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November 2015 - Page 60

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Reply by thecronins722 » Oct. 26, 2016 5:17pm

T- so sorry for your loss of your little one. It sucks no matter what stage you are at. THE bleeding just depends on the individual. It could last a few days to a few weeks. I lost one at 3 1/2 months gestation. It was a heart breaking thing to happen. My suggestions would be to take it one moment at a time, grieve, talk it out, and celebrate your little baby. Make some sort of keepsake box or something in remembrance of your little one.

Cattsmeow : that is great that you are getting financial help. I hope that your husband finds suitable work soon. It totally sucks to be unemployed, especially with the holidays around the corner.

Jessy: how are you and Asher doing? How are your girls?

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Reply by Cattsmeow » Oct. 27, 2016 5:24pm

T, oh, honey, I am so sorry. Planned or not, it was still your baby. I am so very sorry for your loss. Every miscarriage is different. I only passed a miscarriage once naturally, they rest I had to get d&c's, so I am not much help. I will light a candle for your angel. May love and light be with you and your family during this time. *hugs*

Victoria, I ended up getting a part time job to help out. I get a sign on bonus right before Christmas, so we are hoping to use that for the kids. Until then, we are going to pick up small gifts out of each of my paychecks. Thankfully, Tyler is the only one old enough to understand Christmas gifts, so we can always get them a couple small things, and then do like an IOU type thing and spoil them rotten at tax return time. It will all work out in the end.

My husband has an interview next Wednesday. I am really hoping this one comes through. Unemployment will only be available for another month or so, so we really need something to fall into place.

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Reply by Tderoz » Nov. 8, 2016 3:05am

Thank you you guys. I don't normally process things that easily but I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job. My husband has been supportive and the two close friends that know.
Luckily the bleeding didn't last long, wasn't much blood really just clots.. A lot of them!

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