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Category: Miscarriage & Loss

Asked by kaitlinarmerding

Q: Pregnancy successes after Blighted Ovum? Please share!

I had a miscarriage back in June (blighted ovum) and just found out a week ago that I am pregnant again. I am so excited but every time I start to feel excited about certain milestones like finding out gender and feeling baby kick I stop myself and tell myself I need to not be excited about that because I'm not are if we will get there this time.

I would really love to hear some success stories from some of you ladies of your pregnancy after a blighted ovum or miscarriage. My first scan is a little over a week away and I am so so terrified of going into my first appt and seeing another empty sac, it was so heartbreaking last time. I am so positive some days and other days (like today) I am worried sick. I just want a happy healthy pregnancy and I want to enjoy this time but lim finding it to be very difficult.

This question was asked Nov. 3, 2014 2:23am
Category: Miscarriage & Loss

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Answered by MadamRosemerta - Apr. 25, 2017 1:37pm
Since this was posted 2.5 years ago (and the OP won't be freaked out) I'll answer honestly. I had a BO at 6 weeks in December 2016. There was a very tiny, very empty sac, so tiny the doctor reviewing the u/s wouldn't even call it a sac. (My midwife confirmed that is what it was). It must have stopped growing shortly after implantation. We were devastated but chalked it up to bad luck and tried again. 4 cycles later (April 2017) I was pregnant again. Another BO at 6 weeks. I started spotting on the exact same day of the pregnancy and the u/s looked exactly the same as it did in December. We're now facing a referral to an RE and a battery of tests. We do have a healthy 2yo, but at this point I'm terrified we'll never have another baby.

I hope you got your rainbow, OP.

Heatherbbns, you and DH feeling different about TTC again is not a men vs women thing. It's just a humans with differing feelings thing. Neither sex nor gender has anything to do with it.

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Answered by Heathernnsb29 - Nov. 29, 2014 3:52am
I had a blightened ovum back in June. It was heart breaking. I didn't get my first scan till 12 weeks. I had a few m/c before that as well but they all ended on or before 6 weeks. I was so happy to make it to 12, then unbearable heartbreak at my u/s. It was awful. After that I didn't really want to get pregnant again. My husband on the other hand wanted to keep trying. I think I didn't want to because of all the disappointment I went threw. So different for woman vs men. So in October I found out I was pregnant again. Like you I was scared. I read that the chances of having another blightened ovum was under 2%. I refused to tell anyone I was pregnant and remained in denial until recently. I'm not 9 weeks 3 days. I started progestrone this time around too. Baby looks healthy so far. I've had two scans already and after seeing a heartbeat I'm starting to come out of denial. Couldn't be happier I'm sure you will feel the same way soon! Good luck! Let us know how it turns out!

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Answered by stickybean1976 - Nov. 5, 2014 12:26am
I've suffered 4 losses in 12 months 3 after a HB was seen - cause (unbalanced chromosome's) and one of which being a Blighted Ovum, I am now 15w2d preg and everything is great this time. Every pregnancy is different just because you've had 1,2,3, or 4 m/c's in my case it doesn't mean that the next pregnancy won't succeed. Best of luck hope all goes really well for you this time around and congrats on your pregnancy x

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Answered by gotababylady - Nov. 3, 2014 9:55pm
I had a blighted ovum in July of last year. By October I found out I was expecting again.I now have a beautiful 4 month old daughter.I was scared after my loss but all that worry was for nothing. Happy and healthy 9 months try not to worry.

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Answered by Mommatoboys - Nov. 3, 2014 3:05am
I have suffered three miscarriages the most recent was a set of twins back in January which ended up both being blighted ovums. I had feared this pregnancy was going to end the same since my first scan showed only an empty sac but the next week there was a cute little blob and heartbeat:). I know how stressful and scary it is and you don't want to get your hopes up. I still worry about my baby and I'm 36 weeks. Just try to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy and believe things will be ok. I think all will be well with your little one:). They say you usually don't have two blighted ovums in a row and I hope they're right! Best of luck hun!

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