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9 weeks along, looking for pregnancy buddy. :) - Page 10

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Feb. 10, 2015 2:08pm

Hey, Just wanted to say Congratulations on having your baby girl!!!! I love her name and she is so adorable! If it's easier for you know we can just keep in touch through facebook. It's all up to you now. I know you are going to have your hands full.
I'm doing ok. Had my last military drill this weekend and then missed work yesterday mostly because I was extremely sore, but also we had another foot of snow. I am getting very uncomfortable now and having a lot of cramping and some back pain. My hips feel like they are breaking sometimes and sleep is getting worse and worse. But I honestly still can't complain that much. This pregnancy has been amazing, but I'm ready to meet my little girl. She needs to stay in for at least 2 more weeks. So I will technically be full term. I will be 35 weeks on thursday.
I am still so happy for you. How was labor? She looks so healthy too!!! Well I'm going to go for now and get some work done. Talk again soon!!!

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Reply by nemrnour » Feb. 11, 2015 3:21pm

Hello ladies! Congratulations!

My name is Nour Nemr and I am currently working on my thesis. I am a masters in psychology student in Lebanon and I'm interested in first-time pregnant women.

If you are pregnant for the first time and under 14 weeks and if you are interested in answering a 15 minute survey, please contact me at nemr.nour@gmail.com. I would love for you to participate in my research!

Thank you in advance and good luck!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Feb. 14, 2015 9:45pm

Hey, sorry for not getting back sooner, I have been so busy and I was really sore and tired after the birth, way more than with my son, I think because she came out so fast, I had been waking up all through the night of the 6th with contractions about 30 mins apart and I finally got up at 10:30am and went and took a bath to see if they would go away, they didn't stop and were about 15 mins apart, finally I was uncomfortable enough to go to the hospital to see if I was in early labor because the pains were still not horribly painful, so we got a sitter for my son, dropped him off and went to the hospital, got there at about 2pm and I was put on the monitor and by then my contractions were 5 mins apart, the nurse took my off after about 4 and said she would get the doctor to see if I was dilating or not, so he came and checked me and said "you're about 8-9cm, so we're going to have a baby soon" and the nurses eyes were huge and she said she's never seen anyone that quiet at that stage of dilation, I was just as surprised as her! I thought I'd be in tons of pain, and my bf was out of the room getting coffee's for us when he checked me and when he came back the doctor just said "you're not going anywhere, she's 8-9cm, you're having a baby today!" lol my bf's eyes went huge too, he thought I'd be only a few cm's just like I had thought. I think my labor went so perfect, I finally got into a room about 4pm and got some pain relief through my IV (fentanyl) as well as the antibiotics, which were not bad at all either, didn't burn at all, I still was doing pretty well and didn't cry or scream like with my sons labor so I guess being induced is horrible compared to natural labor, it was so easy compared to the first time! I had 3 doses of fentanyl before I finally got to 10cm at about 7:10pm and the last dose was wearing off and I could feel the contractions really painful and when she checked me I was 10cm so I couldn't get another dose, the pushing was the worst part and I finally started yelling a bit, it was pretty fast though thankfully and she was out after 15 mins of pushing! She came out so quick that her head was still pretty round no cone head, lol, she was perfect! I am so in love with her! She is even cuter than I could have imagined! I really love her name too, it took a long time to think of one that sounded perfect, but I think it really suits her, we didn't pick until the night before I left the hospital. We left there on the 9th. Baby is doing good but she has slight jaundice, not enough to require time on the lights, I just have to keep breast feeding and try to get her in as much sunlight as I can to get it out of her system, she is very sleepy because of the jaundice so it's hard to keep her awake for feeds, but at her last appt she has gained some weight, we have another appt Tuesday and hopefully she has gained even more. I am so surprised at how big she was at birth! Especially when they said she was small! 8lbs 10oz is not a small baby! lol, she can barely fit any of the newborn clothes I bought. :( I am sad about that but she can wear some at least once, lol. At least I have lots of 0-3 and 3 months clothes too because she will be in them soon.
Sorry you have been feeling sore and uncomfortable but you are almost there! It is definitely all worth it!! I was so sore and sick of being pregnant for weeks and hoped she would come every night but no she wanted to stay in til 1 day past her due date! lol but that is still pretty good timing for me, she is perfect and I was so happy to see her come out with pudgy little cheeks, so glad she stayed in there and gained that extra weight, I feel so proud of myself for how I coped with my labor and the birth and especially considering she was so much bigger than my son, I really felt so proud and I feel my labor could not have went any more perfect! I really hope you have the same type of experience! It is so amazing!!
Anyway I think I left you a long enough reply for now, talk to you again soon!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Feb. 16, 2015 8:38pm

