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September 2012 Babies -Part 6! The Final Chapter? - Page 12

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Reply by Leniana » Sep. 14, 2012 6:54pm

Hi Ladies! I can't believe it's been almost a week, time is flying! I love the idea of the after birth club, I will see you all there shortly hehe:)

But for now I wanted to post my birth story! After I went to L&D in the morning and got sent home, I had contractions all day like I mentioned. After I posted they started getting more intense and I started getting very restless, having to walk around a lot and swaying my hips and bending over during them. We went to go lay down and watch a movie, hubby fell asleep but I couldn't. I woke him up a few times getting in and out of bed. Finally I just sat in the floor .

I took a shower (two actually, cause the water felt great on my back), and then went back in the floor and trying different positions to feel better. I still wasn't sure I was going into full labor but then I felt a bit of wetness. It wasn't my water breaking but more of my mucus plug and some blood. So at that point I told hubby we should go.

I called the doc and they said to come on in, and we got there around 3:45am. Traveling in the truck was not fun (especially since hubby decided we needed to go out of the way to get him an energy drink), and by this point I was pretty sure I was in full labor, because I was having to stop moving during the contractions. Finally got checked and got admitted, and got sent up to the room.

I told them I wanted the epidural right away - I was already dying, the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes and I knew it would take a while to get it cause you have to get a thing of fluid first. I didn't get the epidural until about 6:30 am, and right after they gave it to me they checked me again and said I was between 6 and 7 cm. So I am happy with how far I went without it.

They told me that since I had to have the other type of antibiotics for my GBS that I needed to have two doses, and unfortunately they needed to be six hours apart, which we were pretty sure I wasn't going to last that long. I asked them what they would do if they didn't get both in me, and they just said they would keep us both for the full 48 hours afterwards to keep an eye on us. So that was not a big deal.

So I relaxed and caught a cat nap in between being turned over every so often like a pancake. However I am apparently one of those women who the epidurals don't take as well for. I started feeling things again after about three hours. I asked them about getting more of the epidural meds nd they said they could but they said it was normal to start feeling more... well I will tell you that I wished I had pushed them to give me the second batch because I was feeling pretty much everything by the time it was time to push. It took the edge off at least I guess.

I had the best success pushing from the traditional position. They sat me up with the squat bar but I couldn't manage to push as well that way for some reason; I'm kinda disappointed because everyone says that is the best way, and I was glad to try it. I ended up pushing for about an hour and a half.. almost as long as my first! But of course when they weighed him later after our skin to skin time then they knew why LOL , I guess being almost a pound bigger makes a difference!

I did tear unfortunately, but it was along my episiotomy scar from my first and no where else. The epidural wearing off means I could feel the stitches, that was a special kind of suck.

I am also a bit annoyed because I had WAY more people in the room than I wanted. However I was also completely not able to tell them to GTFO; I was in too much pain and when I'm in pain I just withdraw into myself. My mom and MIL as well as another sister were in there in addition to the people I wanted (the only people I had originally said to be in was hubby, and two of my sisters).

To be fair they "sort of" got trapped by the people bringing in all the carts and stuff right after they decided I could push. I'll also give the MIL credit, she apparently did say "shouldn't we leave" and no one listened to her. My mom snuck in near the last moment before they brought those carts in and almost made me vomit with over use of perfume - I mean she had seven kids, she should know better than to be wearing heavy perfume into the delivery room. I think next time it will just be hubby and my one sister, and everyone else can wait to come and visit until after the delivery so they don't get "accidentally" stuck again - not that it matters at this point since half of my family has now seen my vag at it's most unflattering.

In the end though it didn't matter, they didn't really exist while I was pushing and once they laid Wyatt on my chest it was just him and I.

I posted some pics on my profile finally. I can't wait to hear about some more births and to see you all in the other thread!

It's a BOY! Wyatt Randolph was born 9/8/2012! 9 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/4 inches

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Reply by Coomy08 » Sep. 15, 2012 3:04pm

