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2nd Pregnancy :)

Category: Trimesters - Third Trimester
Posted by mrykayser » Sep. 8, 2012 11:53pm

I would like to know from you ladies how your 2nd pregnancy is going or how it went if you are past your 2nd pregnancy. How was your labor and did you have any problems? My 1st pregnancy I was in labor for 3 1/2 hours. how did/do you feel in your third trimester? Right now Im 28 wks +1 and Im carrying him very low and I feel like my belly is going to burst. My belly just feels so huge this time around. Anyone else feeling this way? Well I would just like to know how everyone is handling there 3rd trimester . :) Thanks

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Reply by emaa123 » Aug. 2, 2017 9:24am

Hi i am new here i want to share my experience with you. Ladies, We have to do this after 8 years of trying and nothing but failed. The majority of the world does not know how lucky they are to just "be able" to have kids without the emotional pain and expense and years of trying for a family of your own. Count your blessings if you have never had to experience infertility. The emotional pain outcries the physical pain any day. Sorry but it does. You have no idea how lucky you are if you can easily have kids.

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