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Category: General - Newly Pregnant
Posted by ahick9985 » Nov. 30, 2014 7:11pm

I found out that I was pregnant 5 days ago--I have a doctors appointment in 3 days to confirm how far along I am but I believe that I am right around 5 weeks. Over the past week I have been craving coffee like it's nobody's business. I made the switch to decafâ?¦ but I was wondering if any of you ladies have heard any negative things about decaf coffee and pregnancy?


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Reply by CaliTexBaby » Dec. 1, 2014 4:37am

The only thing I've heard is that decaf coffee still has caffeine in it. I think the daily recommendation is not to exceed 300-500mg of caffeine a day.

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Reply by TXkadams » Dec. 4, 2014 12:01am

Some folks think decaf is in general less good for you than regular coffee (pregnant or not). In order to get the caffeine out they subject the beans to several harsh chemicals that aren't totally removed before brewing. You can google it to see how concerned you are with those chemicals. I drank decaf with my first and he's fine. I drink regular coffee this time, but only one small cup a day (about 90mg caffeine).

Recommendations I've read are less than 200mg a day caffeine when pregnant. But also watch the sugar intake. I put lots of milk and sweeteners in my coffee, so drinking more than one cup of decaf can really up my sugar intake. I find that if I add a touch of coco powder (unsweetened) to my small cup of coffee and then add a ton of milk I can make a big glass that doesn't taste watered down and has less sugar than I'd put in without the coco powder. (Coco does have some caffeine in it too though, so watch how much.)

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Reply by NorthernBabyDream » Dec. 4, 2014 6:24pm

Like TXkadams said, decaf can have chemical residue from the processing. You can get water-processed decaf that doesn't have these (usually it is also organic - read the labels). Also, I don't know how substantiated these studies are, but there has been some research indicating that compounds in coffee (it's not the caffeine - both reg. and decaf.) are linked to miscarriage and infertility. So that might be something to look into. Hopefully your cravings ease off! I love rooibos tea (also known as redbush) as an alternative. Still has some body to it but is completely safe and no caffeine. Oh, and the carob/dandelion etc coffee alternatives are not considered safe for pregnancy either - something to do with the roasting process.

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