The day the cat pooed in the sink.

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Oh  my lordy, This week is  d r a g g i n g by. I am 27 weeks and 3 days right now and i feel like i have been 27 weeks for at least  5 days. Ha.

So i have done a few things though. We painted a cradle that was given to us by an old work friend of mine. We painted it white, well the only colour there was left in the shed was the same shade as the front door so I shall call it door cradle. While we painted it our nosey as hell neighbour *Rob* popped his head over the fence and said ” Getting ready for twins are we?” Now Shaun and i just looked at each other and had no idea what to say so we just stared, his comment made absolutely no sense at all since we were only paining one cradle… I assume he felt embarrassed after saying it because he disappeared after that.

I also hopped out of the bath and put on some cute undies i like and maybe haven’t worn for a week, but they no longer cover my butt. Call me big butt magee from now on. Its a little depressing. And it didn’t stop me from sending Shaun out at 10pm to get me chocolate and when he returned with none I almost cried. We live in a country area with no all night shops etc and I find this an awful awful thing. I almost cried. Almost.

I am finding more and more thing hard these days, like leaning over the sink, it hurts my back and the baby kicks me every time i lean against something. I cant stand up to shave, and especially difficult is reaching those hard to reach areas, HOW on earth am i supposed to look like a neat and tidy human with a Forest? The doctors are going to need a chainsaw just to see the baby’s head. And since I can’t sit on chairs in the shower cos I break them I just have to try it out on the floor. BUT then you have to get up! I’m sure no one needs to see that. Oh look there’s a whale in the shower.

We also had a name picked out, but I have changed my mind. And I cant understand why no one likes the name Yoshi? Now we are having problems coming up with a name that we both like.

Hmmm what else did i do? Oh Yes, We have a wedding coming up so i needed a new dress, i though it would be easy, decided its best if I just wear a potato sack. Much more glamorous.

Hmmm. The cat pooed in the laundry sink today. That was nice.

I feel sorry for Shaun, I’ve been an emo kid lately. I might as well put on some skinny jeans and some eye liner. One day I’ll be completely happy to potter around, looking at stuff, poking the cats etc etc. Other days i feel like a dependant child that needs constant stimulation. Then I’ll cry and get all pregnant on him. Or he will tell me “You are a very beautiful lady” and ill say “how could I, im tired and im a whale”. Geezus, just take the compliment you idiot!

I’m in the 3rd trimester and I am reading that this part is the worst for tiredness and leg cramps, so as soon as it hits I’m exhausted and get leg cramps the day I head in to the 27th week. I haven’t ever been so floppy. And if I sleep in the day I don’t sleep as well at night so I cant win at all.


Besides my big wingy rant. I cant wait for this baby to come out. It will happen super fast I know.


Peace <3



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