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I learned that I could not conceive

Category: General - Pregnancy Buddies/Groups
Posted by gradele » Jul. 23, 2017 11:05am

In the event I learned that I could not conceive, I was so confused and to try all methods of fertility treatment. I never knew from the start that I was infertile. My body could not produce normal follicles in which the eggs can mature. I later learned of this when I was diagnosed with a condition called amenorrhea. Neither the doctor nor I could understand why I was suffering from a condition he described as a polycystic syndrome. The condition inhibited the development of an egg in my ovaries. This was characterized by the low production of FSH and increased levels of LH. I would be stressed to the bone. The thoughts like a hindrance to conception and getting my own baby never crossed my mind. This time I had to learn by it and accept what I was going through but I never seemed to mind a bit. I was always composed and no one would learn that I had a problem. my husband and I tried to look for different ways to boost my fertility but it never seemed to favor our financial capabilities. So, we had to struggle to make ends meet concerning our problems. We didn’t share with anyone and we let it silent and calm. Now I am suffering a life with no baby and I am not sure of what to do. Should I opt for egg donation?

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Reply by enginee » Aug. 11, 2017 5:00am

Yeah, you can opt for ivf egg donation. What I am reading here is so touching and I am feeling for you. I just feel like tears of hopelessness and despondency would flow freely from my eyes. I really know what you have been going through. The polycystic syndrome is a condition that is not so common in ladies. But when a lady is encountered with such a condition, it feels more paining to know that it can cause infertility. That is what I later came to realize. In most cases, it causes the low production of FSH and LH. Remember these two hormones are responsible for the production of ova. When their production is low, few eggs are produced. This makes it hard to have enough eggs for fertilization. A lady finds it hard to conceive of the process. These are the hustles that most ladies go through in silence. I would request you to go to BioTex clinic for the ivf egg donation. They have egg donors bank and sperm bank and I know you will like the clinic. The staff are very qualified and I bet you will never regret.

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