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Today, Sunday November 6th, amidst the city wide excitement of the Saints playing and LSU’s win yesterday the only thing I’m exited about is the proximity of my baby girl’s birth. Now we all know that pregnant women are “baby centric” and sometimes others who are not in our state cannot understand that but why should they? They don’t have a life growing inside of them, they aren’t the ones constantly thinking about your baby’s future or whether or  not you’ll live up to the task of parenting nor dealing with the daily aches, pains, swelling, gas, heartburn, placenta previa and (for me) the joys of gestational diabetes!!

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes 3 weeks ago and since then my entire life revolves around this pregnancy malady. I am required to go twice a week to monitor my baby on a stress test, once a week to my Dr. and I have to prick my finger 4 times a day to test my blood sugar levels. Needless to say, it’s NOT the most fun experience but  I am choosing to be grateful for it because , if anything, it’s making me reevaluate what I put in my mouth and a healthier diet NEVER hurt anyone!

This pregnancy, which is my second, has not been without it’s share of drama but the good news is tomorrow I’m 5 weeks away from it being over and beginning parenthood all over again. My first pregnancy was EASY, SMOOTH sailing and maybe it’s because I was 21 yrs old or less aware of my own body or could it be that back then medical condition such as Gestational diabetes weren’t even on the radar. I don’t remember getting tested then for that nor did I have the MISDIAGNOSIS of placenta previa given to me and told I was to be on bedrest only to be told “Ooops, that was a mistake..your placenta is FINE!”. Annoying to say the least but just part of my journey THIS time around.

As I sit here writing this, I am also anticipating my baby shower which will take place in a few hours. I have been blessed in my life with wonderful women that are more like sisters than mere friends. 4 of them are throwing this shower and coordinating efforts to aid in the celebration of my baby girl. One MADE the invites and mailed them out, one is doing all the cooking, one is spearheading the games and decorations, and the other one bought the cake and favors. I am looking forward to seeing some ladies I haven’t seen in a while who I know will be there because let’s just face it, the birth of a baby brings people together. It’s one of the quintessential moments in life and I think part of the magic surrounding it is that OTHERS recognize it as a important human experience.

My nesting instincts are in full effect so I’m off to organize some clothes before I begin to get ready for my shower! Babies, Babies & more babies=good, happy times!

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