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September 2012 Babies -Part 6! The Final Chapter? - Page 11

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Reply by knicole27 » Sep. 8, 2012 10:43pm

awww congrats hun! big boy! but that just means super healthy!!! awesome news.

AFM- I am getting to experience colic and its awful. I slept 2 hrs last night and he cried non stop from 4:30 am to 7:30 am, I tried swaddling him, holding him, holding him rocking him on my chest, running my white noise player thing he has, turning on a hair dryer, today we went for a drive, i tried massaging him with a lil bit of that baby night time lotion, gave him his binkie, gave him gas drops, gave him gripe water.... NOTHING worked. I would find something that would work maybe for a lil bit maybe 20 mins or so but then he would wake right back up .. crying..crying...and more crying.

At one point I was crying with him. I was so exhausted and starving with a pounding headache.

This has really been hard without my hubby here or without help :/

I plan to cut out all dairy from my diet starting today. I had not been drinking any cows milk but still eating dairy and last night i ate these mashed potatoes that i knew i should not have ate but my friend dropped them off for me since its near impossible for me to cook ever.... anyways they were creamy made with sour cream and she added a ton of pepper and some garlic... all big no nos for breast feeding a colicky baby so.. i know it was my fault. :/ but dang i have like no food in my house and i was starving and no one to cook for me so yeah. but that won't be happening again..ever.

I am so tired that i feel weird today. Like idk how to explain it. I am shaky feeling and dizzy even after eating but the dizziness i feel is like a swaying feeling like i am on a boat. ugh.

anyways... sorry for rambling but i am going stir crazy in my house here all alone with no one to talk to. I miss adult interaction and conversation. heh.

Thinking of all you ladies getting ready to meet your lil ones!!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 8, 2012 11:47pm

Congrats Leniana! Healthy baby boy!! So glad to hear you are both doing well :)

knicole - Hunny I feel so bad for you. Friends of ours had a colicy baby and they told us it was hard on the relationship as it was so difficult so I cannot imagine doing it alone. I give you so much credit. I wish I was closer, I would come over and help you!! Maybe your friend can come by so you can sleep for a few hours?

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Reply by gppacen » Sep. 9, 2012 12:10am

knicole - I also wish I could help out:( I really can't imagine how tough it is on you right now... ramble on, it's sort of like "talking" to adults on here;) though we're really technically not "talking". Hang in there - there will be better sleep filled days ahead!!!!

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Reply by dsdaye » Sep. 10, 2012 12:19pm

I thought that we could try and keep track of everyone who has had their babies and the info on them. Here is the list I have. If I am missing anything or anyone, please add it.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Leniana- September 3rd - September 8th - Wyatt - 9lbs. 10oz, 21 1/4inches - Boy!

Tyesmommy15- September 3rd- September 4th - Alyssa Marie - 6lbs. 5oz, 20.5 inches - Girl!

Elizabethwig- September 6th- Girl!

Auburnmama- September 7th- - September 4th- Andon Dean - 7lbs. 1oz, 20 inches -Boy!

Damebacker-September 11th-Boy!

knicole27- September 14th - August 4th - Liam Ryan - 3lbs. 14oz, 18 inches - Boy!

Dsdaye- September 14th- It's a surprise! :)

Britney- September 16th- September 6th - Braelyn Sadie - 6lbs. 6oz, 19 1/2 inches - Girl!

Excitedmommy2be- September 16th- Boy!

Babyho3- September 17th- Girl!

Emk2617 - September 18th - Boy!

Jambolina81- September 21st- Girl!

Beckster- September 22nd- Boy!

MrsMeggiemac- September 22nd- Boy!

Coomy08- September 25th- Boy!

gppacen- September 25th- It's a surprise!

Courtney12- September 28th- Boy!

Mrs.Mom- September 29- It's a surprise!

Tallesss- October 10th- Girl?

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Reply by emk2617 » Sep. 10, 2012 6:43pm

Sorry for the lack of response, Been a longg week.
Have been having bh contractions for over 5 days, went to the hospital for the second time to be sent home saying that it's just irritable Uterus, UGH! My little guy is not trying to come out any time soon, I have dilated one bit or softened, I'm just chilling out here and tomorrow makes me 39 weeks, and I've been trying just about anything to get him out. Luckly my one friend is in a massage school and offered to give me a free prenatal massage next time I'm on her side of town. Only good thing that has happened this week is my husband painted and decorated the nursery!!!(only took me 4 weeks of nagging lol)
~Sorry about the colic nicole, my mom said I was horrible with that when I was a kid. Hopefully cutting out the diary will do it for you.
~Congrats Brittany!
~Congrats Leniana, that's one big healthy boy

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Reply by AuburnMama » Sep. 10, 2012 10:41pm

Congrats Lenina! Wow, he is a big boy!!