Had my last OB appointment yesterday, next time I go back to that office will be for my post op check up :). I go Monday afternoon to get my pre-op lab work done and then Wednesday I have to be at the Hospital by 5am to register and get ready for the c-section which is supposed to take place at 7am. Only thing that sucks is I can't even have a sip of water after midnight, oh well my dry mouth will be worth it when I get to meet my lil man finally
I posted on FB how many days were left and that we finally knew a time but were going to keep it a secret and that we would let everyone know when we could how everything went...well my mom for some reason had it in her head that she was going to be there( I have never even said one thing to her or anyone else for that matter about anyone but me and my husband being there) so she posted a reply trying to make me feel guilty saying "I want to be there! Tucker is the only one Ive missed, dont make me miss this one too....:(" ...she has been at 5 other grand-kids births and a couple of them I think she just showed up uninvited which is why I never said a time to the public.I'm not that close to my mom and like i said I never mentioned anyone else being there... 1.)I think it's mine and my husbands moment to welcome our son into the world 2.)I don't want to entertain someone as soon as I get into the recovery room(really not going to feel like it after being gutted) 3.) I don't want an audience while I'm trying to breastfeed, I had to pump with my 3yr old since he was in the NICU so it's not like I'm a seasoned pro at the latching on to the nip part yet and 4.) I would really like a few hours with just me, my husband,and Zane to bond and rest up after our tiring morning. Now I just have to let everyone know we'd like for visitors to wait till after lunch to visit, which we'll probably just tell everyone that when my husband sends out the info on how it all went. I don't think I'm being unreasonable in my requests.
I go in Wednesday(19th) morning and they said I'll be discharged sometime Friday(21st),I'll just have my phone so I'll pop in with a quick post when I can and when I get home to my computer I'll have pictures and all the details for ya ladies...now watch my water will break or something the day before the c-section lol....

Leniana- Looked at the pics and Wyatt is adorable...congrats again :)

Jambolina- I hate getting kicked off the site when trying to reply on here quite annoying. that baby comes really soon :) Hope the backache eases up soon

Knicole- can't wait to hear how big Liam is getting :)

talless- 7 lbs 1 oz,at 36 weeks,hmm I place my bets now baby will be 8lb 13 oz full term :) I was told at my u/s at 37 weeks baby boy was weighing about 6lbs 14oz so I'm guessing he's going to be around 8 lbs when he comes the 19th.

Mrs.Mom- I just love the pictures you have as your profile shots,I really loved the wedding picture :) and the maternity one looks great!
I hope you don't have to wait till 41 weeks to meet that baby of yours. Things I've heard that work(the ones I tried didn't for me but maybe for you) Walking, squats, sex, castor oil, fresh pineapple, spicy foods, house/yard work, taking a bumpy ride, these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 15, 2012 4:05pm

Leniana congrats!!! That is a bit scary to hear that you felt it all including stitches...yikes! An hour and a half of pushing isn't bad though eh? Some push for hours!! I'm loving hearing these birth stories! I looked at the pics...precious little baby!! I'm so happy you are all doing well :) Too bad the entire fam got to see your vag lol but...as you say you had more pressing things on your mind at that moment!

Coomy - You are going to be next by the sounds of it! Very exciting!! The whole family/guests thing after having the baby seems to be an issue for a lot of us! I had a meltdown last night because my DH mom is driving down from 7hrs away as soon as we head to the hospital (she told US this). My DH is completely happy about it of course and I would be fine with it too if it didn't mean she is going to have to come home from the hospital WITH US and she is planning on staying 3-4 days! So my first few days I will have my MIL over and that's not what I wanted. But my husband gets upset when I bring it up and he never gets upset about anything so I end up backing down every time. He said "I will tell her to get a motel then" (sarcastically of course). Which I would never ask his MIL to stay at a motel...we live in a town of 3000 and the motel is literally around the corner from our house! It's walking distance so...I'm not going to do that and look like a complete bitch. I just wanted more privacy the first few days at home...but that's not going to happen so I cried quite a bit last night . I feel it's out of my hands...ah well...

AFM - 38 weeks today...last night I again felt slight cramps like my period was coming. Have had a few days like this in the past couple weeks, but that's about it. I am going to try the pineapple for sure as I've heard that from many other mommies. DH and I haven't had sex since I was about 5 months along so that won't be happening! I've heard mixed reviews about this castor oil stuff so I think I'm going to avoid that, but I'm just going to try to stay active and keep busy and HOPE things move along!

Can't wait to hear the next birth story ladies!! xo


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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 15, 2012 4:08pm

oh and thanks Coomy on the pic compliments!! :) I also love that wedding photo...it's blown up in our living room on our fireplace mantle...one of our favs!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Sep. 16, 2012 12:33am

Sorry I forgot to update here ladies :/ I thought i did but.. that was facebook i was thinking of lol. I am tired can you tell?? wow.. anyways just as I knew Liam was diagnosed with GERD/reflux his pediatrician said though he most likely will grow out of it in the next 6 months-ish. They gave him a prescription of zantac i give him twice a day in a lil syringe thing. It seems to be making quite a bit of difference so far however... he still has his nights and days mixed up. He has been a sleep now almost 4 hrs.. ugh. I should have been sleeping too but I had to get dog food and run to the atm etc. I wanted to put it off but sundays are my lazy days I knew if tomorrow came I would not want to do it and my dogs would be starving.

Anyways he is doing good otherwise.. he weighed on his due date *yesterday* 6 lbs and 10 oz. about the size i was when I was born at 6 lbs 13 oz. His colic has gotten some what better BUT 3 am is his "power hour" I like to call it. Every morning at that time he is up and fussy for at least an hour an last night was no exception to that.

