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Pregnancy Symptoms & Discomforts

Pregnancy Affects You Head to Toe!
The Full List of Symptoms & Discomforts You May Experience During Pregnancy

Abdomen Abdominal Heaviness     Bloating     Braxton Hicks Contractions     Cramps     Decreased Appetite     Fetal Movement     Gas/Flatulence     Increased Appetite     Indigestion     Linea Nigra     Nausea     Round Ligament Pain     Sore Belly Button     Stabbing Abdominal Pains     Vomitting
Back, Legs & Hands Achy Legs     Backache     Leg/Foot Cramps     Sciatica     Sore Hips     Tingling or Numb Feet     Tingling or Numb Hands     Varicose Veins
Chest Breast Heaviness     Darkening Areola     Heartburn/Acid Reflux     Increased Breast Size     Leaking Colustrum     Montgomery's Tubercles     Pronounced Veins     Shortness of Breath     Sore/Sensitive Nipples     Tender Breasts     Tingling Breasts
Emotions Anxiety     Decreased Sex Drive     Depression     Increased Sex Drive     Irritable/Cranky     Joyful or Excited     Mood Swings     Weepy
Head Bleeding Gums/Nose     Blurred Vision     Dizzy or Light Headed     Dry Eyes     Headache     Increased Saliva     Increased Sense of Smell     Increased Thirst     Mask of Pregnancy (Melasma)     Spider Veins     Strange/Metallic Taste in Mouth     Stuffy Nose
Overall Chills     Fainting     Fatigue/Exhaustion     Fluid Retention     Food Aversions     High Energy     Low Energy     New or Strange Cravings     Sweating/Hot Flashes     Swelling
Pelvic Area Constipation     Diarrhea     Frequent Urination     Hemorrhoids     Leaking Urine/Incontinence     Leukorrhea (Increased Cervical Fluid)     Pubic Bone Pain     Sore Perineum     Spotting/Bleeding     Strong Smelling Urine     Urinary Tract Infection     Yeast Infection
Skin & Hair Acne     Facial Hair     Glowing Skin     Hair Loss     Itchiness     Sensitive/Irritated Skin     Skin Rash     Stretch Marks     Thicker Hair
Sleep Early Waking     Insomnia     Interrupted Sleep     Restless Sleep     Vivid Dreams