FYI, I started a "after" birth group for our sept club! It's in postpartum section. Please join as we get through this new journey together!

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Reply by knicole27 » Sep. 10, 2012 11:43pm

Dsdaye and Auburnmama- awesome!!! thank you both!

emk-aww i am sorry hun.. hang in there!! thinking of you!

gppacen and mrs mom- thank you so much both of you and really all of you for your support. Right now the best thing to get me through all of this is journaling, crying and just seeing my baby boy grow!

speaking of growing my due date approaches this friday and I plan on taking him in to weigh him that day. I know he is over 6 lbs now but dont know how many oz.

He is 5 weeks old now but after his due date he has two ages and actual and adjusted that is going to be confusing. We also are dealing with colic this week... oh.. yay.

excited to head over to the postpartum thread. :)

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Reply by gppacen » Sep. 11, 2012 11:45am

Hopefully I'll get to the postpartum thread soon:)

Have a wonderful day ladies!!!!

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Reply by dsdaye » Sep. 11, 2012 12:48pm

knicole- I had horrible colic when I was a baby and my mom told me that she would sit on a chair, like a kitchen chair, and lay me on my stomach on her knees. She would then rub and tap my back and this would help with my colic and pains in my stomach. Not sure if it will help, but thought I would let you know since it did work for my mom.

I have now found out that I have a lot of amniotic fluid. I have always been measuring a little big, not overly though and they are now getting a little more concerened. I looked it up online and it says that in some cases a lot of amniotic fluid is a sign of Down Syndrome. I never had the testing done before because I figured that if the baby was born with Downs then we would just deal with the issues as they came. I have an aunt who had Down Syndrome and she was a very sweet lady. She died when she was very young because of heart problems. Now I am super nervous that this little one might have Downs. I know that these children are awesome but it still makes me worry. Working in a school has exposed me to so many different things that parents deal with and I know that these children are just so sweet but they have to deal with so much. My only saving grace is the fact that there have been no other signs in any of my ultrasounds. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hoping you are doing well.

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Reply by knicole27 » Sep. 11, 2012 2:58pm

dsdaye- I would not worry about it too much. My mom had a LOT of amniotic fluid with my brother. The doctors wanted her to do an amnio because she was 36 at the time but she decided not to and.. my brother is now 21. No issues at all.. and def no downs syndrome. :)

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Reply by Coomy08 » Sep. 11, 2012 4:45pm

So I'm 38 weeks today and the official countdown to c-section is started...just 8 days at the most to go and I'm so ready! My back is just killing me, menstrual cramping, I'm still losing bits and pieces of my plug(lost first part about 2-3 weeks ago, and the past week losing the rest).Zane must be sleeping more cuz he's really slowed down in the past week with his movements.
At my appointment friday they didn't even know I was in l&d till I told my nurse(thought the hospital would have told them), didn't check to see if I made any progress in the dilating so who knows I could still be at a 1 or maybe 3-4 who knows! Lost another lb putting me now at 1.6lbs total gain(sure it's gone up some by today since I've been snacking and eating a bit bigger portions) Just keep reminding myself not much longer to go and been trying to walk a few laps around the barn yard everyday hoping that will help speed things up a bit(so far just contractions that won't stay regular and go away after I sit down:(..really wish my water would just break, but nope that hasn't happened either lol

Leniana- can't remember if I said congrats yet or not, but if not...CONGRATS!

Dsdaye- I was thinking of doing the list like that too lol, hopefully it won't be long and we can add my lil man to the list.
If they haven't found anything yet in the u/s to suspect downs I'm sure it will be alright. Not long to go and you get to see your sweet baby, can't wait to find out if we can add a tally to team pink or blue:)

Knicole- I hated the two ages crap! I just went with the actual age and at appointments with the developmental follow-up people I'd just nod my head and let them use his due date age.
Can't believe Liam is 5 wks old already! Time is just flying.. the colic doesn't last much longer...never had to deal with it myself, but I hear it's awful..hang in there it sounds like your doing a great job, and I know it can't be easy with your husband gone again, your one strong momma :)

Emk- Uhh I was in l&d last week and they said I had a irritable uterus, not really what I wanted to hear that's for sure! Hopefully your lil man will give you a break soon and make his appearance :) That massage sounds wonderful by the way!