I got a moby wrap from my mother and father in law .. but my brain is so.. fried that whenever I read about how to wrap it i am like "....... uh.... what? can some one just do it for me?" sort of deal. heh. Maybe they would have step by step vids on youtube? cuz i cant retain any information reading anything right now at all. ugh.

Leniana- saw your pics!! what a cutie! and your oldest looks so proud to be an older brother. so cute. aaand your birth story.. yah.. i did not want a whole bunch of people either BUT thats just the way it ended up. In fact my whole friggin labor and delivery went NOTHING as planned. So it didnt even matter i didnt get to finish my birth plan because.. nothing would have been honored on it anyways. At one point i even think my neighbor was in the room. lol wtf.. i know. and he was being really loud but he was the one that picked up my mom from the airport and brought her over.

dsdaye- thinking of you since we both shared the same due date which was yesterday. excited to find out what you have! :)

jambolina- ohh your making some great progress! fx! :)

Mrsmom- just walk walk walk as much as you can!

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Reply by Heather1386 » Sep. 16, 2012 3:49am

Hey ladies,I am due October 4th, but hoping alittle earlier. I have been having cramping and pressure, but she hasn't dropped yet. So waiting it out. My doctor won't induce me unless its two weeks past my due date. This I like, I would rather have her come when she's ready. I am hoping to have a natural delivery, I have been extremely active and hoping that helps.

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Reply by dsdaye » Sep. 16, 2012 8:53pm

It is now two days past my due date, well actually one and a half, and I have yet to go into labour. This little one seems too comfortable where they are.
At my last midiwfe appointment (September 13th) she said I was only 1cm dialated but that my cervix was very thin.She also said that the baby was ina better position. I guess all the leaning forward has paid off.
I have been pretty much trying everything to get this going. It is just a waiting game now.
I have another midwife appointment tomorrow morning and she is going to check me again and then try to help me along and get things started.
If I do not go this week I am going to be induced on September 24th. I am really hoping that I have this baby this week.

Hope you all had good weekends.

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Sep. 18, 2012 4:40pm

Dsdaye -- Hoping your baby has come and that everything went amazingly!!!

Coomy -- Good luck to you tomorrow! I'll definitely keep you and baby in my prayers!

AFM -- I am still 4 cm, 80% effaced as of this morning. Doc said she was shocked that I made it to my appointment today. She is breaking my water Monday if I don't go by then. If that doesn't cause me to contract on my own, then they will start pitocin. Still hoping I go on my own though. My doc is not on call tomorrow, but she could deliver me during office hours, so I'm hoping for that but not holding my breath. I also really like the doc who is on call Friday and all weekend. At least there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Thinking about everyone!!!

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Reply by Coomy08 » Sep. 18, 2012 5:29pm

Tomorrow's supposed to be a happy day for me so hopefully I can focus fully on the positive...my step-grandpa's wife died over the weekend, she just collapsed out of no where 2 weeks ago and was diagnosed with cancer, they said her lungs was filled with the stuff and that it had spread to her liver and brain stems. They are having the viewing/funeral and dinner tomorrow...I feel bad I won't be able to be there with the family. My grandpa is really taking it hard, he has a lot of health issues and Carole was the one who took care of him and handled all his meds and appointments.
On to more happy things....I'm nervous, excited, anxious, a little stressed and a little sad about tomorrow. The sad part I know is about the funeral and an early start on missing my 3 yr old.
On a positive note I got a call yesterday from my boss asking if when I came back to work if I felt up to the role of being a manager, I said yes...he had to double check but I should be getting a $1-$1.50 raise and some more hours so that will help greatly now that we'll have 2 kids to take care of.

I ended up repacking all the bags again last night, the weather was supposed to be warmer but now it's cold and rainy all week! All I have to do before we leave is throw my hair brush and book in my suitcase and make sure I grab my phone. We're taking Tucker to MIL tonight so we don't have to worry about that in the morning. I've been straightening up the house in random spurts today so that I don't have to worry about it when I come home Friday. Now to figure out what my last meal is going to be, going to suck not being able to eat properly till probably sometime Thursday or Friday(with my 3 yr old I was on a liquid diet for the first day or 2 after the c-section).

sorry for the rambling, just so much running through my head today.

I'll let you guys know when I can how everything goes and I promise Friday when I get home and to my laptop I'll post pictures.
Wish me luck and hope to see some more babies being born this week :)

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Reply by gppacen » Sep. 18, 2012 6:18pm

Good luck dysdaye, jambolina and Coomy!!!!! I hope to hear great news in the just the next couple of days with you ladies:)

I have a checkup on Thurs - still nothing to report but uncomfortable Braxton Hicks... I have a feeling I'll be late and need to be induced - I sure hope not:)

Have a great day ladies!!!!

