Looking for the silver lining

**sighs* So much has been happening with me and baby lately I don’t even feel very much like typing…. Got my test results back… I did not pass my glucose test I figured as much though. As I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. So, that’s not too bad the worst part…. […]

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Easier said then done…

I went in today for my 24 week check- up and I called a few days earlier about how my 20 week  ultrasound picture was a bit blurry and if I could by any chance get another one… well I got one and baby is deff a boy! So the ultrasound tech pretty much did […]

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Just Another Day

Being a mom of three I am finding to be extremely exhausting! Who knew. I told my family yesterday about the gender. I kept it a small gathering… only my sisters, mom and grandma. We went out to lunch and I told them there… they were extremely happy to have another boy in the family. […]

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21 weeks have flown by!

So here I am 21 weeks!!! How amazing it is!! Went to my 20 week ultrasound and I have a healthy baby who is growing in the 68th percentile! I also found out that my darling babe is also a boy! Somehow though i feel like maybe they are wrong… at least I want them […]

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19 weeks and counting

so here i am…..19 weeks! Some days are better than others…today is a blah kind of day. aah…feeling a tad bit better….Baby has been kicking up a storm!! I have been trying for weeks to be able to get husband to feel baby and every time baby moves i call him over and he puts […]

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Having to be careful

Hello! i am 17 weeks and 2 days! Most of my morning sickness is gone and same with nausea!! Super!! I have been experiencing some heartburn/ indigestion. Not enough to need to take anything for it. I am back up to my pre-pregnancy weight so I haven’t really gained anything yet. I’ve been moody! I […]

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Oh boy….

I guess I’m going to keep this pretty short…. I had my 16 week check up today! All was said to be good! heard heartbeat on a doppler  up in the 150’s!! such a good sound to hear. I also have been feel the baby moving around some. Now for the not so good news… […]

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Feeling Blue

I just spent my 5 year wedding anniversary! I had a wonderful dinner. Joe’s Crabshack! mmm… I have been craving crab legs for a month now, and I got to satisfy that! I am 1 day shy of 16 weeks… I am honestly at a loss for words. I sit here trying to come up […]

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So I’m getting bigger…

So, it is time for a new post and i pretty much find myself a blank… It’s not a bad thing. I am 15 weeks and I can honestly say that I have started to really be able to feel my tiny p! Oh, what a marvelous feeling it is to feel a little one […]

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Slipping down the stairs

Today I am 13 weeks and 3days!! I am feeling so much better!! Although, sometimes I still get sick…. I also feels so bad. My husband comes home and really wants some loving and i do try but his breath smells so bad!! I always get like this when pregnant… poor guy! We have been […]

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