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9 weeks 2 days
Posted by Lozzabean » 2 weeks ago - 37 views - 0 comments
This is the first journal entry I have made in this pregnancy! So far it feels like its really dragging, mostly because for some reason the baby measured earlier than what my dates did so when I thou ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 2 weeks ago - 16 views - 0 comments
March 10, 2020 12 Weeks 3 Days Well another appointment is in the books. Today I was by myself since no one was able to come with today. When I arrive I'm nervous of course but I'm hopeful because t ...

Preeclampsia again
Posted by sonata85 » 4 weeks ago - 136 views - 3 comments
Well for the third time, I have preeclampsia. Yep. I went in for my biophysical profile and Doppler last Friday morning. The Doppler was slightly elevated meaning the baby isn’t getting quite as ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 5 weeks ago - 48 views - 0 comments
FEBRUARY 27, 2020 Today we had our 2nd appointment and of course I had Nana come with because I was nervous. When we arrive, they check my weight and to my surprise I've lost 3 pounds since the last ...

Posted by JessaBear38 » 6 weeks ago - 48 views - 0 comments
My stomach started feeling queasy today im very bloated and tired my af is due in 2 days my home pregnancy tests look great . I think this will finally be our take home baby. Kind of emotionally it's ...

Told my OH
Posted by JessaBear38 » 6 weeks ago - 358 views - 0 comments
It was Valentine's day 2020 While at dinner my man asked why I didn't order my usual drink. He asked is there a surprise your not telling me I said yes ...I'm pregnant!! .. we kisses hugged cheered ...

Growth Scan update
Posted by sonata85 » 6 weeks ago - 482 views - 5 comments
Hi Ladies and hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day! Sad again to see losses on here. I hope rainbow babies are just around the corner. I had my growth ultrasound and biophysical profile ultrasou ...

Posted by Peanut1987 » 7 weeks ago - 111 views - 2 comments
FEBRUARY 11, 2020 Today did not start out the way I wanted. Right before I had to leave for our appointment the truck wouldn't start. So, I had no other option but to call my mom (your Nana) to ...

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