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July Babies 2015

Category: Due Date Clubs - July
Posted by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 23, 2014 5:05pm

I am so happy to be getting back on here after my MC in August! I am looking forward to meeting some new girls and hopefully seeing some familiar names from CTP soon!

Now.. Let's talk BABIES!

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Reply by RedBetty » Oct. 24, 2014 12:53pm

Hi, was just searching for people due in July so i was happy to see this.
I'm due July 1 or 2 :)
Migrated from CTP just few days ago after and really fx'ing to have more friends from there join us here.
For now, I'm lucky to have no vomitting, just nausea that is worse in the evenings than morning and absolutely no sore boobs, can you believe that? Also just a slight increase in their size.

It feels wonderful finally being able to get pregnant :)

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 24, 2014 3:17pm

Hi, Redbetty!! Welcome and CONGRATS!! My EDD is July 7! I am being super cautious with my excitement since I am only 10 DPO. I got my BFP on 8 DPO and it just seems so early! Maybe I feel that way bc I had a MC in August, but I am just trying my best to not get TOO excited at this point. It will be nice having the support :)

I have to warn you that this site is not nearly as active. I usually keep in touch with my CTP friends as well! :)

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Reply by RedBetty » Oct. 24, 2014 5:48pm

Aww, I'm sorry to hear about the MC. Thank god for this new baby, I know God will make it stay.

i had a chemical preg last month too and even though I'm 15 dpo with the htp results getting stronger everyday, i am still scared for this preg.

Just got back from the hospital now cuz I have been having pain around my belly button that shoots down towards my groin but I still have to wait 2 weeks before anything concrete can be found out.
Read up on it and it said to be normal in early preg and caused by the uterus stretching.

I am just trying not to be worried really.

I noticed CMP isn't as active as CTP but it's okay, people here are pregnant and not likely to be as active online, not with d physical discomforts preg brings.

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 24, 2014 6:57pm

Sorry for your CP! I am hoping that we both have our sticky beans this time! I am also trying to stay positive and not worry. It best that we just enjoy it!

I bet that pain you are feeling is just what they said it was, stretching of the uterus! :)

My boobs aren't as sore as last time either. I have mainly just a lot of heartburn, nausea at times, dizziness and very tired.

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Reply by 37nprego » Oct. 26, 2014 6:41pm

Hello Ladies. First. Congratulations to each and everyone of you!!!!! May we all have a healthy and happy 9 months. Im so happy to have found this thread. So exciting. I'm high risk, too. Only because of my age. And I also MC back in April. The pregnancy was a complete surprise for the both us. He was always told he could have children and I was surprised because he was told he couldn't have children. LOL. Also I didn't want any more. It wasn't until July that I decided that I wanted to try for another baby. And we started trying in August. I have one daughter. 17 and in college. I'm literally starting alllllllll over again. Lol. I would be anxious to learn who's having what and how many down the road.

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Reply by RedBetty » Oct. 27, 2014 8:01am

Bumpin, don't worry. Our buns ain't going nowhere.
Haven't had that pain again so I am happy and can finally breathe.
I have a really good feeling about this.
No nausea over the weekend but driving to work this morning triggered it again. I'm just grateful it hasn't progressed to outright throwing up. Gained 1kg over the weekend, who thought weight gain could be exciting? :)

Welcome 37nprego, and congratulations :)
You are indeed starting all over again, wow. But you will be fine by God's grace, we all will be. No MCs again.
I am 28+, preggers with my first child. DH and I are so excited and giddy with joy. He wants a girl, I kinda want twins (despite how terrifying the thought is sometimes)

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 27, 2014 4:03pm

Good Morning!!

Welcome 37nprego & CONGRATS!!! I guess they were wrong about DH not being able to have kids! ;) That is so exciting! Although you might be starting completely over, it will be an amazing journey!

I am 26 and have a 4 year old (wasn't planned), lol. DH and I were only married for 6 months when I found out at a routine PAP smear. This one will be our last. I have always wanted just 2 kiddos. I really don't care if it is a boy or girl as long as it is healthy and we make it to 9 months this time! :)

RedBetty: I am glad that you haven't had that pain again! When do you plan to go to the doctor? Mine won't see me until I am 8 weeks, so still gotta little while. I am so ready to get that first ultrasound!!

AFM: Heartburn... It has been soooo terrible!! I have also been nauseated for a few days now and actually threw up yesterday. My BBs have gotten way more sore and I have just been super tired. I haven't had anymore cramping, so that makes me feel loads better.

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Reply by calvingirl » Oct. 28, 2014 2:49pm

I'm a June DD but I saw Bumpin's name and recognized it from CTP so I thought I'd stop in and say hi!