Hey, I'm so glad you are doing well and that Kylie is doing very well too. I love seeing all the pictures of her and love her chubby little cheeks. Yes 8lbs 10oz is definitely not a small baby, but she is perfect. Sorry to hear about the jaundice. I hope it clears up soon. You can't even really tell in the pictures. In the pictures she actually has a little red hue to her skin. It's cute!!! Honestly I am very proud at the way it sounds that you handle your labor. I really hope I do just as well. I'm not really nervous about it (yet anyways) LOL I think I am just ready to finally meet her.
I have been doing ok. I had a check on thursday and everything still seems to be going just fine. I am still measuring at almost a week ahead and asked them if they are going to do EFW and they said no, only if I was measuring to small or a lot bigger. My midwife was funny. She was like your tall and should be able to handle a 8 pounder. LOL Which if she is just means that she is very healthy. I have been trying to do more in her nursery but have to wait till I get paid to get some shelves and organizers for her room. But I'm going to start to wash her clothes so I can pack her bag and mine for the hospital. I want to be ready in case she does come early. I am still very sore and have some pretty sharp pains in my lower stomach sometimes. I have been having some BH, so I at least know how those feel. I go this thursday for another check up and that is when they are doing the GBS. So I'm a little nervous about that. I just really want to meet her already.
Well I am going to go for now. I am getting ready to leave work soon and have a couple things to do. Talk again very soon!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Feb. 17, 2015 2:13am

Thanks! I'm so glad everything went okay with my labor/delivery and she was born perfectly healthy, AND cuter than I could have even imagined, I love her little cheeks too. I hope your labor and birth go just as great and your baby girl is born healthy and perfect as well. :)
Yea she has slight jaundice, my son had it as well but he had more bilirubin in his system and had to be on the lights at the hospital for 2 nights. Hers is very low, and the jaundice makes them have that reddish hue, is only in certain light you can see hers because it's so light, the nurses pressed on her nose to check the yellow-ness lol I kept wondering what they were doing, I guess when you press on their nose and then take your finger off and watch the color change back it will either look normal or yellowish. Hers seems to be getting lighter so I think it's almost out of her system.
And I was a little nervous before my first labor but once you are in labor it's not really as scary as it is exciting, even though you're in pain it's so exciting to know you'll be meeting your little one soon. This time I was not at all scared or nervous when I thought I was in labor and even after they said I was 8-9cm and going to have a baby soon I was so excited!
I'm glad you are measuring good, maybe you will be having an 8lb baby too! But it's so cute seeing them come out all chubby! I'm glad you got a good start on your nursery, I seen the pics of the crib set up, it's really nice and I love the comforter set! And getting stuff to organize everything will really bring everything together, once I finally got everything in place it was so fun setting everything up. And washing the clothes is a good idea, it seems like you're always washing baby clothes once they come out! lol. Last night I was tired so I just changed Kylie on the bed and she first peed all over me, a HUGE pee, seemed like it would never end, then immediately after that had a huge green poop all over my pants, her clothes and the blanket on my bed! lol it was funny though, there was SO much though it was like 'HOW did all that come out of you?'
And the BH are really annoying once they become painful but they really get you on the watch for the real labor signs.
The GBS swab is not too uncomfortable because they only need a swab of the very opening of the vagina and a bit of the rectum, that part might hurt, when my doctor did it she really poked me when she moved there, hopefully your doctor is a little more gentle. I hope your swab comes back negative, but even if not, mine was positive and my baby is fine as well as myself so it's not much to worry about, just like my doctor told me, lol I shouldn't have been so worried! The antibiotics were so not bad either!
Anyway I hope your pregnancy keeps going super well and can't wait to see pics of her when she gets here!
Talk to you again soon!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Feb. 18, 2015 3:23pm

