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So much has been happening with me and baby lately I don’t even feel very much like typing….

Got my test results back… I did not pass my glucose test :(
I figured as much though. As I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. So, that’s not too bad the worst part….

I discovered that my vitamin D3 is very low.. I was told that the first test results were low and these results were even lower… My iron is low but I guess that is a given for me. Had that with my other three. And I have to see an endocrinologist (thyroid) results were low… By golly that’s a bunch of negative things.

I have just noticed this past week that my fingers and toes have been getting pretty puffy within just a few minutes of being on my feet and I have pretty bad heartburn / indigestion. So bad at time that relief is pretty impossible. I get it everyday for about a week so far several times a week.

So, I’ve been sitting here for an hour and I still can’t think of anything else to write……

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  1. how’s your blood pressure? the puffiness concerns me mostly because i had more experience with that than i want to admit with my first daughter. i would wake up with swollen feet after sleeping with them elevated all night. it wasn’t good stuff. i ended up with severe preeclampsia. take care of yourself mama!!!

  2. ugh…just saw the date on your post. LOL! it was on the main page as a recent entry. heh! sorry!!

  3. its alright. everything went we and i have a healthy 3 month old!

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