37nprego - I'm 39 and ALSO have a 17 yr old and I'm starting ALL OVER AGAIN too! Thrilling and scary!

I'm 8 wks, and the constant cramping you all are feeling? It's just settled down. From 4 wks to 7 wks it just felt like I had a bad UTI or was just about to start my period the entire time. Dr. said it was normal as long as I wasn't spotting.

Anyway, HI!!

Congrats to all! I'm on the June board but I'll stalk this one too if you don't mind because I'm a BB addict and CMP is NOT that active.

New Little One is my Christmas Present this year!
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Oscar William, born June 15, 2015

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Reply by susy00 » Oct. 28, 2014 4:00pm

I hardly dare to place a comment, I am just 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant, found out last Monday! So excited and over the moon! It took us over a year to get pregnant again.

I have a beautiful 2 year old already and if everything goes well (i do hope so) she'll have a baby brother or sister in the beginning of July 15.

38 years old full time working mommy here :)

Hope to keep talking to you all from now to July.

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Reply by Linasa » Oct. 28, 2014 5:08pm

Hey bumping, found ya.

Still have a swimming head from poas yesterday. I feel a little bad because it was our first month seriously trying. So many women have to go through hoops to do what my hubby and I did. I've always had regular periods and I guess super light AF symptoms (just cramping day 1) We did it though! I wanted a summer baby so bad. No school on their bday and hopefully no dark and dreary drizzle days as we call them here.

I haven't even told my hubby yet. I was going to tell him tonight after using my last stick. I want the line to be darker and easier for him to see!

If I hadn't done a test last night I would have known anyway. After making my post on CTP last night I went to my pool league and when I got home I was seriously bloated (low bloat, not stomach like usual) and I had to get up and pee 3 times last night which is way not normal for me! No soreness anywhere yet. Had some yesterday.

I do most forums on my phone so I'll do my best to pop on as often as I can.

ps I'm 32 hubby is 37 and first child for both of us.

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 28, 2014 9:01pm

Hey calvingirl!! Nice to see a familiar face! You can stalk this thread as much as you want. SO.. you are on BB as well? Is it more active?

susy00: Welcome & CONGRATS!!! I am 27 and a full time working mom! I have a 4 year old daughter and this baby is due the day before her bday! I hope that you stick around so we can all keep each other company for the next 8 months! :)

linasa: HEEEYY!! Glad you made it over! I sure hope that we get some more July babies from CTP. That is funny that you said you wanted the line to be darker so he could see it, lol. At 8 DPO I had the faintest of faint lines and of course I seen it with no problem (been studying the tests for 7 months now), but he was not convinced.. He said that is just barely there, I THINK.. I said, oh it is there! Then the next morning it was a few shades darker so I showed it to him and he was like oh yea, I DO see it!! Men.. :)

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Reply by Linasa » Oct. 29, 2014 1:57am

Called my insurance today and asked for a good doctor. They gave me a clinic of 5 doctors. I called them and they selected one for me and I have my first appt on December 1st and another on December 17th. The first one is with his assistant and the second is with him for the ultrasound. So excited! I'm really really glad I made this appt because doctor's appointment books fill up FAST so glad I made it in and didn't call last minute.

The receptionist was VERY surprised I had a BFP .. I wasn't. I told her AF was due today and I have a 25 day cycle normally and why wouldn't a test work? Got me kind of worried so I came home and took another.

Test 331517 on CTP (no links and photos won't work here)

I think it worked just fine LOL

Does anyone know if the first response stays? I mean, If I keep the test as a keepsake and a constant reminder (not like my bladder doesn't remind me). I was pregnant when I was 20 and I had a MC because I fell on slippery ice and hit my hip and rushed to the hospital. I had the test till about 5 months ago when my hubby thought it was weird I still had it since I was dating another guy at the time so we tossed it (I still remember the date on it though) so will this one stay or is there another one I should buy that will stand the test of time..

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Reply by calvingirl » Oct. 29, 2014 12:58pm

I still have my first one that just had a little line on it, and it's still there and that was over a month ago.... It was a FRER.

I also have the one I took that I showed DH (darker) when I told him, and I have the last one (pack of three) that I took at 20 dpo just to make sure my hormones were progressing (Very dark that time.)

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 29, 2014 2:52pm

Linasa: YAY for the doc appointment! I am wanting to make an appointment but still so nervous. I may call next week and schedule one. I will be 8 weeks right before Thanksgiving and if all goes well with the appointment, then I think I will tell my family on Thanksgiving Day, but no one else until around Christmas when I will be 12 weeks!