Hey, so glad everything is still going well and her jaundice is getting better. She is just so cute. I love seeing all the pictures of her. That is funny of how she got you and your bed. Kind of stinks that you had more laundry to do, but its funny. I had a nephew that peed on me once when I was changing him and I couldn't stop laughing. How are you feeling? How are you doing with everything?
I'm doing pretty good today. Still very sore and uncomfortable, but ok. I have my check up tomorrow and the GBS swab. So we'll see how that goes. The client that I work for threw me a surprise baby shower yesterday. I had no idea at all. I had tears in my eyes. I posted a couple pics last night of what her room looks like right now with everything all scattered around. This weekend is when I should be able to go out and get some shelves and dressers to start putting everything away. I will feel so much better when it's all done.
I am just so ready to meet her now. My fiance is getting very impatient as well. I feel so bad because she is in a cycle were she is very active during the day and very quiet at night. So he does anything to get her moving so he can feel her for a little. I think I am going to start washing all her clothes either today or tomorrow so they'll be ready to put right in the dressers. I can't believe how much clothes she has gotten. Just from the shower yesterday I have almost 2 good size gift bags full. It's so crazy and overwhelming. But I am thankful for it all.
So as of tomorrow I have exactly 4 weeks left. AHHH it's so weird that I am going to be holding my little girl so soon. Well anyways I have to go for now. Talk again soon!!!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Feb. 20, 2015 2:39am

Thank you, I think the jaundice is pretty much completely gone, she doesn't look yellow at all and she doesn't seem so tired, staying up way longer! She will be 2 weeks tomorrow! We had an appt. on Tuesday and she is 8lbs 12oz, so she passed her birth weight! :) They are supposed to gain an oz a night so if she keeps eating good she'll be 9lbs by next weeks appt! She does have oral thrush though so I have to give her liquid antibiotics 3 times a day for a week, she probably got it because of the antibiotics during labor, but other than that she's perfect!
I'm doing pretty good with everything, just really busy having 2 kids now. It's harder than it was before that's for sure but I am doing pretty good. I'm getting enough sleep too, so glad to not feel completely exhausted like I was while I was pregnant, I did feel like that the first few days after she was born because I had a bit of anxiety and it was hard to sleep, I just felt too worried about her to go to sleep, so it was so hard to actually fall asleep, and when I did I only got about an hours sleep each time, I had only 5 hours total sleep for the first 2 days in the hospital, it was exhausting! But now that I am used to everything and I know she is doing good I feel way better. :)
That is so awesome you got a surprise shower! I did see the pics and it looks like you have tons of stuff! She should be all set when she gets here. Do you have everything for her now? :) I can't wait to see her room all finished and set up! Only 4 more weeks to go, but could be any time now! Can't wait to see pics of her!!
I will talk to you again soon!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Feb. 23, 2015 3:48pm

Hey, How are you doing? I'm doing ok. Glad to hear she is doing a lot better. Still love seeing all the pictures on facebook. I'm sure it is a lot tougher now having the 2 kids. Now you have double of everything to do. Glad to that your sleep is getting better though. That would make it really hard with the the 2 kids. You must have been exhausted those first couple of days.

I'm doing pretty good. Just getting more and more uncomfortable now. Sleeping is getting less every night. My hips, sciatic and my pelvis just hurt to much. This morning I was having some pretty bad cramping in the front and sides of my stomach. They seem to have stopped for now, but it was hard to get ready this morning because of them. Now she must be moving her shoulders down there because I'm getting sharp pains near my rectum and very low in the front as well. Also those sharp twinges in my cervix. So she is doing a number down there this morning. LOL I really hope when I go on for another check up on Wednesday that they check me. I would just like to know if anything is going on so far. I should also be able to find out the results of my GBS swab at this check up as well. Otherwise baby is doing great. We picked up some shelves and my rocker/glider chair yesterday. My fiancee is setting them up today so they will be ready for me. I'm still waiting to get into my mom's storage unit to get my little dresser and hope chest. Hopefully soon I can get them because they still need to me painted. But her room is coming along. I can't wait to show you more pics. I also need to pack our hospital bags just in case anything were to happen.
Oh and haven't told you yet. I got a job offer from the company that I'm contracted through to work for them after the baby is born. I am doing a Job Shadow tomorrow to make sure I like the position and if I do we are going to go from there. The benefits will be so much better and I'll have vacation, sick time and personal time. It will be so nice with a newborn to have time like that. Also it is only looking like I'm going to have 2 weeks of leave still, but I'm not to worried because I know she will be with my fiancee and not someone I don't really know. Well anyways I have left a long reply today. Talk again soon!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Feb. 24, 2015 12:18am

