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Pregnancy & Failed cycles

Category: General - General Chatter
Posted by MickyMouse » 2 weeks ago

3rd cycle failed.... 2nd IUI failed. Had 2 perfect follicles, sperm is great, levels are all normal. Why is it not working? I got pregnant a year ago for it to only end in a 10 week mmc. Nothing has happened since. I’m feeling extremely defeated. It’s not fair everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant with no issues. I’m the only one of all my friends having infertility problems and even with this help, I’m still not getting pregnant. I just want to curl up in a ball, cry and eat ice cream.
Last 3 cycles consisted of 100mg clomid, trigger shot (even though I ovulate), IUI and progesterone. 1st cycle was a timed intercourse cycle that possibly had a chemical. 2nd and 3rd cycle with IUI failed. ????
What have you done to get pregnant after failed cycles? Did your medications change? Is it possible for me to get pregnant again?
Looking for advice please!

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Reply by LottaAmalthea » 2 weeks ago

I am so sorry. You should probably look into improving egg&sperm quality. There are lots of supplements to help both. Also probably IVF with PGS would be a good idea, cuz if there are any chromosomal issues that might affect the outcome (they either don't implant or MC) All the best to you in this difficult journey!

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Reply by ZasAsd » 2 weeks ago

I'm sorry to be blunt, but iuis suck. They shouldn't be allowed. Washing some sperm and putting it an inch closer just doesn't help most people with fertility issues (of course some get lucky!).
By the time you have spent thousands on several iuis and the meds you could have done ivf - which not only has a much higher success rate, but can also diagnose your fertility issue (if for example you have an egg quality issue).
This doesn't come from me - this is what my fertility specialist told me when I was crying in her office wondering why I couldn't get pregnant. She said 'just do ivf - it works for most people' and would only do investigations after several ivf failures. I'm in Australia, so ivf is cheaper for us... But it still ain't that cheap! We were told that Ukraine is a better option for infertile people – much cheaper (obviously), but with good medical experience.
Anyway, for me it was right. I was pregnant from the first shot in Ukraine. My sister did the IUI thing and it took her 12 months before she got to ivf - and she was pregnant within a week of egg collection with her fresh transfer.
I don't know - I think time is money too. Infertility is the most emotional, mentally draining period of my entire life. The monthly reminder of my failure to conceive ruined my life. I'm glad we just threw everything at it. I don't even think about the money anymore... Now I just miss sleep!
Hope you don't mind my rant. It's so upsetting to see people spending so much and waiting so long to get their baby.

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