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Category: Pregnancy Fashion & Beauty

Asked by hereistohoping

Q: Whitening teeth?

My DH and I are doing pictures this weekend so we can make our announcement photo. I am wanting to whiten my teeth (I drank a lot of coffee and soda before getting pregnant). Any suggestions on how to do so safely??

This question was asked Jan. 15, 2015 11:16pm
Category: Pregnancy Fashion & Beauty

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Answered by monroezelda - Jan. 16, 2015 10:42am
Nothing much you can do in such short time unless you get them done proffesionaly.
But what gets alot of staining off his brushing with hot water an not cold.

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Answered by Joriefm - Jan. 16, 2015 12:20am
In time for this weekend? Hmm I read that banana peels work wonders! Other than that, maybe baking soda scrub. I do that once a week and my smile is a nice whitey kind....if I skip it though, I get yellowish tint...hehe, tea and such.

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