Thank you, and I have been taking tons of pictures, I only post about 30% of the pics I've taken so far LOL. I take a lot of them.
I will keep up with posting them as she grows. :)
It is definitely harder with 2, takes way longer to get ready if were going anywhere, and I have to get up way earlier if we have early appts just so we can all get ready and eat before we go, and Kylie eats A LOT in the morning when she wakes up so half of the things I'm doing I'm holding her while breast feeding, lol I want to get some type of baby carrier/wrap so I can carry her around with me, she likes being close to me. She is doing good breast feeding, I have an appt on Wednesday and we'll find out how much she's gained in a week. :) I gave her 1 bottle of breast milk just to see if she'd take a bottle so if she's crying in public somewhere I can give her a bottle instead of pulling out my boob, sometimes it's hard to find a place to sit down with her and breast feed while we're out, at least if I bring a bottle we can feed her right away when she starts crying. She took it pretty well too. She is also using a soother and no nipple confusion so far. :)
I definitely know how uncomfortable it is in the end of pregnancy, the last few weeks are tough, and even for a bit after birth you're still a bit uncomfortable for a little while, but before you know you'll be feeling normal, I already feel 100% better! Just a little back pain still but I have been doing exercises to try to get back to normal, it's hard on your back when your posture is so different for months, but it feels way better not to have that extra weight at the front now.
And she is probably getting lower in your pelvis why you're having cramping, the sharp pains down there will probably be every time she moves her head if she's low enough, lol I went through that for weeks, once the really get down there you can feel it moving back and forth! They are sharp pains too lol I don't miss those. But at least you know she is active and doing good in there, it's always reassuring when they're always moving, even if it hurts, lol.
Hopefully they check you next week, my doctor didn't check me until 38 weeks 4 days when she offered the membrane sweep. And I forgot to add something, I was going to tell you after I gave birth because I really think they helped my cervix to ripen and that's why I had so little pain, I'm not 100% sure if it was that but next time I am going to take them too, but I had been taking evening primrose oil capsules from 34 weeks on, 3000mg every day orally, I never used any internally like some people do, but I think they did help me dilate easier and faster. :)
That's awesome you got some shelves and a rocker, I would love to have one but we don't have the room. :( I'm sure you can't wait to be able to rock her to sleep. It is so nice to watch them fall asleep, they look so peaceful, and they LOVE being rocked. I hope you're able to get your dresser/chest soon, then you can finish up her room. :)
That is so awesome you got a job offer, I hope you like it, it's sounds like it will give you more time with the baby. Sounds like everything is coming together for you. :) And it is awesome you can just leave her with her dad while you work, not as much worry having to leave her.
Anyway I will talk to you again soon, hope things keep going so well for you! She will be here so soon! :)

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Feb. 26, 2015 3:10pm

Hey, Sorry it's been a couple days since I wrote. I have been doing ok. Just still uncomfortable and my migraines decided to make a come back yesterday and I still have it today. Making work just very hard.
I had my check up yesterday. They won't check me till next week, but that's ok. I don't mind not knowing because I know she needs to stay in as long as she needs to. My GBS was negative. So that's good news. Olivia is still very active and made it hard to get her heartbeat at the check up. The midwife said she was reacting to her own heartbeat. It was really cute. I posted a new belly pic on here and definitely seems that I am dropping a little, and my fiancee said the same this morning. We are both starting to get very anxious and can't wait for her arrival. He is still thinking that I am going to go at least a week early if not 2 weeks. LOL I started packing my hospital bag and will be doing hers probably today or tomorrow just to be on the safe side. Well I'm not writing a lot today, just not feeling well. Talk again soon though!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Feb. 27, 2015 4:59am

That's okay, I know sometimes I didn't reply for a few days when I was feeling really sore, it gets hard at the end for sure, and especially with migraines it must be way worse.
And I checked out your belly picture, I already commented lol but I do think it looks lower from last week.
That's a good idea to have your bags packed, it could be any day now, but hopefully she stays in a bit longer and keeps packing on the pudge, lol it's so cute when they come out with chubby little cheeks!! :)
It's so weird in the last few weeks it feels like you are waiting forever, way more anxious than the entire pregnancy, it was like every day after 36 or 37 weeks I was watching and waiting for something to happen to tell me that I was going into labor or might be going into labor soon, lol I remember every day wondering if I was going to have her, it gets tiring waiting for sure, I don't know if you feel the same or if I just have no patience lol but I felt so anxious every day thinking maybe it was the day!
Anyway talk to you again soon! :)

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Mar. 2, 2015 3:26pm

Hey, how are you doing?

