The magic of peppermint tea

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peppermint teaPregnant or not, peppermint tea has saved me so many times.

Not only is it warm, soothing and delightfully aromatic – it tackles indigestion, bloating, gas, and any kind of gastro malaise almost instantly! It seems to work a wonderful kind of magic. Another fabulous perk is that it is safe during pregnancy!

Prepare yourself, a few minutes after your first few sips you’ll feel any gas and bloating start to find it’s way out! Burping isn’t glamorous but it sure helps relieve the discomfort!

If you haven’t tried it, give it a go next time your stomach is gurgling, bloated, angry or upset – I can practically guarantee it will help! Thank you mother nature for yet another wonderful gift!

Off to have a cup to soothe my bloated tummy… pizza from dinner is telling all sorts of “stories” :/

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  1. I totally agree!! It is the only tea I can actually drink with all my nausea. Its got a great flavor, I take it with honey to help after food wont stay down!..

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