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<3 November Babies <3 - Page 4

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Reply by lilbare1009 » Mar. 27, 2012 2:33pm

Hello ladies,

@tina- , & to you!!! Thank you for answering my question, I still can't shake this horrible feeling but i'll find out in a few hrs if everything is ok in there :) How are you feeling? I'm sorry to hear about your past losses and hope this one sticks for you!

@diane- glad your spotting has stopped and I hope ur MS stops soon, I still can't believe mine stopped after a week! Either i'm lucky or idk ... So why do you think twins??

@MsParker- Welcome, & !! How are you feeling?

@babycarnell- Glad I'm not the only one feeling like that, I hope I get some relief today after my dr appointment. It sucks that yours isn't sooner, but it will be hear befor you know it :)

@tinks- That's awesome that you got to see your little one already!! I hope the MS train hasn't hit you yet, and I like your logic on pregnancy/birth/baby.

AFM- Well it's finally here, u/s day!!!! I will be posting a pic as soon as I get home. I have been dealing with major anxiety/stress because of that little fear I can't shake. I don't think I've ever felt this way, weird!! I didn't sleep very well last night and when I did I dreamt of every kind of outcome for this day. I don't know why I feel this way, i don't have any signs of miscarraige and i've never had one b4. Oh well I hope after this day is over I feel better. Well, till later ladies ttus

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Reply by lilbare1009 » Mar. 27, 2012 8:31pm

Just wanted to update you guys...

Everything is great!!!!! Baby is measuring at 8 wks, 1 day (i'm 8wks) hr was 130 bpm... and there is only one baby in there ... i uploaded the pics if you guys want to go see them. Thank you all for your support btw... and hope everyone is having a good day

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Reply by laura85 » Mar. 28, 2012 2:35pm

Congratulations Lilbare1009 !!!!
Saw ur u/s pic...awww...its such a nice feeling to see baby..Great to hear that ur lil one is happy inside.
I have my first appt with doc on April 16th..So counting days :) My DD is Nov10th.
All day I have nausea, fatigue....but i guess these signs keep on telling me that my baby is fine inside.

Will keep u all posted on the happenings. Till then take care.

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Reply by dianedzr » Mar. 29, 2012 12:36am

@ lilbare - the reason i think twins is because im so huge & it is not gas or water im really thinking im 8wks almost 9 if not 9 already i should have gotten af on 3-3-12 even though it came on the 7th of march my cycle was really off this happened in november 2011 other than that im 25 days like clock wrk so i will have 2 c on 4-24 12 when i get my us either way im praying 4 a healthy strong baby or babies :) stickey vibes 2 all & wishing all the november mommies & babies good health ttys

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Reply by AEM1981 » Mar. 29, 2012 9:04am

Hi ladies just thought I'd jump on the bandwagon if you don't mind! I'm from Florida but I live in Spain. I found out I was pregnant March 15th while home visiting my Dad for a cancer operation. This is my third BFP that I am really hoping sticks after two chemical pregnsncies. Should this baby decide to stick around I'll be due Nov.20th. I have my first doctors apt today. And no idea what to expect especially being in a foreign country. Fortunately my husband is coming with me. At this point I just have my fingers crossed the apt happens because there is a big national strike happening today. I got bad MS today and got really embarrassed when I got sick in the bushes in the street. I couldn't think of what to do when holding it in wasn't working so the bushes it was. I went to the pharmacy and got Sea Band bracelets which really seem to work well. Just thought I'd let you know in case any of you are having the same problem

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Reply by dianedzr » Mar. 29, 2012 2:28pm

aem1981- welcome & i guess when u gotta go u gotta go with strong ms like that ur lil one is saying that he or she is ok n there with ur dr 's appointment praying all goes well 4 u please keep us posted & once again welcome aboard the baby train

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Reply by MrsParker » Mar. 29, 2012 5:02pm

lilbare1009~ Thanks I feel great, this is my sec pregnancy, the only thing i feel is bloated,the girls hurt,and backpain! with my first I didnt have any morning sickness so hoping with this one I don't also!

We go for our first DR Appt on April 3 2012, super excited and scared at the same time! We worked so hard for this and with out God and prayers it wouldnt have happened, we tryed everything and when we stop trying it happened lol! I am 5weeks will be 6 weeks sunday! praying to see a heart beat tuesday! I think dh is more excited then me and i dont think thats possible lol!

