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My Due Date: I suffered a pregnancy loss
Age: 29 years old

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Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal Party!!
By eemanava » Posted 20 weeks ago - 227 views - 2 comments

My S.O. and I are going to be having a gender reveal party in late September. She and I have been putting the OWT (Old Wives Tale) to the test and these have been the results:

Morning sickness? 1-11 wks (girl)
Cravings? 1st Trimest: enjoying kosher salt in my diet and matzos!!! (boy) | 2nd: matzos, berries, cheese, chocolate, cream cheese
Dreams? None
Nose shape? Same (girl)
Breasts? Gotten bigger
Carrying? Starting showing at 12 wks | 8/26/19: out and a bit rounder; if you saw me from behind you wouldn’t even know that I was pregnant (boy)
SO’s weight? She started gaining weight but is now at 121
Glow?: Yes 8/16/19 (boy)
Feet? Same as before (girl)
Heartburn? None at all (boy)
Sleeping on? Previously would sleep on the left at the beginning of the pregnancy (boy) | been sleeping on the right (girl)
Acne? Not at all (boy)
Attitude? It varies
Ring test? (boy)
Headaches? None (girl)
Disposition? Graceful, not clumsy (girl)
Skin? Fine, not very dry (girl)
Gender chart? (boy)
Mayan Gender? (girl)
Moon phase on concept? (boy)
SO’s instinct? (boy)

Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from eemanava » Posted 19 weeks ago
Well, by OWT, the morning sickness and the ring test. My S.O. saw images for gender reveal parties so that’s how this list was formed. My libido? It happens occasionally. I’ll be craving for being touched and kisses on my belly - even from men which is unusual for me because I’d only want my S.O. to touch me and kiss my belly

Comment from ericalee2 » Posted 19 weeks ago
This isn't really an OWT, but something I noticed between my 3 pregnancies... how is your libido? With my daughter I wanted to get busy allll the time and was always super in the mood. With both of our boys I had very little interest. I told my husband that the boys were sucking up all my testosterone. ;)

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