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Being a mom of three I am finding to be extremely exhausting! Who knew.
I told my family yesterday about the gender. I kept it a small gathering… only my sisters, mom and grandma. We went out to lunch and I told them there… they were extremely happy to have another boy in the family.

This baby make 8 grandchildren!!! So we now have 2 granddaughters and 6 grandsons for my parents!!
Four out of the 8 are mine!!

This week has also been a bit bitter sweet… my sister has just started trying for baby #2 and just received 2 slight positives that ended in a chemical pregnancy… it’s tough. Now she is still experiencing pregnancy symptoms and asking me about it… I am pretty UN-experienced in the loss of pregnancy category… I have only had 1. My husband and I don’t really talk about it… See, I was his girlfriend then, it was unplanned and unexpected… i hardly knew… we found out only because my boobs were bigger and super sore… by the time i was actually gonna take a test i had bad cramping and a heavy flow bleeding… So we don’t talk about it or bring it up… the only reminder we both have is of a tattoo on my hip of tiny footprints.

so here I am close to 22 weeks with the Holidays fast approaching! I have 4 months and 5 days till I get to meet my little Owen or Nolan… Haven’t decided yet….

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I am a Southern girl....Born and raised in Georgia. I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children and i have been blessed and given the honor of being a mom to a 4th! I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from yours!

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