I'm doing pretty good. Had a very busy weekend. I posted a couple more pics on facebook yesterday, but we did a little more organizing. Also we decided to get all her bottles and pacifiers clean and sterilized. Saturday we decided to go out and buy a brand new travel system with her gift cards for Babies R' Us. Because we looked at the dates on the ones that were given to use and one was from 2010 and the other was 2008. It was funny we were actually there to see about dressers and saw the travel system with the running stroller and it was a keeper. My fiancee already installed the car seat in the car. It seems that he is ready for her.
I have another appointment this wednesday, and she said this is when they will start checking me. It will be nice if they did a stripping of my membranes, but they probably won't because I will only be 38 weeks on thursday. I am getting more and more uncomfortable. After working on her room for about 3 hours yesterday I couldn't even finish my laundry because My back and hips hurt so bad. It definitely feels like she is very low, but we'll know more on wednesday. My fiancee kept telling me to stop and he didn't let me do anymore. LOL Braxton Hicks weren't to bad this weekend, but I had some looser bowel movements and my discharge has definitely increased as well. Sorry a little TMI, but I'm doing ok. She needs to stay in as long as she can.
Well I hope you are doing well and Kylie is doing great!!! Talk again soon!!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Mar. 4, 2015 10:53pm

Hey sorry I never got back to you for a few days, was busy Monday we went shopping, but we took our time because something is wrong with our van. :( We need to get it looked at, hoping my bf gets his tax papers from his work so we can file and get our return so he can get it fixed right away. It would not be nice to break down in the cold! The belt snapped last week in our driveway as soon as we pulled in! So lucky it didn't happen somewhere else or while we were driving because we had the baby with us. He got a new belt and now he checked on it because it was making a weird noise and one of the pulleys that holds the belt is broken on one side so it's wearing out the new belt. So need that replaced asap.
Tuesday my son had a dentist appt and did good for the first time ever! He usually cries the whole time. Today Kylie had an appt. She is doing good, took a pee all over the scale when she was getting weighed, she is 9 lbs 4 oz! So she is gaining 50 grams a night or 4 oz a week. She will be 1 month old on Friday!! I cannot believe it.
My son is turning 3 on the 19th and we just picked up his biggest birthday gift yesterday, he is getting a leap pad ultra (it's a children's learning tablet) He has one now but an older version but it's starting to have some problems so good thing I had picked out months ago what I wanted to get him! He is gonna be so happy. :) Can't wait to give it to him.
I did see the pics of her room, it's coming along so nicely and I love the slanted roof in there, it is such a nice room with how the window is right in the center too, lots of light in there especially with the paint colors you chose, it looks so calm and relaxing, perfect for a baby! Can't wait til you are finished with everything. It looks like you are almost done!
That is awesome you got a brand new travel system!! Much safer to know it's brand new and has never been in an accident. Obviously nice that they match too. :)
I seen your status that you are not dilated at all, but that doesn't mean much for your first pregnancy because you can dilate at any time, I was 0 cm and not effaced or softened at all 3 days before they induced me and they had to give me gels to try to get it favorable for induction. But once I went into labor I dilated super fast! 6 hour labor. So it can still happen quickly or soon! It obviously would have been nice to hear you were a bit dilated but don't stress about it, you are almost at your due date and they won't let you go too much past it if you don't go into labor before then! That really sucks that you are so uncomfortable though, makes it harder waiting for something to happen. People always say to keep active and go for a lot of walks but sometimes it hard when you're uncomfortable. Do you have an exercise ball? I used one for the last few weeks and the night I went into labor I used it the longest and bounced on it and rotated my hips a lot trying to get her lower in my pelvis, I think that may have been what put me into labor because I felt a lot of pressure at the end and that's what made me stop and try to go to bed, and after that I was waking up every half hour after 3am. Are you going to try any of the natural ways to induce labor, like spicy foods, pineapple, exercise ball, nipple stimulation, etc? I tried a lot of them in the last few weeks lol nothing worked before my due date that's for sure, but I know sometimes it works for some people if your body is ready. Anyway I think I left you a long enough reply since I didn't get back to you for 2 days, I think I updated you on everything! lol
Talk to you again soon! Good luck and labor dust! Maybe something will happen soon! I know you can't wait to meet her. :)