Hope everyone is doing well and can't wait to see who is next to add to the slowly growing "have given birth" list :)

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Reply by tallesss » Sep. 11, 2012 6:04pm

Hi ladies,
much love to all and well wishes. i've given up on personals cause i just can't keep up.

Congrats to Leniana, TyesMommy, AuburnMama and Britney on your precious bundles! Hoping to join you all soon as i'm 35wks and 5dys today. I look like 42 weeks

Knicole, I'm of caribbean heritage and we give babies something called 'gripe water' for colic, it works like a charm. I kept a bottle handy with DD, it worked wonders! i've already put another bottle in stock.

Dsdaye it is well with your child, there's no DownSyndrome, proclaim it!

AFM: I told my OB that I do not want a C-Section unless it's absolutely necessary. He seemed disappointed but explained the risk (rupture 1.5%) and said okay. I asked 'how will i know when my mucus plug is out, he said don't worry about that, just look for contractions and 'water breaking'.

I've done the hospital tour and started using my birthing (exercise ball) cause the nurse said it encourages the baby to move down further into the pelvis.

I plan on 'telling' my supervisor that after next week i'm not commuting to downtown, i would like to work from the closer location till the baby comes, I don't like the risk of being far from my doctor, hospital and home. I'm just not comfortable with it.

Started taking red raspberry leaf capsules (one daily) and bought a pineapple this weekend. Maybe i'll pounce on DH next week. My belly is huge! My back hurts! My sleep is none existent!

I'm super excited and nervous because this time i'm not working with any specific date, the element of surprise is controlling this birth so far.

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 11, 2012 8:44pm

dsdaye - Thank you for that list, that's great! I am sure since the docs have had no other signs of DS, your lil babe is just fine. As I've said before...I still wonder about my baby having DS as they found a spot on the heart in my u/s...not once, but also on the follow up u/s :( They told me they aren't concerned since my blood work showed up negative and that everything is growing properly, but I've researched this spot on the heart and it is a soft marker for DS. So I forced them to give me a ratio as to what my chances were...I was given 1:350. Which to me seems high...so...I am left to wonder and wait to see what happens at delivery...

emk2617 - Good thing hubby got that nursery pained, you could have that baby at any moment! I agree, that massage does sound wonderful!! I wish my DH didn't HATE giving me a massage so much!! I have to beg for them!

Auburn - "after birth" club ! LOVE it! I cannot wait to join!

knicole - Your little man is 5 weeks...time really does fly eh?! I know colic is hard, but we women are the one's who carry/deliver and nurture these baby's for a reason...we're tough! You especially girlie...we're here to listen whenever you need an ear of support.

coomy - 8 days to c-section...kinda nice to at least have an "end" date haha. I am 37 weeks, 3 days and have had ZERO signs of anything happening . I am also hoping my water breaks so that I have a CLEAR sign I need to get to the hospital (which is a 45 min drive from my home

Talless - lol "pounce" on DH...too funny! I won't be able to use that technique...hubby hasn't come near me since about month 5!! Good idea to work closer to home...I now I am uneasy about my 45 min drive into the hospital.

AFM - Serious heartburn today. Sleeping like a champ though, which hasn't happened to me in ohhh 7 years or so!! lol Since I finished work, I now sleep far past my usual 2-3hrs at a time, more like 5hrs at a time now! Then I wake up for an hour and go back for another hour or two! It's fantastic! I've also had a nap yesterday and today! Both almost 2hrs long! I am getting loads of sleep and lovin it...but I almost wonder if it's a bitter/sweet thing because I was used to NOT sleeping which is good for when baby arrives. Ah well...either way I'll figure it out when baby gets here!! Which by the way..I"m having NO signs of it happening anytime soon...*sigh*

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Reply by gppacen » Sep. 11, 2012 11:14pm

Had my 38 week appt - nothing much to report...

I have had a lot of BH contractions today - very uncomfortable, more so than before. I was told to expect that... I don't know.

I was told if I don't have the baby by 41 weeks they'll induce me by week 42. Sigh I hope I don't have to wait that long to meet the little one:( Why do I have a feeling I'm not going to go into labor naturally... I haven't "dropped" and am currently not dilated. Time will tell.

dysdaye and Mrs.Mom - Prayers your little ones are healthy! DS is on the back of my mind as are other things - I just keep praying the baby will be healthy.

