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Lil’ miracle that is on the way!!!!!!

Category: Special - Miscarriage & Loss
Posted by eyanprice » Dec. 20, 2017 11:31pm

Hi! Everyone?I truly do not where to begin. We came to Biotex in Ukraine and found out of my infertility. As every woman that has been diagnosed with this, I was distraught, as was my husband. I never EVER thought I would ever be able to (a) conceive and (b) use my own eggs (the ones I didn’t really have left) to conceive, yet miracles do happen. Biotex kept positive and telling us how we would both become parents, and that it just may take some time – not that it was impossible; especially due to my age (I’m 31; my husband’s 36 and there is absolutely NO infertility in both our families – I was the first). We jumped through all the hoops and in 3.5 months we conceived – w/my own eggs!!!!!! On 9/28/12 we were discharged (as I was in my 9th week), which was bittersweet as we didn’t want to leave them, and have been with an OB/GYN; I am now heading into my 20th week and everything has been moving along splendidly – including our baby boy who is very active and I’m now getting ready for those kicks (we are the due beginning )! We could’ve never done this w/out them; it just wouldn’t have been possible. Throughout the whole trying this Bio-tex “held our hands” through it all and was constantly positive – It was the ray of light so to speak. all hold a very special place in our hearts – they have become like family and we were blessed to have been able to be with them through this trying time, but we did it, and it’s all thanks to them! We will never ever forget them (we still keep in touch & will continue to), this is truly one group that shines and is the REAL place to go to for infertility (yes there IS hope), as they truly do perform miracles! Thank you so very much for our Lil’ miracle that is on the way!!!!!!

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Reply by JanetJames » Mar. 21, 2018 4:59pm

Hey there. How are you doing? This is great to hear. I am really glad your visit was great. Biotexcom is a great place. Very Professional. Congratulations though. Good luck.

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Reply by crystallove » Mar. 21, 2018 5:24pm

hey there love.I can just feel the excitement on the screen.Congratulations on your pregnancy.I really hope all goes well for you after this.I am sure the baby boy is quite active and can't wait to come out.Please take real good care of yourself.I have heard a great deal about this clinic.I am glad you have had such a positive experience there.I really want to visit those guys as well.It's really nice to find a place like that isn't it.I remember how I felt about my doctors.After I had my accident and all operations had been performed.people like them are the best.Anyways I might go there myself.Just need to get a little more information about them.Can you please share more details about the process? take care of yourself love and stay blessed.

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Reply by josepheena » Mar. 25, 2018 3:39pm

Hey there! It's so great to see you happy. Congratulations to you! I wish you have an amazing life full of happiness. I'm happy to see that you made a good choice. It is benefitting you now. Lots of love and prayers for you.

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Feb. 2, 2019 10:20pm


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Reply by Hannahh123 » Oct. 12, 2019 5:06pm

Congratulations to you! I am so glad that things eventually worked out for you. Just stay positive and calm. The clinic is indeed doing an amazing job. I am also visiting them for my process. They are one of the few that are truly passionate about their work. I am really happy with how things are going. The manager is really taking care of everything.

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