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Mar. 5, 2015 3:10pm

Hey, Glad everyone is doing well! Sounds like Kylie is gaining at a perfect rate. She is the cutest little thing. Glad your son did better with the dentist this time around. Going to the dentist is never fun even when your an adult. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well though. I'm sure juggling 2 kids is never easy.

So yeah my appointment didn't go to bad yesterday. Just some thinning and baby is very low and in position. She had me schedule 3 more weekly appointments, but then also said lets see if you make it to your next one. So I guess we'll see what happens. I am a lot more uncomfortable today. Having a lot of cramping in my lower abdomen. Still the sore hips and back, but also today my upper legs hurt so bad. It feels like I did about 1000 squats yesterday. LOL but doing ok otherwise today.
Yeah her room is starting to come along quite well. I will be finally getting her dresser this weekend. So that is a plus. I'll finally have a place to put some of her clothes. Yeah her room is very calming. Sometimes I'll go up there and just sit in my chair and relax. We got her going home outfit all picked out and pretty much have her bag all set. Just have to finish mine now. I can't wait till the day that I can let you know that I finally have had her. It will be the happiest day of my life. Well anyways I have to get back to work. Talk again Soon!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Mar. 9, 2015 4:44am

Hey I am doing good. Yea I am so glad he is not scared of the dentist anymore, we had been taking him to get flouride varnish put on his teeth since he had 4 teeth only and he cried every time. So I am glad he got over it, even at his first check up the dentist only looked in his mouth and he cried, lol but this time he let them clean and everything, and turned out he needed a filling, and he didn't cry at his appt on Thursday, they had to use the drill and everything, I am so surprised because he will barely let me or his dad brush his teeth. lol.
And yea it's been hard taking care of two that's for sure, and with my bf picking up extra shifts because we're behind on rent because we had an increase in December but were paying our normal amount since then. So we owe $250. But we our hoping to get our taxes done on Tuesday and then we can pay it off.
Glad your baby is low, and it's good that your thinning, it's so close now! And the cramping sounds like it means your still effacing, and I've heard people's upper legs cramp with contractions, so sounds like you are having some weak real contractions. :) Maybe you will be dilated a couple cm's by your next appt if you make it there, but definitely sounds like you will be more thinned out for sure.
I just seen that you were tagged in a pic of her dresser if that's the one you were talking about and it looks super nice! I love the butterflies and it matches her room, that is so awesome. Her room will look so nice.
That is so nice you are already enjoying her room, and it will be 100 times better when she is there enjoying it too!! Only 10 days til your due date, and I think I already told you but your due date is the same day as my sons bday. :) He will be 3 on the 19th. :) Anyway I will talk to you again soon!! :)

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Mar. 9, 2015 2:45pm

Hey, Glad your doing well. I'm sorry about everything going on with your rent. Ours is suppose to go up this coming month as well. Hopefully we'll ok with just me working. Oh I didn't tell you. I got the other job and should be starting soon. They are trying to get me hired right away so I can have an actual maternity leave. I really hope so, I would love to be able to spend as much time with her as possible.

So on Thursday or Friday I lost most a big piece of my mucus plug and been having a lot of false labor all weekend. The pains have been so bad that they wake me up in the middle of the night. Usually by morning though it all stops. So with how much I have been having all weekend I decided to do a self check of my cervix and it feels like it's open a little. So we'll see if I make till Friday for my appointment.