Coomy - I so would love a date to expect the baby's arrival - you don't have much longer:)

Have a good night!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 13, 2012 9:25pm

gppacen - I just had my 38 week appt today (I'm 38wks on Saturday) and it's the same for me but I'm not even having any braxton hicks! I have NOTHING to report. I was told they would induce me at 41wk, 3 days. I will go mental if it takes that long!

I just got my maternity photos done and my friend posted a few on fb...when I saw them I was horrified!! I'm not happy with how I look in them . I look HUGE and just not pretty! I'm so disappointed...there is ONE photo I like of me and DH, but that's about it. Now I'm dreading my sister's wedding on the 29th...can't imagine what I'm going to look like in those photos if I haven't had the baby by then!!

So far this week...my first week off of work, I have had a 2hr nap each day!! Had to go to bed as soon as I got home from my appt today I was completely exhausted! Heading to the grocery store now to pick up some pineapple juice...I'll try anything to get this baby movin!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 13, 2012 11:35pm

Ok so I came to retract my statement about my maternity photos. I looked at them on my blackberry, I think that was the problem. When I looked at them from my computer, I liked them a lot more! I uploaded one as my profile picture, take a look :) My friend Crystal does such a great job!

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Reply by emk2617 » Sep. 14, 2012 7:35am

knicole- Hope the colic is starting to clear up!
dsdaye- don't let lots of amnotic fluid freak you out, either way you will have a beautiful baby by the end of everything!
Coomy08- I hope everything is progressing for you really well, l&d is no fun at all when they keep sending you home, At least you have an "eviction" date lol.
talless- I completely understand the lack of sleep thus me posting 3:15am my time. I've been pouncing my husband too, hopefully it's making a difference with little guy.
Mrs. Mom- I hope everything works out for you and little one is completely healthy. I'm so lucky my husband actually doesn't mind giving me massages and will normally offer if he knows I'm not feeling well.
Gppacen- Hopefully little one will make their arrival sooner then later, I know I'm going crazy waiting I'm sure you are too and it doesn't help thinking that you might have to wait tiil 41 or 42 weeks to seem lo

Today, I have my 39 week appointment hoping so bad that there will be a change and little guy is coming soon. But for now I'm gonna TRY and get some sleep, don't think it will work, but idk, I'll keep everyone up to date after this weekend. Everyone have a great weekend!

James Andrew 9/28/2012

I can't believe I'm already doing this again!
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Reply by tallesss » Sep. 14, 2012 5:50pm

Hi Ladies,
Had my 36wk appointment today, so far so good. Head's down, fluids, heartbeat, growth is good. approx 7lbs 1oz

He checked me but didn't say if I was dilated or effaced or anything.

oh well! i'd say no news is good news!

Meanwhile, i got out the car seat and realised i can't find the car seat cover i've looked everywhere, as i specifically remember taking it off washing it and putting in a bag. knowing that i'd be using it again in the near future. Now i can't find it. I ended up ordering a replacement cover and matching hood thingy from graco yesterday $38 not too bad. i was not tryna buy a whole new seat and additional base because i lost a seat cover.

I am getting very little sleep, and i'm miserable at night.

we're all getting closer, hoping to hear more births by Monday morning.

Knicole how is Liam doing?

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Reply by knicole27 » Sep. 14, 2012 6:28pm

Hey ladies no personals right now but .. today would have been my due date! We have a pediatrician appt today so I will let you know how that goes and how much he is weighing now. :)

Thinking of you all!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Sep. 14, 2012 6:52pm

Hey ladies, sorry I've been MIA for awhile. I wrote a long message the other day with personals, which I was proud of cause I'm bad at that, but I got kicked out of the site before I could send it, so I gave up. I hope you guys are all doing well. It's been awhile since a birth.

Dysdaye -- You and baby are in my prayers.

Mrs. Mom -- Your pic is beautiful, and I think you look great!

Knicole -- I hope Liam's appointment goes well!

Coomy -- I'm wondering about you :)

At my appointment last week, I was 3 cm, 50% effaced and the head was high. At today's appointment, I was 4 cm, 80% effaced and the head is engaged. =] Had to go to L&D because my blood pressure was up, but it's OK. I think I started having contractions right after for about 40 minutes or so, but they have subsided. Now I'm just uncomfortable and have a backache. :( I'm hoping it happens this weekend or Monday. Can't wait!

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