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ART Moms - Sept 2013 Babies On the Way!

Category: Due Date Clubs - September
Posted by NestofSquirrels » Jan. 2, 2013 4:08am

Every one of us longs to be a mom - and there is a certain, different kind of longing that comes with having fertility challenges. We wait and wait and pray and dream of just getting a BFP, and then this whole new journey of hurdles and excitement comes up after we find out it's true, we're finally pregnant!

So I would like to welcome any other new moms who have been down this road - especially those who have used assisted reproductive technologies (ART) - and are finally and wanting to share in these exciting experiences and days ahead, to lend support as new and different decisions present themselves, to celebrate together etc.

And most importantly - !!

September 2013 is our month!!

So SO happy to be here - finally!

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Reply by NestofSquirrels » Jan. 2, 2013 4:38am

PS: AFM - I just got my from a FET yesterday, on New Year's Eve - 503!!!. I'm a little freaked out about that # - but thrilled to have it after 6 (argh!!) embryo transfers (3 fresh and 3 frozen from IVF) and a m/c last year. I was getting pretty nervous about it ever happening for us. (Of course, I had done 6 HPTs this past week too! )

Tomorrow's beta (1/2/13) will certainly tell us more! Not sure how well I'll sleep tonight. And getting even more anxious about the wait, after tomorrow, for the 1st u/s!! Will be dying to know how many are in there???!!

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Reply by NestofSquirrels » Jan. 4, 2013 4:13am

So the 2nd beta was yesterday and came back at 1165! My nurse still thinks there are 2 in there - and that's what I'm hoping for too. But I'm telling myself not to get too greedy. :) I will be thrilled to have one healthy baby after all we've been thru! My OB/GYN thought it seemed like one strong one!

Won't know more until my 1st u/s on 1/22/13. Feels like FOREVER!

Not having a lot of symptoms - and of course I want to have them now that I have no way to confirm anything until the 22nd. Breasts feel a little fuller, but not really sore. No nausea really. Not going to the bathroom more. Some light cramping here and there. And the last couple of days, not really that hungry/not much of an appetite? I have had a fair amount heartburn, and I'm too paranoid at this stage to even take Tums. Thoughts?? Are you taking Tums??

What symptoms are you having? I'm curious how any other moms-to-be are doing out there! How did you conceive? How are you feeling? Are you feeling paranoid/anxious like I am??

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Reply by NestofSquirrels » Jan. 21, 2013 12:49am

Hi there,

I'm 7 weeks today and hope someone will join me here! :)

Having intermittent nausea and heartburn over the last week and a half. Right around the 6 week mark is when it started. Ginger ale has been pretty helpful. I've been eating a lot - more frequently - too. But sometimes, the nausea makes me not want to eat, even though I've been told, you should eat then. It's counter-intuitive.

Oh - and I think I've already gained 3 lbs.?? I'm mortified!! For vanity reasons, I hope it IS twins in there! Oh my goodness! I don't think I'm "supposed" to gain wait until 12 weeks or something, right?

Anyhow - I'm on another forum that's got a ton of people, like dozens and dozens, and it's fun/great to read - but there are so many ladies, it's hard to keep track of everyone and have a dialogue/get to know each other and the individual pregnancies. I hope we can start a group here. Especially those of us who have undergone fertility treatments, we often have more tests and follow up and different feelings about this all - so I hope you'll join me! I could use the company and also would love to compare notes as things come up!

My 1st u/s is Tuesday - and I'm really nervous. Not just about finding out how many are there (my fertility Dr. said he "hopes is just two" - eeeeek!) - but if the heartbeat(s) are nice and strong. That's what's important. After that, I have to get a jillion blood tests (which I LOATHE) - and I've heard about this new one called, I think, the "Verify" test - that tells you the genetic info you get from CVS or amnio. It's very new. Has anyone heard of this?? It sounds too good to be true!