That dresser is actually one that friend did for me. I got the other one from my mom's storage on Saturday and will be painting it today hopefully. Did you see the pic of the butterflies that we put up yesterday. They came out so cute. My fiancee did them. We are hanging her name up today as well, and we did more on some storage and hanging racks in the closet as well. I can't wait to show you how it all turns out. I will make sure to send you pics so you can see them. Well I'm going to go for now. Talk again soon!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Mar. 10, 2015 2:44am

Hey I am doing good and looks like we can pay off our rent, we filed our taxes today and my bf got a $2400 return. So we can pay off our rent, get our van fixed, pay for a photoshoot for Kylie and pay off another bill that I have, we are also going to get a new (used) mattress set, ours is so uncomfortable. I am so happy today, really relieved we can pay off our bills plus have a bit extra. I think my bf wants to get a new tv too. So thankful all his hard work paid off. So happy today. :)
That is so great you got the job you wanted, sounds like it will work out better for you, I hope you can get a good maternity leave and spend as much time with her as you can. Sounds like things are going well for you, everything that you hoped to happen has gone pretty well for you! Our lives have changed so much in a good way! Look at almost a year ago now we were both just waiting for a positive pregnancy test and hoping we would be able to have a baby in the new year, and now here we are, I can't believe it. We've been talking for a year, maybe more! Doesn't even seem like that long ago we were at that point. Now we will both have the baby girls that we wanted! :)
It sounds like she is going to come soon, the mucous plug is a good sign and especially with your false labor, that's what happened to me, waking up all through the night as they got more painful, but I had some painful ones 4 days before for 8 hours, just irregular, some people have a few false starts before the real labor finally starts. Hopefully it means she is coming soon! And especially if you're starting to dilate. :) Maybe if she doesn't come by Friday and you're doctor is nice she will offer a membrane sweep, that would be nice, or you could ask her.
And I like the dresser a lot, are you painting the one from you moms storage to match it or doing another design on it? And I didn't see the butterflies but I just went and took a look and they are very pretty, so girly, did your fiance make them himself? So the theme of her room is butterflies? :) Looks super nice, and it will look amazing with her name on the wall too. Can't wait to see more pics! Sorry for so many long replies lately, I know you are super busy lately and I'm sure you are getting more sore and tired. Hope she decides she wants to come out and meet everyone very soon! Can't wait to see pics of her! Talk again soon!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Mar. 12, 2015 2:23pm

Hey, how are you doing? I'm doing ok. Just hanging in there. Just a short one today. So tuesday I ended up going to L&D after work. Was having strong contractions since 530 in the morning. Come to find out though it was just false labor, but glad I went in to make sure. I'm pretty much fully effaced, but no dilation yet. I took yesterday off from work to relax and finally get my health insurance fixed. I'm still having strong contractions off and on just not regular yet. I'm really hoping it's going to be soon. Because of having constant contractions I'm getting more and more sore and so uncomfortable. I definitely have the waddle going on now. LOL I have my next check up tomorrow and I'm going to see if they can do a membrane sweep to try and help things along. So hopefully soon i'll be updating you with pics and my birth story as well.
Well I'm going to go for now. I have to get caught back up at work. Talk again soon!!!

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Reply by Jessica0319 » Mar. 15, 2015 6:19am

Hi, I am doing good.
Glad you are still doing okay, even though you must be uncomfortable it will be over soon enough and you'll be holding your baby girl! The false labor is annoying but it does get you prepared for the real labor, now you are really on the watch for those strong regular contractions to come around. It will be so soon! Especially if your fully effaced there is way more pressure on your cervix now and she could come any time! I haven't heard from you in 2 days or seen any updates so for all I know you could be in labor! lol. Hope to see a post from you soon or pics of your baby girl, been watching for updates on Facebook. :)
Anyway hope to hear from you soon!

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Reply by DanielleK2014 » Mar. 16, 2015 1:13pm

Hey, Glad you are doing well. Sorry it's been a couple days since my last reply. I am just so tired and yes very uncomfortable. I had my check up on Friday, and they were a little worried because my blood pressure was a little higher than it has been for me. So they had me do blood work that day and on saturday I had to do a 24 hour urine collection. I brought that to L&D yesterday and they ended up keeping me for a couple hours and had me on monitors. Baby is doing great, and everything came back just fine on me as well. They checked me again, which is now getting a little uncomfortable as well, and I was still only 1cm. Last night though I was having some pretty severe twinge pain on my cervix. So I'm guessing she was pushing down on it.

I am really thinking of taking my 2 weeks vacation starting now. It is getting very hard to get up in the morning and get ready, and sitting at my desk is getting so uncomfortable as well. I have a start date of the 26th for my new job and all I have to do is show up for like a half hour and then I will get my 6 weeks maternity leave from my new job. I'm so excited to be starting a new career after my leave and for such and amazing company. Well I'm going to go for now, but talk again real soon!!!

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