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Could a surrogacy pregnancy be rejected?

Category: General - Symptoms & Discomforts
Posted by bee_honey » Apr. 7, 2018 2:44am

What all of you think women tolerating this is fine or you think it's not all that simple how was your experience? share. an outlandish individual your feeling of misfortune an anguish is defended. Every other person whose guardians are not surrogates and benefactors ARE ENTITLED to a lawfully archived recorded association with their natural guardians and are qualified for their physical care and support while they are minors its the law - it must be who else would minors be able to depend upon for mind if not the general population who brought them into this world?

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Reply by jennyjoe » Apr. 7, 2018 6:47pm

I am totally with surrogacy. It's a great option for many. Infertility has increased so much these days. It's wonderful for us people to have an option like this to get our biologically related child. Kids are such a blessing. I wish everyone has the chance to have them. I think it's very rude of people to bash others for opting for it. They don't understand what the other person's going through. I wish it becomes more accepted in the future.

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Reply by sally28 » Apr. 8, 2018 12:25pm

I think surrogacy is the best way to have children. Infertility is becoming very common now. But thank goodness that we have come up with alternatives too. Surrogacy is one of them. I had surrogacy 2 years ago. And I have a baby boy now. I feel so blessed and happy. You should go for it too.

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Reply by emma_grey » Apr. 9, 2018 1:22pm

Hey @bee honey, you have put forward a very valid question. Also, you have figured out one of the bad aspects of society. Well, glad to see the people like you here. you are a good analyzer and you are a really hope giver. As much as surrogacy concerns, it is one of the most practiced treatments. Every sixth couple around the globe is facing fertility issues. In past, it was impossible for infertile couples to have children so they opted adoption. With the elevation of science, many secrets of the universe have been revealed. So, science has blessed the depressed humanity with surrogacy. surrogacy is a bit unnatural way to have babies. Many societies welcomed surrogacy with deep joy but at the same time thought it controversial. People around still criticize surrogacy and the surrogated children. But they have to accept it and spread happiness. They should look at the other side of the picture. So that they may get the truth. I’m sure that one day, people will support it on every platform.

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Reply by TaylorF » Apr. 11, 2018 4:46pm

I'm sorry dear but I disagree. Don't you think it's unfair? You're saying that the surrogate mother should be able to take the baby? Honey, that is only emotions. There are legal procedures for a reason. The surrogate mother and the IPs sign a contract before anything. The IPs are there relying on the SM. It is their baby. It is meant to be theirs. It is brought into the world for them. How would you like if someone gives you something you love then snatches it away? I'm sorry but being an IP, I have talked to my surrogate mother about it. She clearly agreed that this is a job for her. She is a SM because she's okay with giving the baby. Having emotions is okay, but acting on emotions is not always okay.

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Reply by camille » Jun. 17, 2018 12:17pm

I assume you are referring to being a gestational carrier for intended parents- the answer is no more so than a spontaneous pregnancy. The gestational carrier is given meds to build up the uterine lining so it will be a good environment for an embryo to thrive. There's still some controversy about using a surrogate mother to have a baby. The legal process is also tricky because it varies from state to state. Even so, whether it's because of fertility problems or other reasons, surrogacy is an option for you and your partner. Find out how it works and see if it's right for you. Parental rights aren't guaranteed after a surrogate pregnancy. The law continues to change as reproductive technology and the very definition of a "parent" changes. There isn't a federal law on surrogacy and state laws vary. After a surrogate pregnancy in some states, you may still have to pass adoption proceedings to gain legal custody of the child. In other states, a "declaration of parentage" before birth lets you avoid having to "adopt" the baby. To protect your rights as parents-to-be -- and the rights of the child you're hoping to have -- hire an attorney who specializes in reproductive law in your state. He can write a surrogacy contract that clearly spells out what everyone needs to do.

