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Category: Labour & Delivery

Asked by Barbie

Q: Still gaining weight at 38 weeks?

okay so this is my second pregnancy, my first I gained about 40lbs. This time around I've already gained 45lbs... My second son was born at 36 weeks though. Anyways I'm 38 weeks now and after a steady climb throughout my pregnancy, the last two doctors appointments show I've gained 2lbs a week. I'm still working and on my feet all day and though I don't watch what I eat, my eating habits are no different than they ever have been. I'm worried this means I won't lose the baby weight or I will have a hugeeee baby? Anyone else still gaining at 38 weeks or more..?

This question was asked Apr. 29, 2015 7:02pm
Category: Labour & Delivery

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Answered by Mrs.Mom - Apr. 30, 2015 4:00pm
I just posted about this topic. I'm only 22 weeks and I look ready to pop! I have always been in good shape weight wise and even with my first, I only gained a total of 30lbs. This time around I've already gained 10lbs and I fear my next appt. I'm already uncomfy due to my size and I have 4 months to go! It's kinda depressing and scary! I too worry about the size of the baby! I don't watch what I eat like I did first time around. I eat junk almost every day!

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Answered by Quartz3 - Apr. 30, 2015 12:19pm
I don't think you're supposed to stop gaining weight even at the end. My weight gain does slow down in the first trimester, but it's never completely stopped. It could water weight if you're retaining water. But in any case, especially if your habits have not changed, I wouldn't worry about it. It doesn't mean anything as to your post partum weight loss either.... a friend of mine gained 70 pounds with her first and lost everything quite easily.

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