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never imagined that cancer caused my infertility

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by enginee » Jul. 23, 2017 11:03am

Up to date, I have never imagined that cancer caused my infertility. I was first treated and diagnosed with cervical cancer but I never took it seriously. The ups and downs of medication were always trailing me and everyone around me pitied me. It was a condition no one would dare wish to go through. Life can become very complicated especially when one is so determined to get her own baby. I went through chemotherapy and a variety of x-ray radiations. All these tried to weaken my strength and my capability to conceive and hold an embryo in my womb. It was such a painful life full of tears and despondence. I could wake up early for preparation and go to the hospital but my instincts directed me not to worry too much. What broke my heart the remaining part, is the fact that I could not conceive. All my uterus had been affected by the cancerous tissue. It was a life full of many options but nothing seemed to bring forth the answer. I stared at infertility with my naked eyes. No doctor would be able to treat my condition and hence I was left to suffer alone. That is the time the option of IVF egg donation came to my mind. My doctor would advise me to go for it. But one condition was appalling; it was very expensive. So what next?

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Reply by gradele » Aug. 11, 2017 5:03am

Never allow the cost of treatment for fertility deters you from getting your own baby. The options are not exhaustive. I am not sure whether you are aware of BioTex clinic in Ukraine. I would advise you to go there and you will never regret. Many of us suffer in silence instead of sharing our inner problems. It is always the joy of any lady and man to get the kid of their own. In this regard, the clinic I have referred you to will match your money. You won’t regret as I am telling you out of the experience. The specialized doctors you will meet there are very adept. What surprised me the most is the kind of procedure that I was taken through. I will never forget about it all my life. It also motivated me to refer many suffering in their hearts the way I was done too. I bet it is a nice offer you can’t fail to turn down. I remember for me to go there, I had suffered an infertility condition for a very long time. And once I joined this forum, I managed to get the right mechanisms to rid away the painful condition. I am very proud of the clinic as when I look at my baby, it reminds me of the clinic and its awesomeness.

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