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Advice from other moms?
By adiggs » Posted Jan. 16, 2017 3:30pm - 720 views - 6 comments

This is pretty unrelated to pregnancy but I know that a lot of you are on your second round over here (or more) and already have children. So I am looking for some advice as I am at a standstill and unsure where to go from here with my son. He is 17 months old now and has been sick since Christmas. Coughing, congestion, fever. I have taken him to the doctor THREE times, we have went through 2 courses of antibiotics (she prescribed them because his lymph nodes were extremely swollen. They did help his nodes to go down. However, he has still stayed sick with a fever of 104 if I don't constantly give him tylenol or motrin. I took him to the Urgent care the other night, they sent me to the emergency room. The doctor criticized me for allowing him to take an antibiotic. Told me I shouldn't be giving him any fever reducers because fevers are good for fighting the illness.... which I already know... but 104?! That to me is pushing it a little. Otherwise he was no help to me. My husband and I have both already caught what he has since he has had it and both of us have already gotten over it. I was admitted to the hospital for a few days though and had IV antibiotics and so maybe that is why I was able to get over it so quickly. But I know he is in pain because I was in so much pain, with swollen lymph nodes that were huge and hurt and a sore throat and cough. Body aches. I feel awful for him and I am worried there is something more serious going on! But I can't get anyone to listen to me. Has this happened to any of your kids? I wouldn't be as worried if it hadn't been going on for so dang long now. My gut is just telling me there is something more serious underlying and my heart is just breaking for him.

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Comment from Angela18 » Posted Jan. 19, 2017 6:31am
Keep us posted, girl. I would be an absolute wreck! Hope you're holding up ok xoxo

Comment from adiggs » Posted Jan. 17, 2017 2:48pm
Oh they also did 2 chest xrays... both normal.

Comment from adiggs » Posted Jan. 17, 2017 2:45pm
Thank you guys. He has seen 3 doctors between his regular doctor, urgent care, and emergency room. I have a call in to his regular doctor but she hasn't called me back yet, which is unlike her. She usually gets back to me almost immediately. There is another hospital near by... I may try to take him to that one. At the E.R. the only tests that were performed was a blood test that revealed a high white blood cell count (duh) and a nose swab test for flu, which was negative. His regular doctor's reasoning behind giving him antibiotics was that his lymph nodes were all swollen and so we suspected infection... the antibiotic did help to reduce the size of his lymph nodes and he acted his usual self while he was taking the antibiotic but when the 5 day course of medicine ran out he just went back to his miserable self. Each time we go they check his ears (because of his history of ear infection) but they look good each time.

Comment from Angela18 » Posted Jan. 16, 2017 8:15pm
I agree, go somewhere else if there is somewhere else nearby. Did they have a true diagnosis for giving him antibiotics because if not, he may need antibiotics but not the ones they gave him (just a thought). Maybe since then he's even developed an ear infection or something which is giving him the constant fever. Happened to mine a little over a year ago after he had a viral thing. Either way, I wouldn't mess with those morons or their ridicule over you keeping his fever down, etc, what they need to do is get to the bottom of what's going on and how to help your poor little guy. I feel so bad for him. Hang in there momma. Xoxo

Comment from Mrsfingerscrossd » Posted Jan. 16, 2017 6:52pm
Yes go to a different hospital emergency. It sounds like it could be something more serious like meningococcal. Trust your instincts mumma. Hope it gets better soon.

Comment from estone » Posted Jan. 16, 2017 5:37pm
I would go to a different doctor? Usually, mommy is always right, so make them listen and run some tests to see what could be causing it. I would ask for a blood and urine test to start. Did they test for RSV? It is awful seeing our little ones helpless...hoping you get some answers.

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