I'm also going to be asking about having my cervix checked b/c I had a LEEP procedure about 20 years ago. I've already been given a referral for a perinatologist. Anyone ever been to one of those?

Lots of questions! Wishing you all well!

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Reply by NestofSquirrels » Feb. 3, 2013 4:50am

Well hello ladies!

I'm 8w6d today - and at my 1st u/s, we found out that we are indeed having twins!! I'm excited but after my m/c last year - right around this time - I'm still not convinced I'm really pregnant.

I had a visit with a perinatologist and a genetic consultation this week too. Got to see the babies a 2nd time (thank God!) and two flickering heartbeats, which was a relief. I'm considered "high risk", but not super high risk. Mainly, they will be watching me for pre-eclampsia and keeping an eye on my cervix, like I predicted. Twins =s automatically high risk + my age (almost 39).

My next u/s is on Feb. 5th - and I can't wait b/c hopefully I'll get some more info on these babies and confirmation that all is well! I can't get enough confirmation right now!

My acupuncturist said "welcome to motherhood, you never stop worrying..." to me yesterday. So I'm pretty clear that as soon as I get confirmation of something on a particular day - it won't be 24 hours before I start worrying again. I'm not panicky - just not able to really "accept" that this is real yet. Being cautious I guess. At the same time - I'm almost 9 weeks and I'm sure I should be doing more for these babies already! I skim my pregnancy books etc., but diving in and writing in my pregnancy journal or looking for a midwife seems like I might be jinxing things. Anyone else holding out on "acting" pregnant??

I don't mind "journaling" here - it actually helps to see what I wrote before, b/c I can forget (anyone else really ditzy??) - but it is feeling a little narcissistic being the only one writing.

I've also trolled many a blog to make myself feel better/get answers, etc. - so I understand if just reading suits you right now. If you are reading - you are probably too, so congrats to you and hopefully you are enjoying it and are a little less paranoid than I am and are enjoying things.

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Reply by yasminesa » Feb. 3, 2013 5:54pm

Hey there,
I have just found out I'm preggers Again! Only gave birth last April, this baby is a surprise! I had been ill for over 2 weeks and onlyvtook the test after DH saying I was pregnant. I tried for almost 2yrs for my lil girl and were on the border of starting ivf when got preg, now I've concieved whilst on the pill. Amazing what our bodies can do! By guess work I think baby will be a mid - late september bubs.

One gorgeous daughter, Baby #2 (my little surprise) on the way xXx Yasmine

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Reply by NestofSquirrels » Feb. 10, 2013 10:18pm


Wow - you got pregnant on the Pill?? That is crazy!! Why were you about to start IVF? Did you have to do fertility for your 1st child? The reason I am asking - is I hear all the time that people who struggle to have their first, often get pregnant "on accident" with their 2nd. So exciting! What's the latest? How are you feeling? Did you do a beta/blood test? Have any #s?

I apologize for the delay in responding, I've had a rough week. I went for an u/s on Tuesday - just a routine 9 wk check-in and only one baby had a h/b. The other didn't/wasn't moving. So I was sent to the hospital to confirm what we saw, and on the more high tech us/ - saw the same thing, one baby had died. The other looked great - with a HB of 177 and measuring 9 wks (I was 9w1d) - so just perfect. The baby that died was measuring 8w5d - not enough smaller that anyone had been worried at all. Needless to say, I've been very sad, and more - just terrified about losing both.

Next u/s is this Thurs - Valentine's Day. Hoping for the best. Before my last appointment - I had had a noticeable drop in my symptoms - less nausea, fatigue, heartburn, breast tenderness etc. - so I had been worried going in to that appointment. Since then, I've had some symptoms increase again. This would all make sense - that the loss of the 2nd baby would mean a drop in HCG and symptoms - but not having them really at all for a week or so, scared me to death. I've never been so happy to sleep in a bra this week. :)

Keep me posted on how you are doing and what's next for you!


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