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Reply by Saulisaplus1 » Mar. 30, 2012 9:52am

Hi November mommies!

I had an u/s this week as I am having pain on my right side.... Lil bean is measuring correctly with a pretty little flickering hrtbeat. Pain turned out to be an ovarian cyst 3 cm in size..... Not sure what they'll do with it...

to all!!!

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Reply by Candy777 » Mar. 30, 2012 1:46pm


Im due November 18th :)

Blood tests came back and they have doubled nicely.

Going for my next U/S on the 4th of April :)

Hi Saulisa Yikes ouchy sorry about the cyst. I doubt they can do anything for it now? Prob only once baba is out :)

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"Tristan" Stillborn @ 28weeks 5/9/2011
"Baby" Chemical Pregnancy 14/12/2011

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Reply by babycarnell » Mar. 30, 2012 4:57pm

Congratulations new November mummies!

Lilbare- u/s pics are great!! At least I can see what mine looks kinda like!

Afm- having terrible dreams..all start the same way, I go to my u/s and they tell me there's nothing there and then I know I'm having a m/c and go onto a big bed to lie down and then I'm covered in red!! It's horrific..3 nights now I've had these nightmares and I wake up in such a state
Is this all anxiety?? Does anyone else have such awful dreams? I think its a mixture of panicking as somebody my symptoms have stopped and my best friend had an m/c at 9weeks last year so I think its playing on my mind. I think I just need to chill lol!

On a happier note I finally have the u/s date, 26th April. 4 days before its daddys bday and 8 days after mine so a very special present for us!

Sorry if this is a downer message, but hopefully you guys don't mind me unloading!

Thanks for listening!

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Reply by AEM1981 » Mar. 31, 2012 4:27pm

Hi there! Thanks for the support and positive energy. All they did at my appointment was weigh me, take my vitals, gave me some prenatal vitamins and some literature to read. They're doing the first blood test April 24th, and no ultrasound until 12 weeks, and gave me a dental check up for the first of June...guess they do things differently here... Sea bands have been my nausea life saver! Hope you are all well!

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Reply by mrykayser » Mar. 31, 2012 11:40pm

I got my BFP on March 23 and Im due Nov 30 :) Im hoping for a girl :)

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Reply by TheresaArmstrong » Apr. 4, 2012 2:00am

This is my 2nd baby!! EDD is November 6th!!

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Reply by MommaToBe » Apr. 4, 2012 11:18pm

Hello everyone. I am 8w with my first and my due date is 11/14. Hubby and I are so excited and can't wait. We are still being cautious although we decided to come out on fb.......on April Fools day! Lol. Just can't wait to hold him/her..

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Reply by ProudMommyS05 » Apr. 5, 2012 9:17pm

Hello ladies Im due november 28th =) H & H 9 months all

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Reply by kaylia2oo5 » Apr. 9, 2012 7:05pm

Hello Ladies! Our due date is November 13th, 2012!! After a miscarriage last year, and months of trying, its going to be a long wait to November!!

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Reply by Saulisaplus1 » Apr. 19, 2012 8:01pm

Hi everyone!!!

Sooo, I'm 9w2d today... Went for quantitative hcg test Monday and again today, since I was spotting.... My doctor told me my numbers dipped slightl, but that it doesn't man anything at this point in the game..... He was actually quite perturbed at the on call doctor who ordered the test!!!
So he did a quickie u/s and showd my little dancing bean to me and DH!
yay!! So nice to see .

I was diagnosed with pneumonia this week but am already getting some relief from antibiotics.....now to avoid getting a yeast infection.....does anyone have tips on this??? Lol

I hope you're all well and feeling good!! I soooo can't wait to be done with morning sickness!!!

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Reply by knicole27 » Apr. 19, 2012 9:35pm

saulisaplus1- acidophilus!!! if you can get the acidophilus milk great.. and or even the caplets to take while you are taking the antibiotics this will def. help! yuck thats nooo fun! hope you feel better soon!! :)

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Reply by BabyBMorris » Jun. 7, 2012 7:53pm

Hi everyone! I am 15 weeks and due November 28th! We are having a BOY!

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Reply by laura85 » Jun. 8, 2012 3:17pm

Heartiest Congratulations BabyBMorris !!!

Mine is scheduled in 2 weeks and I'm due on 7th Nov...

Best Wishes !!

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