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Reply by tenny99 » Jun. 22, 2018 2:06pm

Hello. hope you are fine? I am with surrogacy. it is the only hope for infertile couples. My friend was infertile. she waited for five years. she consulted every good doctor available. But she was disappointed. Her husband wants a child at any cost. he was ready to give her divorce. I told her about surrogacy. she convinced her husband. Now they have twin baby boys. they are very happy with their decision. Surrogacy saved their relation. try to remain positive about surrogacy. best of luck.

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Reply by rihana012 » Jun. 22, 2018 2:45pm

Hey. I hope you are doing fine. I am not against surrogacy. Indeed surrogacy is an amazing process. I always wonder why people are against this. Many people are nowadays facing infertility. It is becoming so common. I have faced infertility for 10 years. I was one of those women who is coping with infertility. I have faced it bravely. I decided to go for surrogacy. Today I am a happy mother. I am in favour of surrogacy because it made me a mother. I am so happy. I hope this would help you too. People should change their mind about surrogacy.

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Reply by lily12 » Jun. 22, 2018 3:02pm

Hello. I know many couples who were attempting to get pregnant for a long time. They attempted distinctive techniques for treatment. One of my friends was unsuccessful. I helped her out to get over it. I found a clinic in Europe for her. I showed her a bright light in darkness by recommending surrogacy. You should not surrender. Let's hope you can fulfill this dream of having three children. I know how incredible it is being a parent. Some of the time it's troublesome but stay optimist. Hope you will get best. While making a decision you should keep in mind IVF and surrogacy. Many infertile couples get happiness through it. Let's hope for the best. Wish luck to you all.

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Reply by stella009 » Jun. 22, 2018 3:14pm

I hope you are doing great. Surrogacy is a stunning procedure. A lot of people are facing infertility. My friend has confronted infertility for a long time. She was one of those women who gave up on having babies. She has confronted it, unfortunately. She went for two but no luck. Her husband also became infertile in this time. She chose to go for surrogacy. She chose a clinic of her choice. It was renown clinic of Europe. Today she is a glad mother. I support surrogacy since it made many women a mother. I am so cheerful. I trust this would help you as well. Individuals should alter their opinion about surrogacy.

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Reply by RihanaSam » Jun. 22, 2018 3:18pm

All the procedure is settled already by a clinic. So there is no chance of any issue like this. I also had 3 losses. This kind of losses are very hard to be faced. I tried very hard to be pregnant but there was no luck with it. I tried again and again. and finally i was pregnant for the first time. I was very happy than all happiness went away with a miscarriage. Than again i was pregnant for 2 more times. But again both pregnancies resulted in miscarriages. My first marriage ended badly and i was totally heart broken. Than i met another man and he was very kind and good. I am going to marry him soon. Now i am 43 years old. I told him every complication regarding my infertility. He said he is happy with me. I have asked him that we will go for surrogacy to have a baby. He has agreed for it. I am so happy. I am going to start a new life soon.
Need wishes.

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Reply by Emily28 » Jun. 22, 2018 4:20pm

Hi! I am with Surrogacy. Surrogacy really helps the infertile couples to complete their families. People call it unethical because they don't know about it. They don't know about surrogacy. It is sometimes the only hope for couples like us who cannot conceive. They call it immoral they say that surrogates do it for money. It's not true. Surrogacy is the best way. Surrogacy gives hopeful parents the opportunity to raise a child from birth. Surrogacy also forms a special bond with their surrogate and her family. It is a secure and safe way for your friend. Surrogate mothers have already carried other pregnancies and have proven their uterus. It is like a natural way of birth. Surrogate mothers are very friendly. In this matter, one should never think about others that what would they think. One should just go for it and complete her own family. I wish it becomes more accepted in the future.

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Reply by Isla28 » Jun. 22, 2018 5:36pm


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Reply by iniki6523 » Jun. 22, 2018 7:34pm

Hi. I'm with surrogacy. It's great. There are women who can't carry a child in their womb. They want their child to be of same DNA. They're left with no option. So, I think its good for them. Kid's are biologically related. Thank you all for commenting. You must support this.

