommy turned 33 and I was so excited that I had an ultrasound scheduled today to see your cute little face and to see how big your getting. I arrived at my ap ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 20 weeks ago - 120 views - 0 comments
JULY 9, 2020 29 Weeks 5 Days So since Monday mommy's been getting some pains in my stomache, I just thought maybe Braxton Hicks Contractions. Well it's now Wednesday night and I'm getting them const ...

18 weeks... It's a boy!!
Posted by Kitten90 » 20 weeks ago - 179 views - 1 comment
We found out a couple weeks ago we are having another boy!so excited! Baby was super stubborn and it was as very difficult to get a clear shot but we got a couple obvious pictures lol ...

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