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I'm...not in labor?

Category: Special - Pregnant With Twins or More
Posted by Blossome » Oct. 9, 2011 12:39am

On Weds my doc told me that I was contracting enough to be in labor, but he needed my body to get to 3cm dilated on its own before it could be called labor. I was 1cm and very thick when he checked me. He told me to go in to the hospital this weekend (today) and have another cervical check to assess dilation.

Well, I did. They got the babies on the monitor, and everything looked good. I was still contracting lightly, as I have been for a week. The nurse said she'd watch me for about a half hour, and then do my cervical. Twenty minutes passed, and a resident came in to do an ultrasound to make sure the fluid levels were good. OKay, nobody told me they were going to, but sure, that's cool. Fluid was fine, and I told the resident that I was here because my OB wanted my cervix checked for dilation. She said ok and left.

Another twenty minutes, and the nurse walked in with discharge papers, telling me everything looked just fine. I blinked and asked 'So...you're not doing a cervical check?' and she said 'No, you're not contracting that much. I talked to Dr. Greenspan, and he's not that worried about it. I'm not that worried about it either.'

I don't get this at all. The doctor specifically sent me to the hospital to be checked for dilation. And she won't do it because I'm not contracting ENOUGH? I'm debating calling my OB and asking if he did want them to check it, because they ignored him last time he told them to do something and just sent me home when he wanted me monitored for 24 hours.

So now, instead of being in labor and being checked for progression...I'm suddenly in false labor? My contractions are normal and dismissible?

I've been completely depressed all day. I feel like no-one at this hospital is listening to me, and worse, I feel like I have to call my OB and confirm everything they tell me, because they keep ignoring what he tells them to do and doing something different (i.e., something easier for them, like sending me home when they're told to keep me.)

He delivers at another nearby hospital, and I'm seriously considering switching delivery hospitals...I just feel like everyone in this hospital is ignoring my OB (who has been very good to me, answering questions and keeping me aware of the situations that affect my delivery options the whole time), and just doing what they want to do to shove me out of the triage bed and send me home.

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Reply by NewMommy07 » Oct. 9, 2011 1:20am

Oh wow what a pain! Sorry that you had to go through all that mess with the hospital. I think that if you feel the other hospital would be more professional then you should see about switching. It might put your mind at ease!

My sister is going through the same kind of situation as you are, though she's pregnant with a singleton. She's been having 2-5 minute apart contractions and been dilated to a thin 3 for the last 3 weeks and has now missed her due date. They just send her home from the hospital every time her OB sends her in to be checked out. I wish she would switch hospitals because she's picked the worse one of two in town, in my opinion.

Hope you can get things straightened out and take it easy!!

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Reply by PawMomma » Oct. 9, 2011 2:19am

Ugh, sorry you are having such a bad experience! You are in the Phoenix area so at least you have other options for hospitals. Feeling like no one is listening when it comes to any medical situation is AWFUL. Hopefully you can get everything straightened out and your OB can set things right!

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Reply by MrsBrower » Oct. 9, 2011 11:35am

Hey, if you have the option to switch, go for it!

I can't believe no one is listening. And how hard is it to do a cervical check? I get one every other week! It takes 4 seconds.


Just listen to your body and I would go ahead and call your OB!

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Reply by JuneBrideCarter » Aug. 6, 2012 7:00pm

I'd research other hospitals in your area that your OB delivers at and switch to one that gets good patient reviews.
If they're not listening to your OB now, they won't listen to you when your in labor, and they probably won't listen to your OB then, either.
Call your OB. Make a Switch.

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Reply by anjaliSha » Aug. 24, 2017 4:27am

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