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Reply by Maki_Harukawa » Jun. 24, 2018 12:14pm

Hey bee. I agree with you. It's a strange thing for people to deny. Surrogacy has no issues yet people still have a problem with it. They get a written contract and alot of additional benifits from it. Not to mention being able to have a child when you are unable to conceive yourself. You cannot really stop the people that are just outright obnoxious though. You just have to try and live with these kinds of people. Hopefully soon the whole world will come to realise that surrogacy is not something to be against. More and more women are having fertility issues by the day and it'll only get worse. Things like IVF, IUI and surrogacy are the true saviors for people. Let's hope everyone can see that.

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Reply by roseleslie32 » Jun. 24, 2018 1:07pm

Hi, Infertility has increased so much common these days and TTC is a hard job and the world doesn't understand it so we have to hold onto. Today's medical advancement can make everything possible and procedures are there to overcome infertility too. You just need to explore them. I am totally with surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. Kids are such a blessing everyone deserves to have them. I think it's very rude of people to bash others for opting for it. They don't understand what the other person's going through. Don't listen to what people have to say and go for it! Best of luck for your future. xx

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Reply by lily12 » Jun. 24, 2018 1:17pm

Hey there. Don't worry I trust everything will be great. Try not to stress over little things. You need to be calm. Just stay happy. You need to keep a good diet. Stay in touch with your specialist. Do whatever they recommend. You must be overjoyed. Its a really good feeling. Remember to post again after you've had your child. We're there for you. I will pray for you. Hope everything gets done easily. Be ready to welcome cute little angle. All the best to you!

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Reply by Hannahh123 » Jun. 24, 2018 2:04pm

Hey I hope you are doing well. A very interesting topic indeed. I personally think that a lot of people before starting this debate need to know the difference between various surrogacy types. There are three in total. I think that if IP is going for surrogate's egg then she has the equal right on the child. However, if the egg is of the intended mother or another donor than the right doesn't really belong with her. The thing is that now surrogacy is not about surrogate mothers choice. Majority of the clinics now have a criteria that the surrogate has to fulfil. According to that criteria they have to have children of their own. This means that she is just basically trying to help an infertile couple out. The process in the recent times has proven to be quite successful. The major reason for that is the positivity attached to it now. I hope all those who have opted for the procedure it goes great for them. Just research extensively on the topic. Good luck to all.

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Reply by iniki6523 » Jun. 24, 2018 8:41pm

Hi, I hope you all are fine. I'm with surrogacy. It's the best option for a couple who can't make it. They will have a child of their own DNA. There are some women who can't grow a child in their embryo. And they their child to be of same DNA. Then they go for surrogacy. This helps them a lot. It's actually better than adoption. So, that's why I support Surrogacy. I think you must also support this. Because I feel sorry for the ones who can't have their own kids. Thank you.

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Reply by iniki6523 » Jun. 24, 2018 8:43pm

Hi, hope you all are fine. I'm sorry for what happened to you. There some doctors who are corrupt and are not doing their job well. I've also heard of people having bad experiences in clinics. Thanks for sharing your experience. You've done no harm to anyone. So, don't be worried. you've done no wrong. Be positive. Stay blessed

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Reply by Olivia29 » Jun. 28, 2018 11:32pm

I think surrogacy is one of the best options one can avail. Infertility is very common nowadays. Thus i think if couples open up about surrogacy procedures they will find their life to be much easier. As surrogacy can and has helped many women over come their fear of never havinG children of their own. This is a very painful thing. My friend became a surrogate for her sister, just because she could never have her own kids. Thus she opted for surrogacy. It is an expensive process and time consuming. But i think if people become more and more open towards it, everything will fall into place. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Who doesn't want their own children. Thus i think we should not consider it a taboo anymore. I wish everyone the best of luck who are considering opting for surrogacy. Lots of prayers and best wishes.

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