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November 2013 babies :) - Page 2

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Reply by Emma82v » Mar. 19, 2013 1:55am

Congrats to all the mommies to be that joined us :D

Went to a friends today and dh let it slip! Told hem we weren't telling people cause we are only 5 weeks! Lol men! Like its a sure thing

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Reply by Aurelai86 » Mar. 19, 2013 8:54am

Hi Ladies. Me EDD is Nov 30! I just found out yesterday after an Early Mc last month. My 9DPO test yesterday was faint but a nice strong one this morning! :) Will be nice to get to know you all! This is my first baby!!( trying not to get too excited yet just in case, but have a good feeling about this one)

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Reply by sky1470 » Mar. 19, 2013 12:21pm

aurelai, I feel the same! my mc was in Jan, but we are staying super positive!! :-) this will be our first baby as well.

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Reply by Emma82v » Mar. 20, 2013 2:25am

Congrats aurelia on your BFP.
Sorry to hear of your loss I have my fx for us all that we have happy and healthy pregnancies and then happy and healthy babies. We never know what is in store for us so enjoy every second of what we have now. :)

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Reply by Aurelai86 » Mar. 20, 2013 8:42am

Yes!! I just want a healthy baby. I hope all you ladies sail through the first trimester with no MS! Im trying to eat super healthy. hahah we will see how long that lasts! :)

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Reply by sky1470 » Mar. 20, 2013 10:16am

I already have borderline nausea through out the day... but let me tell you girls...I AM SO BLOATED!!!! It's embarrassing it looks like I'm already "showing" but I'm 4w4d lol...it's worse at night, but still is going to be hard to keep it a secret at this rate!

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Reply by lilybeau » Mar. 20, 2013 12:43pm

Hi.. I'm due Nov. 23rd with our first baby.. I had an MC last June at 8 weeks and I'm kinda anxious and nervous about this one! Praying this is my forever baby.. I'm excited and nervous for our first appt/ultrasound on 11/12.. it feels so far away but at the same time the closer it gets the more anxious I know I'll become!

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Reply by melgavan » Mar. 21, 2013 12:20am

Been a while since I posted. I'm 6 weeks 3 days and really struggling with fatigue and morning sickness while holding down a full time job. I never knew it was going to be like this, when I had my son 11 years ago, I had no sickness or tiredness at all. It's probably because i'm older or something.
Anybody got any tips to combat the sickness? I can cope with the tiredness!

Sticky Vibes to you all, and welcome to our new friends here too :)

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Reply by AjaPearl79 » Mar. 21, 2013 6:53pm

Hey everyone! I'm 5 weeks today and had my last (hopefully) hcg drawn this morning. I had an ectopic in December and this is my fourth pregnancy. I have a DS that is 7 and a DD that is 6.

Feeling bloaty (I can sympathize Sky), tired, crampy and nauseous - but not to the point of throwing up. I find eating cherrios of other whole grain/plain cereal in the morning helps. Ginger also works wonders (gingerale, ginger chews, chinese food, etc).

Anyone else feeling mild cramps? It's really unnerving. I remember it with my other two but can't remember how long it lasted.

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Reply by SeeNix » Mar. 21, 2013 9:28pm

I am soon to be 37 and 4 weeks today with 4th child, 5th pregnancy. Had mc last month so very surprised to be expecting now. Due 11/28 but haven't seen doctor yet.

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Reply by babyd108 » Mar. 21, 2013 9:40pm

Just got 2 positive hpt and I am due 11/10

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Reply by Emma82v » Mar. 22, 2013 12:12am

Congrats on the new BFP s and welcome.
Pearl-> am feeling bloated and yes have the mild cramps on and off all day.
I have been feeling nauseous on and off. Predominately in the morning which makes it hard to eat anything. And usually later in the evenings. For the moment nothing to bad I just remind myself hat I have to eat something and it goes away (counter intuitive as it is).
I only get my first dr apt at 12 weeks and am very anxious to get there and be told everything is going as it should :S
Trying to fill the days wih stuff to stop counting down till then may 6 is a long way off... When is everyone else due for dr visits? Maybe I can get excited for yours first !

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Reply by sky1470 » Mar. 22, 2013 2:34pm

aja, I'm still crampy all day on and off. sometimes it's really bad! my doc doesn't seem concerned...So I try not to worry. easier said than done. :-)

emma, I'm due for my first appt april 8th...which I still feel is far off!!

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Reply by Novab89 » Mar. 23, 2013 4:50pm

I went to my first OB appt yesterday. I was nervous and really wanted to hear the babies heartbeat but was worried that it would be too early (lmp was 2/3 but I have a longer cycle so figured implanted later). I also was worried something was wrong, since I had a little spotting starting from Wed afternoon, that had continued through Thursday into Friday (my appt date).