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 18, 2012 6:36pm

Good luck tomorrow Coomy! Sorry to hear there is a death in the family and a surprise at that...it's hard to be happy when you have something sad to think about as well. But the birth of your baby is such a magical and special thing so I know once you set your eyes on that precious little babe you'll feel nothing but good.

dsdaye - Hoping you go this week!! Sending labour thoughts your way

gppacen - I have a checkup on Thursday as well and I have not had ANY indication this baby is even close to coming. Hope you hear some good news that you are on your way!

AFM - Kinda getting sick of how many women are trying to warn me of how much pain I am going to be in during labour. Had a friend ask me how I was doing today and I told her and explained my induce date would be Oct. 9 if I don't go on my own. Her response was "well you are going to want that epidural if you get induced trust me"....like?? I don't need someone telling me or warning me of the pain thanks. I'm praying I have the EASIEST labour/delivery so I can rub it in their faces. I'm not normally vindictive but I'm becoming that way about this birth!

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Reply by MrsMeggieMac » Sep. 19, 2012 4:27am

Have to vent...
I went to my weekly doctors appointment and I'll be 40 weeks Saturday. He did a pelvic exam and nothing...no effacing no dilation. Blarg... I know it can happen at any time, but come on Maverick!!! Mama wants to see you!!!

Hope everyone else is doing great!!

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Sep. 19, 2012 12:34pm

Sorry, MrsMeggie :(, but look at me. I'll be 40 weeks Friday and I have been extremely dilated and effaced for three weeks, and it hasn't gotten me anywhere :(

Hang in there.

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Reply by Coomy08 » Sep. 19, 2012 1:38pm

me and baby are doing good Zane Daniel arrived shortly after 7am and is 7lbs 13 oz 20 1/2 inches long.

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Reply by Mrs.Mom » Sep. 19, 2012 1:49pm

Yay Coomy!!! So glad to hear all is well!! Looking forward to seeing that little man in some pics! :)

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Sep. 19, 2012 4:09pm

Congrats, Coomy!!!! Glad all is well! Can't wait to see pics!!

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Reply by dsdaye » Sep. 19, 2012 5:11pm

Congrats to Coomy!

I had another midwife appointment today to have a stretch and sweep done. I am now 3cm and the baby's head has dropped more, but no other progress. I also think that I may have lost my mucus plug. Either that or it was bloody show. I have a few more days to get this baby out on my own before they induce me on the 24th.

Here is the revised list;

Leniana- September 3rd - September 8th - Wyatt - 9lbs. 10oz, 21 1/4 inches - Boy!

Tyesmommy15- September 3rd- September 4th - Alyssa Marie - 6lbs. 5oz, 20.5 inches - Girl!

Elizabethwig- September 6th- Girl!

Auburnmama- September 7th- - September 4th- Andon Dean - 7lbs. 1oz, 20 inches -Boy!

Damebacker-September 11th-Boy!

knicole27- September 14th - August 4th - Liam Ryan - 3lbs. 14oz, 18 inches - Boy!

Dsdaye- September 14th- It's a surprise!

Britney- September 16th- September 6th - Braelyn Sadie - 6lbs. 6oz, 19 1/2 inches - Girl!

Excitedmommy2be- September 16th- Boy!

Babyho3- September 17th- Girl!

Emk2617 - September 18th - Boy!

Jambolina81- September 21st- Girl!

Beckster- September 22nd- Boy!

MrsMeggiemac- September 22nd- Boy!

Coomy08- September 25th-September 19th - Zane Daniel - 7 lbs. 13oz, 20 1/2 inches - Boy!

gppacen- September 25th- It's a surprise!

Courtney12- September 28th- Boy!

Mrs.Mom- September 29- It's a surprise!

Tallesss- October 10th- Girl?

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Reply by gppacen » Sep. 19, 2012 7:00pm

Congrats Coomy!!! So glad he's healthy and all is well!!

Mrs.Mom - Hope you have some news at your appt!!!

MrsMeggiaMac & Jambolina - Hang in there!!!

dysdaye - GL - hope baby decides to come out on his/her own:)

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Reply by flowermommy81 » Sep. 20, 2012 2:16pm

Well, ladies, I'm hoping today is the day!!! I've been contracting for 2 1/2 hours now. My contractions are anywhere from 3-10 minutes apart and last 30 seconds. I'm at home and staying busy for now while they are mild. I will keep you posted. Keep me and Baby Alyssa in your prayers!!

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Reply by gppacen » Sep. 20, 2012 3:46pm

Alright Jambolina!!!! I hope they continue and you meet your baby later tonight;)

Just had my 39 week checkup - I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Well it's something:)

Have a good day ladies!!!

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