Well im really up the creek with out a paddle now…

Posted on March 28th, 2012. Written by .

Im sitting on the floor next to a winging baby right now. He wants me to pick him up but i am hell bent on finishing the Blog.

Its been a while… because i have been busy with my 4 month old Leto. He is a pooping, feeding, giggling machine and i have honestly absolutely enjoyed every minute, i even don’t mind the less sleep. I have embraced the less sleep with really open flabby arms.

So ive been busy yes. Ive been enjoying myself yes. THEN i go make this silly decision….

“Shaun” i say…

“lets have another baby”

He says “ok”

So The story goes…

Shaun is going on tour as in a music Tour where he has formed a band in the US (we are from Australia) where he is the front man to a one man thing hes been doing for 6 years called Projected twin. As of April 15th he will be all over the USA till July 10th while i am here with 2 kids living on an island and NOW im PREGNANT!

I am totally up the duff with out a paddle.

So we only decided last month feb 28th that we would try to not try to try….and BAM i am now incubating another little adorable soul.

Now i am completely aware that i was out of my mind when i planned this, and that maybe we should have waited, but we really didn’t think it would happen THIS fast. Like that is stupid fast, we thought maybe it wouldnt happen and maybe i would be preggado when he come home, giving us a nice gap between the kids, but now we will have a 13 month gap.

AND this morning there is no milk in the house for my coffee and i am DEVASTATED.


I am excited and in awe at how fast my body works and can not wait to meet this new little blessing. BUT goodness i am going to be one anxious woman!


Check out my Vlog: www.youtube.com/projectedtwinslady

or my husbands lovely music : www.youtube.com/projectedtwin

and website to get his music: www.projectedtwin.com


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My name is Antanika Holton and I'm up the Duff! I was born and raised in South Australia, had my first son Tosh when I was 20 years old and married my YouTube Rockstar Husband Shaun (Projected Twin) in November last year! We've settled into a happy little coastal town called Goolwa and are EXTREMELY excited to be awaiting the arrival of our first child together and Tosh's first little brother or sister! We had been trying to conceive since the middle of 2010 and unfortunately had to go through the ordeal of 2 early term miscarriages. BUT! We're in the clear and I'm here to count down to our beautiful baby with you!

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