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Is It Safe?

Weight loss during 2nd trimester
Im losing weight with this pregnancy and Im currently in my second trimester. Is it possible to lose some weight and still have a ... [read more]

Asked by Hberry - 13 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
I'm on cycle day 17 my temp was 98.2 today and yesterday I'm using ovia fertilitty app
'm on cycle day 17 I'm using a ovia fertility app and it says I'm fertile to have sex today and take a opk I have a 28 day cycle a... [read more]

Asked by mmcculler31 - 20 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
50mg Sleep Aid?
Is it safe to take walmart sleep aid quality plus? 50mg diphenhydramine. I am in FIRST trimester so I am super careful but I haven... [read more]

Asked by Hollena - 28 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
I am 16 weeks today & not gaining weight
i am 16 weeks today, and when i got pregnant i weighed 180 pounds. within the first month i gained 7 pounds making me at 187 by t... [read more]

Asked by americus0013 - 29 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
Lomexin 600
Hi my OB prescribed lomexin 600 n I'm 14 weeks pregnant, he didn't tell me to use it for 3 days only One, is it as effective as us... [read more]

Asked by Maymiman - 31 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
Are antidepressants safe in pregnancy
I am trying to concieve .currently I am taking antidepressants .I am worried whether antideoressants are safe in pregnancy or not... [read more]

Asked by Syrathakur - 31 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
Pain medication and 29 weeks pregnant
I was in a wreak right before I found out I was pregnant the Dr had me on precect 7.5 think I spelled it right for pain my ob told... [read more]

Asked by angelandchris - 38 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
Diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis at 25 weeks pregnant. Givem flagyll 500mg to take 2x daily
Anyone have experience with this diagnosis or antibiotic during pregnany... [read more]

Asked by Jenmorri - 40 weeks ago - Category: Is It Safe?
Primrose Oil
Has anyone used primrose oil to help their cervix soften and open? What was your experience?... [read more]

Asked by lrivera0927 - Dec. 9, 2016 11:09am - Category: Is It Safe?
is ultrasound safe in 26 week
i am 26 week pregnant ...please suggest me is ultrasounds safe for my baby ?... [read more]

Asked by 8802311789 - Nov. 27, 2016 8:06am - Category: Is It Safe?