I still have my FRER from July. It is really dark where you can tell that the urine had dried. I have dollar tests that seem to keep the line pretty well. I have one from when I was preg with my daughter 4 1/2 years ago and you can still see it pretty good!

Calvingirl: Are we wanting a boy or a girl? :) Do we have names yet? I still have my names that I picked from my last pregnancy that I still really like.

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 29, 2014 3:00pm

Redbetty: WHERE ARE YOU???

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Reply by RedBetty » Oct. 29, 2014 4:34pm

Welcome Calvingirl, congratulations on the new addition on the way. Please feel free to stalk this board all you want, we need your superior knowledge, being weeks ahead of us, lol. You can't know how reassuring it is to hear that all the tummy pain will soon stop, it has been so scary.
How were you feeling at 5 weeks?

Hi Susy00, you are welcome and congratulations. Can imagine your daughter's delight when she hears she will be having a baby bro or sis real soon.
I am 28 and 5 weeks preggers with baby no.1 and I found out at 3wks 5 days after trying for almost a year. I work full time too and also run an online bridal store at the same time so you can imagine how seriously depleted my energy level is right now. The fatigue keeps mounting and hubby has resorted to picking me up from work now cuz I don't trust myself not to fall asleep while driving, lol.
What symptoms are you having at the mo?

Linasa, yay!!! You lucky you, getting pregnant your first month of active trying :)May the rest of the pregnancy be as easy for you as the conception was hun.
Wish I had your resolve about not telling DH though, I was gonna do same and hold off till a week after a BFP but I freaked out so much on seeing that first faint line on the very day AF was due, I screamed his name so loudly that he thought something terrible had happened. He couldn't believe it till 3 days later when the test line was real dark (men and their little faith, lol)
Like you, I also had a lot of bloating in those first few days after AF was due but it is better now. But the frequent peeing??? Ahhh, it is disturbing my sleep so much, I almost feel like slapping a diaper on just so I can get "ONE NIGHT" of sweet, uninterrupted sleep :))
I also still have the very fist HPT I got my first faint positive on and the line is still there so yours should keep too.

Hey Bumpin babe, how ya doing? You know, I had typed so much yesterday only for me to make a mistake and clear it all off. I just closed the laptop and went to bed, lol.
How you feeling? Nausea better or worse? Are you still throwing up? And how's it going with the heartburn & sore boobs?
Think you passed it on to me, lol, started having sore nipples and it is still there till now. My tummy is better but still hurts from time to time.
I should have gone to see a doc today but I couldn't make it cuz of work but hey, I'm not in a hurry. I would like to wait till 8 weeks which is just 3 weeks away, yay! (Don't take my word for it though, I have a feeling I will cave and go in before then, hehehehe)

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Reply by Linasa » Oct. 29, 2014 4:43pm

Told hubby last night. 24 hours after knowing. It was hard not to tell my friends at pool though. We were going to buy costumes and I said I had to pee. I waited 3 min and came out with the darker test I took an hour before! I gave it to him and he stared at it under the lught and I said *well that's 2 (lines) * and he was all *yep* then he gave me a huge hug and a kiss. It was a huge weight off my shoulders cause I was beaming at him the rest of the night. Going to announce it to my close friends Saturday because my friend is doing a harvest festival and all my closest friends will be there except for 3 so they'll get texts. No t going to announce on Fb or my family (who are all 3200 miles away) till after December 1st appt

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Reply by RedBetty » Oct. 29, 2014 4:50pm

Linasa: Congratulations again hun, there really are no words to describe that feeling. And a darker line after just one hour? The hcg levels are rising sweetly

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Reply by bperry33 » Oct. 29, 2014 5:45pm

Hi ladies,

First congratulations to you all!!

Just a little info about my self I'm a sahm. My husband and I have been married 7 years and we have a 6yo DS and a soon to be 1yo DD we've just started ttc baby #3 this month and as of today 12 dpo I got a very faint line. AF is due Friday but hopefully she stays away and this sticks!!!

Best of luck to all of you!!!

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Reply by Bumpin4Baby » Oct. 29, 2014 5:48pm

RedBetty: There you are!!! :) I have been getting a little nauseated here and there if I go about 2 hours without eating something, but then subsides. Boobs are sore, but not too bad. I haven't been urinating as much today either. Cramps are gone, thank goodness. I am, however, still very tired after sleeping almost 10 hours last night. I am kinda hoping these symptoms return, but I am not going to stress about it.

Linasa: It is so hard to keep such an exciting secret, huh? I am wanting to tell everyone I know, but I know it is best to wait until I see my doc!

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