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Category: Pregnancy & Work

Asked by Nunchuk

Q: Stress management advice?

So need some general coping advice for stress during pregnancy. Looking for good things to try to minimize or step away from immediate stress. Having issues at work with a rude manager who's constantly playing favourites and dumping her own workload on her least favourites and talking down to them. Some days it gets to me, but I need to work on keeping my stress levels down. It's starting to make my depression trigger and I don't want that during pregnancy. My job isn't a desk job, I'm constantly on my feet for extended hours rushing around with fast paced work. Having a rude worker on your back doesn't make it easier! Not much can be done about her, I'm not her only victim either, so need to work on myself since she doesn't change her ways no matter how many write ups she gets from higher ups. Ladies, what do you do to help calm down when you start feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, p*ssed off, and hormonal? It's making me go into bouts of depression. Even on antidepressants!

This question was asked Nov. 17, 2014 9:53am
Category: Pregnancy & Work

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Answered by Nunchuk - Nov. 17, 2014 7:30pm
I agree with you, it's a form of bullying, but nothing will get done. My income is at risk if I try to fight it as she has a lot of say with the new boss. I've seen her take people off the schedule because it inconvenienced her to work with them, or she wasn't happy with her own hours. I get along with everyone at work except two people. Her, and another who's just as nasty, but he's a crew member and he's easily ignored when he's obnoxious. Tell him to bug off and he leaves in a huff lol this girl comes to you and tells you that you aren't doing your job enough if you don't jump to make her happy. She sits in the office on her phone or sitting on a chair for hours and just expects you to pick up her slack, or the other workers. I avoid her as best I can, but sometimes she's unavoidable. Proper procedure means going to new boss first. Then his boss. Then HR. But again, her word against mine and causing conflict effects my income and can't afford that with our baby on the way.

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Answered by Nunchuk - Nov. 17, 2014 7:18pm
I can't do a toilet break in the middle of a busy rush when there's two people working. Seriously, if I just ditched my position, I could get fired here lol I need my income as much as my job sucks! I can't even eat if I need to. I didn't even get my break last night because I had to pick up after the other person.
The main problem again comes down to proving it. It's her word against mine. She gives other people attitude and treats them unfairly too. Everyone is just not doing her favours or doing what she asks anymore despite her being the shiftco manager. She's sstuck wondering why no one listens to her! I don't listen to her either. I just say "no I'm busy, find someone else to get what you need" or pretend I don't hear her. This new boss was just put here this week. This problem with this rude girl has been going on for years. I've gone to the old boss about it. He said she said with trying to prove it.

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Answered by Sianny - Nov. 17, 2014 12:41pm
You can take a toilet break to remove yourself from the situation. Does this new boss have higher bosses? The fact he's new makes me think there is a higher corporate chain which is who you should approach such as a HR or area managers. If not is there an independent citizen or employee advice/union?
These are serious issues you can't get away from so you can either report them or quit which I know it's not something you want but your health is clearly at risk.
This isn't you being hormonal hunni it's bullying and no pills or coping mechanism is going to help.


I really hope you find a solution before it disrupts your health anymore x good luck x

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Answered by Nunchuk - Nov. 17, 2014 11:32am
Well we just got a new boss and he's friends with the manager giving me issues. And I can't just leave my position to remove myself from the situation (walking out is a NO). Today I almost had a breakdown because of the crap left by this girl for me. Problem is, it's he said she said, managers word against mine so it doesn't work out well. There's no voice recording at our work, so they have no actual proof of anything. This manager has also repeatedly insulted me weeks after my previous miscarriage (kept talking about baby showers and telling me I should get a D&C even though my dr already gave me misoprosal and I was done recovering physically) but repeatedly did it even after I've told her to her face that she needs to shut it with the baby topics in front of my face with other workers. and kept telling her off with the D&C thing too. But nothing I can do. She's technically just a shift co manager but still, buddy buddy with new boss, and she gets away with everything

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Answered by Sianny - Nov. 17, 2014 10:33am
Saturday I had a complete overload. I locked myself in the bathroom, cried and then cut snowflakes out of toilet paper.
Basically I remove myself from the situation, unlock the emotions and then find something to concentrate on.
I'm not sure on regulations where you are but work related issues need to be reported to higher ups not ignored.
When I was pregnantwith my son a new boss made it very clear that he wanted me out before he had to pay me maternity pay. I wrote it all down and reported him to hr, told them i felt like he was trying to get rid of me because I was pregnant. Letss just say that after that report I was treated with respect and I was able to work until my leave without anymore issues.

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