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I haven’t updated in a while.  And though I have various excuses you probably don’t care.

The main one being that our computer died.  2 weeks later we got a new one, 2 weeks after that I sent it back – It wouldn’t connect to my iphone.

Then I was in the midst of preparing to host a baby shower for one of my best friends and the following weekend she gave birth, 2 months early.

My list can go on but I’ll stop at those two…

Baby boy is doing very well.  I’m right at 27 weeks, and he is getting big and moving all around.  We’ve been taking classes and this weekend are taking two hospital tours.  One at our first choice and the other at the hospital where my doctors office is actually located.  (As well as heading out of town to visit family and friends in another state).

Now that we are entering the 3rd trimester we are experiencing a new realm of things.  Including the lovely Braxton Hicks contractions.

Monday night during one of our labor classes I started getting really uncomfortable.  I’ve had BH in the past but these were slightly different alongside a bit of pain.  So Tuesday morning I gave the doctor a call to see if she thought I was fine or being over dramatic.  She asked me to come in for a quick exam, but afterwards sent me down to labor and delivery to have some tests done to rule out preterm labor.

I’ll admit, having your doctor send you down to get admitted is sort of stressful.  Especially when you have another 12 weeks to go.  So a quick call to the Mr. (an amazing hubby and father to be) and he finished what he was doing (he was about 30 minutes away at work) and met me at the hospital.  A few hours of being monitored and a few test being done, they decided that I wasn’t in danger of being in preterm labor and sent me on my way.

I’m having a hard time believing that we are so far along that labor is actually a possibility.  But both the Mr. and I are very excited that it proved to not be the case Tuesday.  However we (baby and I) are now being watched a bit closer than before including having a extra ultrasound done this coming Monday to double check how things are growing and progressing as they should be.

Tomorrow I’m allowed to go back to work, and am not looking forward to it in the slightest.  But I’ll make it through! :)

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