Welcoming the 2nd Trimester

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Baby bumpI finally hit week 13, the beginning of the 2nd trimester.

I am so flippin’ excited.  This afternoon we have our next check up and it will be the first time that we’ll hear the baby’s heart beat.  I know, most people have already heard it at this point, I don’t know exactly why I haven’t heard it yet other than maybe my doctor really wanted to get past the 1st trimester to make sure all was well before letting us hear the amazing sound.

I have been talking to my cousins and closest friends about the darn books.  The books that say you still won’t quite need maternity clothes until you are 14-15 weeks with your first child.  Everyone that I have spoken to said the books are crazy.  Okay, not crazy but just too generic.  They all told me they were switching to maternity clothes right at 10-12 weeks.  With the help of belly bands they were able to keep their pre-pregnancy pants a bit longer but otherwise they had to switch out their shirts.  Thank goodness I decided to chat with them and vent thinking I was growing at a ridiculous rate.

Luckily, between the Mr.’s family and mine I have gotten some really cute items to borrow until it is their turn again.  Plus I’ve picked up a few items on my own at a shop in the mall.  My previous tops and dresses were getting a bit too tight to be appropriate at my office and not everyone in our families work in traditional office settings.

I was curious, when did you begin showing with your first? Or even your second if it was a long gap between kids.



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