My doctor was excellent and didn't seem too concerned about the spotting, as I didn't have any cramping with it and the spotting was still brown. We did the transvaginal u/s, but he couldn't find the baby at first. So he checked my uterus and found it was tilted back, so he had to angle the wand differently. Once he did that, he was able to find my baby's sac, but then no heartbeat. It sucked. Doc said it may be we are earlier than 6 weeks, and more like 5 weeks, that's why no heartbeat and spotting is old implantation blood? (so idk my due date now). And he wanted me to come back next Friday and see if anything has changed. (Fingers crossed it does)

Since I got home from my appointment, yesterday afternoon, I have been checking like crazy to see if spotting has continued. I didn't see any in the afternoon starting from about 4pm. I checked again this morning, still no spotting! Hallelujah! It makes me feel so optimistic. Especially, because I don't have some of the traditional pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness. Although, I do feel a little nausea here and there...but no throwing up. Hopefully, next Friday everything will be A-OKAY and I can go back to just being happy about this time in our lives. But it seems like a lifetime before this week will be over.

I also talked to a cousin of mine, who has two young kids, about everything that happened. She said with both of her kids, during their first visit, it was too early to hear the heartbeat and she had to go back the following week and everything was fine. She also told me that her uterus is tilted like mine. Is this a common occurrence, maybe, for tilted uterus pregnancies, early on?

TTC #1 Since Oct 2012 - MC April 25th, 2013 (BO) - Me 24 | DH 27 | Married 6/21/08

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Reply by Lizzymommy » Mar. 23, 2013 6:18pm

Hey ladies I'm 6wks 3 days post Mc in August 2012. We have been trying to conceive for two and a half years! So we really want this one to stick. So far so good,the only thing is I have my first in appt on April 16th and I'll be almost 10 weeks! Should I try to get in earlier. Trying not to worry but it's hard not to! I'll be due 11-13-13. Which is actually my ex's birthday, haha. Hope you ladies are doing well :)

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Reply by Emma82v » Mar. 24, 2013 1:35am

Nov-> sorry you couldn't hear the heart beat but if ou have long cycles (I did too they changed my due date every ultrasound I was due two weeks past orgi al due date wih my first) then t is possible it's too small yet! Fingers crossed for you for Friday. Also I know the spotting is no fun but if it is not bright red and not gushing I woul think it is perfectly ok. (Had SCH with first pregnancy and it was scarey to bleed like that ). Still get shivers. I had very light spotting a week ago and I am still paranoid when I wipe that there will be blood Worry is a huge party of pregnancy maybe all those extra hormones! I have no real ms either which makes me wonder sometimes if I am still pregnant arg!

I am so jealous that everyone gets dr aprs! 10 weeks is still earlier than 12! I know they say here they won't take us before 12 weeks cause they couldn't do anything to prevent a mc if it were to happen in any case, I would just love the confirmation though that everything is on track ... Sigh. I guess it will have to wait. Feeling overly paranoid tonight :S

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Reply by SeeNix » Mar. 24, 2013 9:33pm

Here they don't schedule appts until week 12 either so I know how you feel. The midwives are more likely to talk by phone about concerns than OBGYNs too. Tomorrow is my "announcment visit" to tell the doctor who I saw last month after my chemical pregnancy. I am nervous too that she won't do anything to ease my anxious mind.

Just have to wait and see.

Fingers crossed.

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Reply by missxbrit » Mar. 28, 2013 8:11pm

Congratulation ladies! I'm 23 years old and this is my third pregnancy, I have a 4 year old DD from a previous relationship, a miscarriage back in August '12 with my hubby, so this makes pregnancy number 3! Super nervous about having another miscarriage but super excited all at the same time.

I should be 5w6d, due Nov 22nd.
But we will see when I go for my first ultrasound Monday 4/1

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Reply by SeeNix » Mar. 29, 2013 12:14am

Went to the doctor Monday the 25th. Doc said the symptoms I was having was because my body was messed up from the mc. She agreed that my cyst might have burst so she ordered an ultrasound. I got in - by practically begging - that afternoon. they found no cyst, but did find a .28 cm gestational sac that they said was 4w5d old (1 day older than I calculate from mc date as lmp). they ordered blood work to confirm and Hcg level came back at 1238. I have another level to be drawn tomorrow to make sure it is progressing regularly.
I am just confused about the high Hcg number and the small sac size. Internet research doesn't give sac size until 5 weeks and that is 1.0 cm.
I am driving myself crazy trying to prove we are viable this time.
i am so much more nautious today. I woke last night at 3:00 am thinking I was going to heave, but had diarrhea instead. Stomach rumbles and aggrivates the nausea. I eat and 15 minutes later I am hungry again. BBs are hurting more and even feel twinges that I pray aren't cramps.

I am reeling my mind in circles.

Anyone have idea if the sac size and Hcg level together is good?

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Reply by SeeNix » Apr. 1, 2013 7:10pm

Second set of beta Hcg was 4885. Doubling every 36 hours. Not sure if singleton or multiples but very strong so I am happy.

Good luck ladies, hope you are all having a healthy pregnancy.

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